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On May 17, the national original theme park game "Egg Party" opened its new party season "Treasure Ship Auction Night"! The cool and warlike Captain Stoneheart Sule, the simple and enthusiastic puppy Bopaoer, and the mermaid singer Sairan who can purify the ocean with the sound of nature, the three friends came to the luxurious and grand Hades auction for the same purpose. What kind of adventures and challenges will greet them? The party season blind box appearance and activity guide are ready, and the party season theme levels are ready to go… Let us break into the new party season together and uncover the mystery hidden in the auction!

The appearance of the blind box of the "Treasure Ship Auction Night" party season is officially launched

Sairan, the mermaid singer who has lived in the deep sea for a long time, shoulders the mission of protecting the ocean. Her singing voice can purify the soul and dispel evil thoughts. She once had beautiful memories of being with her friend Su Xin, but in an accident, Su Xin gave her voice to the sea witch in order to protect Sairan's singing voice, and she has never heard from her since then. After 166 years, Sairan, who heard that Su Xin would appear at the treasure ship auction night, resolutely decided to take the risk and board the Hades to embark on a journey to save her friend.

The long coral-red hair, flowing like seaweed, is decorated with warm conch shells and pearls; the melodious music and the waves of the sea are intertwined and surrounded, expressing the heavenly singing voice in a concrete way. The flowing fins shake off bits of gold powder, the glittering scales reflect the glimmer of the seabed, and the fish tail, which gradually changes from light green to bright yellow, is like a sparkling sea surface covered with sunset clouds, interpreting the magnificence and beauty of nature. When the ethereal and graceful singing sounded, a group of fish swam over and danced together, and the mermaid singer Sairan sang the ancient and mysterious ballad, "You will eventually hear my voice clearly."

"I'm never afraid of the deep sea, because I come from it." The once brave and skilled Captain Stoneheart Sule galloped on the sea, but now he is just a wandering traveler to rescue his sister. The red captain's turban wrapped his flying white hair, and the eye mask covered his sharp eyes, helping him to disguise his identity and sneak into Hades in a low-key manner. The cool red leather armor, dark tactical vest, sturdy wrist guards and combat boots show that he has already prepared for the battle. Even if there are many obstacles ahead, he must find his sister Suxin.

In order to help Suler rescue his sister, the puppy Bopaoer sneaked into the Hades with his excellent sailing skills and became the new first mate and best employee on the ship. The furry flocked skin and cute pads are soft and warm, just like his sincere heart to embark on an adventure for his friends. The rugged outline of the boat cap symbolizes the navigator's unyielding adventurous spirit, the dazzling pearl is the treasure of the adventurer's glory, and the unique rudder belt is suitable for the important identity of the new first mate. The whole outfit comes from the puppy Bopaoer's past adventures. "Want to see my baby?"

The magnificent Hades auction was like a meeting point of wealth and greed, and the fanatical and bewitching atmosphere gradually lost the guests. The "Adventurer Flash" with a star lamp hanging on his forehead, the "Jeweler Zhenba" wrapped in luxurious shells and corals, the elegant and beautiful "Auctioneer Dingyin" with a sharp eye… The fog of desire quietly spread and gradually made the guests addicted, and the good show began.

"Treasure Ship Auction Night" Party Manual Rewards List

The Party Manual of the "Treasure Ship Auction Night" Party Season is divided into two parts: the basic version and the advanced version, and the corresponding rewards are different. All rewards of this season's basic party manual are: 800 trendy fibers, 17,500 bottle caps, rare expression "paddling", advanced avatar frame "Pirate avatar frame", rare accessory "rocking boat", advanced costume "sailor suit".

After upgrading the Party Manual to Advanced, you can also get a super-value reward of 3288 egg coins in total. In addition to 300 egg coins, 30 rainbow coins, 20 blind box dyes, and 20 accessory dyes, you can also get the rare blind box "Seahorse Connoisseur", the classic accessories "Seahorse Glasses", the rare avatar frame "Mermaid Avatar Frame", the advanced nickname frame "Deep Sea Treasure Nickname Frame", the classic action "Siren Dance", the classic accessories "Anchor Blade" and the rare blind box "Magic Fish Hunter" appearance.

