The Dragon Blessing New Year Calendar "Full Mo

To bid farewell to the old and welcome the new year, top up mico live , the Spring Festival update of "Full Moon Night" will be launched on January 29th. The three major modes of Little Red Riding Hood's Diary, Classic Mode, and Mirror Showdown will all receive major updates! Experience the new career "Little Magician" in Diary of Little Red Riding Hood, unlock the new ending of the classic mode, or invite friends and relatives to participate in the New Year Showdown in the Mirror event, and meet up to celebrate the New Year under the full moon in 2024!

Little Red Riding Hood's Diary New Career

Little Red Riding Hood's Diary is about to add a new profession – the little magician. Use magic and mana to start a new castle adventure with the little carpenter. This mode will add 17 new cards, 3 new blessings and 3 adventure achievements.

New ending of classic mode

In this update, the classic mode "Final Chapter Underground" will add three new endings. Explore the truth of the story in the dark forest. Where will the story of Little Red Riding Hood and the Little Carpenter go?

Limited Time New Year Beast Challenge

Please be careful when the Nian beast appears! Classic mode will open limited monster challenges from January 29th to February 24th. Defeat 3 Nian monsters: Earth Nian Beast, Tide Nian Beast, and Burning Nian Beast to obtain the "New Year's Eve" honorary achievement.

dragon blessing new year calendar

The Mirror Mode S2 season of "Night of the Full Moon" is in full swing. The New Year Dragon will give blessings from February 8th to February 18th. Participate in the "Dragon Blessing New Year Calendar" event to unlock new Spring Festival emoticons and skins.

This event is divided into two parts: Dragon Eye Detective and Dragon Trial diamond bigo live . Complete the corresponding tasks to get New Year benefits.

With the new year and new atmosphere, embark on a new adventure with "Full Moon Night" and start your legendary story of the Year of the Dragon.






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