"The Painted Traveler In Time And Space"

Candlelight shines on the wall, and thousands of years are as misty as smoke.

The illusion of rising and falling consciousness, the old person is a stranger, and all living beings are greedy for survival.

Make a wish. Before the door opens, before the limit is reached.

The new main line Si Lan chapter [Chapter of the Gate] of "The Painted Traveler in Time and Space" "Silent Crystal City" will be opened after the update on January 25. In the past and present, reality and reality have risen and fallen, and the standing doors have been opened to explore the possibilities of the future.

[Si Lan SSR·All living beings see me]

"Others see me the same way, but there will be descendants after descendants."

<img src='https://img14.360buyimg.com/pop/jfs/t1/90437/23/44798/80348/653f547fF876b98d5/6555546e0336b7b3.jpg' alt='

I went to see the king and said that I am now, I am here to read __ The virtual and true are floating and sinking, the outside and the inside are late to count’/>

After the update on January 25th – at 05:00 on February 1st top up mico , the "Journey of Dominance and Betrayal" activity card pool will be opened for a limited time. During the event, the probability of Si Lan’s SSR [All Living Things See Me] will be increased.

[All Living Beings See Me] will have a dynamic effect on the card surface after breaking through. After obtaining [All Living Beings See Me], you can unlock the main plot related to the deck. After obtaining the painting spirit, you can directly enter the deck plot. After reading the main plot of [Chapter of the Door], the experience will be better. .

[Chapter of the Door·New Character Costume Display]

"The regions and eras where we were born are very different, but we met."

<img src='https://img05.img.mei-shu.net/Uploads/sjmh/nicholas-roerich/the-king-s-gate-with-the-gate-canopy-1907_gvawulrocqr.jpg/w1000' alt='I come to read


After the update on January 25, [Silan·Silent Crystal City] clothing gift box will be available on [Purchasing]-[Chapter of the Door]. The gift box contains two sets of costumes, Si Lan's [Silent Crystal City Exclusive Favorability Gift]*10 and [Diamond]*280 gifts, with a limited-time discount of 78 yuan. After obtaining the costumes, you can unlock the character in [Travel to Another World].

Purchasing the [Si Lan·Fantasy Crystal City] clothing gift box can permanently obtain two sets of clothing [Si Lan·Delirium Breaker] and [Si Lan·Healer]. [Si Lan·Healer] is temporarily locked at the beginning and will be unlocked when the favorability reaches level 3.

After obtaining [Silan·Silent Crystal City] and increasing the character's favorability, a total of 39 voices can be unlocked, including 5 initial travel voices, 11 favorability-increasing voices, and 23 functional voices. After changing clothes, you can experience the [Travel to Another World] gameplay. The initial travel location is automatically unlocked, and the scene location can be switched after completing the specified conditions.

[Chapter of the Door·Main Activities List]

After the update on January 25th – at 05:00 on February 1st, enter [Chapter of the Door] from the bottom of [Main Interface].

The activity is divided into 4 parts: [Clue Collection], [Inspection], [Target], and [Open Door]:

Participate in [Clue Collection], consume props [Emergency Fire], participate in [Inspection] activity mico clin , and complete [Target] tasks, you can obtain [Diamonds], limited avatars, [Si Lan favor gift box], training materials and other rewards. [Emergency Spirit Fire] can be obtained in [Open the Door]-[Urban Dispute]. When you carry the Painting Spirit [All Living Beings See Me], [Deep Silence] and some Silan Painting Spirits in battle, you will receive additional prop drop bonuses. .

During the event, [Chapter of the Door] main line threshold and level difficulty will be reduced for a limited time, and you can enter with a total of 16-3 clearance. Completing the main line of [Chapter of the Door] can obtain rewards such as [Diamonds] and the file [Flower of Absolution].

[About "The Painted Traveler in Time and Space"]

"Painted Traveler in Time and Space" is a multi-time and space love adventure mobile game. Luxurious dubbing and full plot dubbing create an immersive experience, and exquisite CG presents the level of artistic ingenuity.

The new main line Si Lan Chapter [The Gate Chapter] of "The Painted Traveler in Time and Space" will open on January 25th!






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