The party manual exchange mall is renovated with a new look. The classic blind box "Octopus Octopus" and the classic accessories "Monster Treasure Box" are surprisingly available. At the same time, the classic blind boxes "Pig Waiter" and "Sweetheart Cat Lola" also return for the anniversary celebration! The Hades is full of doubts, and the banquet hall is full of hidden talents. The "Octopus Chef" is dressed in a white chef's uniform, and his four claws move together to quickly serve food, filling his endless desires with a gluttonous feast. In the obscure corner, the "Monster Treasure Box" quietly opens a crack, and the evil eyes look around, as if another conspiracy is brewing.

Complete rank tasks to win party rewards

After the "Treasure Ship Auction Night" party season opens, the game will downgrade the player's rank according to the rank inheritance rules. At the same time, the opening of the new party season also brings new rank tasks. If you reach the designated rank and participate in the peak competition, you can get rich rewards such as "Surfing Suit", "Ice Sea Squid", "Sand Bucket", "Surfing Avatar Frame" and so on!

Participate in the party season active mission to redeem "Bella the Receptionist"

The "Treasure Ship Auction Night" party season active event is officially open! After completing the new party season event tasks, you can go to the redemption store to get the rare blind box "Urgent Bella", rare accessories "Shell Glasses", rare accessories "Starfish Keychain", and there are also season-limited new expressions "I want to see", "Stop", actions "Backstroke", "Urgent", and "Star Ocean Nickname Frame" and other rewards waiting to be redeemed.

She always has a warm smile on her face, greets every guest warmly, and knows the identities of all visitors. She seems ordinary but is actually unfathomable. "Urgent Bella" may be the key to unlocking the secrets of Hades.

Weekend Squad Exchange Shop is open for fun

The "Fashionable Play Battle" party season has officially begun, and the weekend team exchange shop has also welcomed new friends and new surprises. Assemble the weekend team and complete the event tasks to get Yoyo "Dazed Capybara", the accessory "Brave Rudder" and the two-player action "Heart of the Ocean"!

Party Season Notebook is now available

On May 17, the new Party Season storyline of "Egg Party" will be launched. The Party Season Notebook will be upgraded to an interactive storybook, inviting the Egg Boys to become the protagonists of the story, immersively interpret the legend of the sea, experience the story and complete the tasks, then you can get the action "Hidden Merit and Fame" top up nimo tv and receive exclusive rewards for the Party Season!

Party season themed levels are coming!

Step into the turbulent Hades and start a magnificent sea adventure. A brand new party carnival begins! Fight with old sea monsters on a forgotten island; encounter ferocious sharks in the seemingly calm blue bay; break through layers of obstacles and climb onto the side of the ship in the wind and waves; or go deep under the dim deck of Hades and find the crown of Poseidon with crystal waves among the gorgeous treasures… The magnificent and mysterious wonders of the ocean create a unique fantasy atmosphere, and the dangerous mechanism gameplay adds thrilling party fun. The new levels are exciting and we look forward to the carnival with you!

The grand auction hides a shocking mystery, and the adventure of saving and protecting begins. On May 17, the national original theme park game "Egg Party"'s new party season "Treasure Ship Auction Night" is launched. Break into the Hades with new and cute partners and open a new chapter of the story!

About "Egg Party"

Kaka~ Welcome to Danzai Island! (*╹▽╹*) "Danzai Party" is a national original theme park game with 500 million players. Here, you will become a cute Danzai and embark on a wonderful journey in the mysterious world behind the blind box machine – Danzai Island. The game contains hundreds of map levels with different styles and dozens of leisure and entertainment gameplay. Don't worry about your clumsy hands, it's fun~ A large number of cute blind box appearances, come and meet your heart-warming style! The theme park editor with a high degree of freedom helps you create a unique theme park map! There is also an Danzai park full of imagination and imagination, which gathers hundreds of millions of original theme park maps of players, waiting for you to play and check in with your egg partner!






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