Survive With Millions Of Players And Investigate Th

Survive with millions of players and investigate the truth of the doomsday crisis! The doomsday survival-themed mobile game "Wild City" published by Caohua Interactive recently announced that it will be officially launched on February 8, and simultaneously released the latest doomsday promotional video. In the video, we can see Liya, a member of the Eighth Investigation Team, go from being in danger to fighting her way out, showing the scene of the investigation team struggling to survive in the game, and at the same time, it also truly restores the apocalyptic scene in the game for players.

The background story of "Into the Wild" is that after a horrific disaster occurred on the earth, a will called "nucleus" was born on the planet, and the daughter bodies from the nuclear fission eroded human beings and slowly grew into Unconscious "wanderers" continue to attack humans and secrete pollutants, making the threat of "wanderers" increasing.

The 8th Investigation Group where the player belongs has received an order to go to the source of the crisis, "Hope Town" mico coins seller mico coins seller mico coins seller , to break out of the encirclement of the rogue army, and gradually solve puzzles to explore the secrets hidden in "Hope Town". the truth.

In the current official promotional video, some information about the situation encountered by the Eighth Investigation Team when they went to "Hope Town" was revealed. The Eighth Investigation Team who first entered Hope Town were attacked by "wanderers". Their almost crazy attacks made it difficult for the Eighth Investigation Group to resist, which also caused the team members to become separated one after another.

The "Liya" who appears in the video is one of the missing members of the investigation team. She is struggling to find supplies in the ruins of the ruins for supplies.

However, imo diamond price in pakistan , the small noise still attracted nearby wanderers. In desperation, Liya could only cooperate with the hunting dogs, resisting while constantly seeking for survival. Fortunately, fellow investigator Zhong Hyuk drove the vehicle in front of Come to help, Liya escaped from this dangerous place.

In the official character introduction, Liya was originally an instructor, and her work at the base was mainly responsible for logistics support. Because her investigator friend lost information during the previous mission, she joined the Eighth Regiment and vowed to find her friend. .

But the situation in "Hope Town" was more serious than she expected. After the Eighth Investigation Team was attacked, Liya, who survived, could only discuss it with Tu Yi. During the subsequent exploration, she met the former Seventh Investigator " "Zhong He", only then did he have a basic understanding of the urban situation.

But what they don't know is that the enemies from "Hope Town" are not just an army of rogues. Under the leadership of the commander of the investigation team, the player, the rebuilt Eighth Investigation Team encountered new difficulties. Desmond from the Orphan, the immigrants from Bayou Town, and the terrorist organization "Natural Judgment" are all terrorists who want to have a carnival after the disaster strikes. They are far crazier than the wanderers!

Officially launched on February 8th, the journey to Hope Town officially begins.

The game is currently in the hot pre-order stage, and you can get generous rewards by participating in the pre-order. You can also form a team with friends, support each other, break through the layers of siege in this doomsday isolated city, and find the hidden truth together!






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