Tianxia Mobile Game × Wilderness Action Joint Costume [

The weather has gradually become hotter. At this time, people especially want to find a beach to escape the heat. Surrounded by the sun, sand and waves, throw away all the troubles in life! Since it is a cool and leisurely time, suitable clothes are naturally indispensable! Which one is the most suitable? Of course, it is the one in the closet of my good brother!

The wardrobe sharing plan of Tianxia mobile game x Knives Out is still going on! In this issue, we continue to find the new joint costume [Ripple Mystery] from the closets of our good brothers. After wearing it, you will feel the youthful vitality. Come and take a look!

The Torrent

(The final display is subject to the actual installation effect in the game)

If you ask about the most fashionable hair color this summer, it must be the girl's long pink and blue hair! The double ponytail hairstyle looks full of vitality, the halter-neck white top is full of design sense, and a blue and white beaded necklace hangs in front of the chest, with a blue star decoration at the end, which matches the blue skirt in the lower body, full of summer atmosphere~ The white belt is slung across the body, making the girl's waist look slender. The design of the skirt is also eye-catching. The laser fabric used is colorful when walking, like rippling waves, bringing a little coolness to people in this hot sun~

The Mysterious Stream

(The final display is subject to the actual installation effect in the game)

The men's shark suit can be cute or domineering. Wearing it and walking in the wilderness can attract a lot of attention. The cute shark hood reveals its white teeth, which is quite childish. The various labels on the blue and white shark suit are matched with the shark backpack across the body, forming a perfect match full of fashion sense! The elastic tail behind it swings slightly, and anyone who sees it will want to reach out and pinch it . The shark slippers on the feet are even more naive, making people unable to take their eyes off it at first sight!

Mount·Shake Candy Horse

(The final display is subject to the actual installation effect in the game)

A colorful figure flew across the sky. It turned out to be the new mount, Candy Rocking Horse! The tall horse is snow-white, with a pink-purple gradient mane that looks dreamy. The semi-transparent wings are decorated with golden stars, and there are colorful lights bursting out between the wings. When riding this mount, there seems to be a sweet fragrance, making people feel like they are in a dream. With such a unique mount, you will definitely be the focus of the crowd this summer!

The new joint costume [Ripple Mystery] and the new mount [Shake Candy Horse] will be launched after the update this Wednesday. Put on this youthful and energetic costume, ride on the cute little colorful horse and enjoy the summer in the Great Wilderness with your friends!

The will to fight returns to Bigo Diamond , and old friends are walking together. The rebirth server of the mobile game "Tianxia" is online with passion. The appearance and values ​​can be inherited, and the manual for rapid development is created to create the best time for you to return! The new server peak competition is passionately launched to see who will be the first to reach the top of the world! The new Wushuang City "Faction Hunting" gameplay is open to all servers, and the heroes are fighting to rekindle their blood and show who is better! The spirit beasts are coming, the party is starting, and the new animal party series appearance is online, inviting you to join the cute wilderness!






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