The Third Anniversary Of "One Thought Of Freed

"Yi Nian Xiao Yao", as a long-running TOP game for cultivating immortals, has been constantly innovating and developing content. On February 1st, the game will celebrate its third anniversary, and a new training direction – Sword Control will be launched on all servers. This profession refers to the settings of many classic immortal cultivation works, and the combat experience is very immersive and operable, giving players an original experience of cultivating immortals and wielding swords. Today, let’s be the first to expose the designs of sword cultivators’ exclusive magic weapons, magical powers, secret techniques, etc. Let’s learn about it together!

Sword cultivators have the characteristics of rapid bursts, control of flying swords, and balance of distance and distance. They have different realm titles, exclusive magic weapons and fighting methods. Their main attributes are energy, blood and physical attack. In order to increase the realism of controlling flying swords, the game makes flying swords into physical magic weapons with different attributes. Flying swords include two kinds of mico live top up , giant sword and long sword. By crafting and using magic weapons, flying swords with unlimited duration and automatic attacks can be summoned. At the same time, a number of magical powers have been designed to cooperate. The magical powers can strengthen the summoned flying swords or issue commands to them. Therefore, refining powerful magic weapons and mastering the timing of using magical powers will be even more important for sword cultivators.

In addition, flying with a sword is another major feature of sword cultivators. As a unique secret technique of sword cultivators, it will replace the original escape speed, allowing fairy friends to obtain completely different picture effects and operation experience from usual ones. In addition to the explosion of speed when flying with a sword, you will also gradually unlock effects such as [exerting magical powers on the flying sword] and [dodge damage], making it cool and powerful.

The mobile game "Yi Nian Xiao Yao" has always been committed to showing players a more realistic world of cultivating immortals. This time, in order to expand the game strategy and combat experience, it listened to the high-voted suggestions of players and developed the third major cultivation direction-sword riding. A bold and innovative move. On February 1st, the game celebrates its third anniversary. The new training direction "Sword Controlling" and the anniversary celebration with rich benefits will be launched at the same time. The Year of the Dragon event will also be launched in the future. For more official latest news, you can follow the official account of "Yi Nian Xiao Yao"!

About "One Thought of Freedom"

Cultivation of immortality is easy and your magic power is boundless. "Yi Nian Xiao Yao" is a masterpiece of ink-and-wash Chinese-style placement and immortality cultivation mobile game independently developed by Jibit and published by Thunder Games. It has been recommended by great writers such as Meng Ruishenji and Yueguan. It has been officially launched in public beta.

"Yi Nian Xiaoyao" uses freehand ink style to present an elegant and free world of immortals. It adopts original real idle technology and can earn online profits even when offline. Players can easily experience the process of growing from an unknown person to a master of cultivating immortals step by step. The game also adds Social gameplay such as sect, cross-server, PK, etc., I am not alone in cultivating immortality.






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