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Join the powerful anchor team and get a million-dollar gift! The new vertical screen game "MapleStory: Will of the Alliance", which is officially authorized by NEXON and can be played with one hand, will be officially launched in public beta at 10:00 on January 24. The pre-download of the game is officially launched today. Click the link below or search for "Adventure Islands" "Island: Will of the Alliance" download the game and seize the opportunity to share the benefits!

Be the first to land on the island >>

On the occasion of the open beta of "MapleStory: The Will of the Alliance", a professional adventure group composed of five important guests, Feng Timo, Wuhu Da Sima, Tie Gu Zeng Zeng, Bu Qiu Ren and Big Eggplant, will also be officially established. They will accompany the adventure Let’s embark on a mysterious adventure island together and embark on an exciting and happy exploration journey!

In order to help adventurers land on the island, the official also launched a number of activities to distribute benefits! First, tens of millions of pre-orders for the game were reached, with massive red diamonds and limited-edition Zakun sets being given away non-stop; two great masters from China and South Korea were invited to live PK, and multiple gifts were given away online; the public beta phase of the pre-creation group activities was officially launched, with countless tasks The Star-Moon Divine Stone and Tailor's Magic Wand are waiting for you; in addition, there are millions of cash waiting for the winner of the first "Golden Mushroom Cup". You can participate with zero threshold by downloading the game. The next Koi Islander may be you!

[Five major anchors come together to lead fans to fight against Zakun]

The day of landing on the island is approaching, and the professional adventure group composed of five ace anchors from Wuhu, Da Sima, Feng Timo, Big Eggplant, Buqiu and Tiegu Zeng, is already eager to try it out. Several big names will transform into the five major professions in the game. Not only will they make a surprise appearance in the form of , but they will also accompany the adventurers to explore the world on the island. Islanders, why don’t you hurry up and catch up?

Soul singer Feng Timo's singing voice is as dreamy and quiet as a mermaid's. Her sweet and lovely appearance contains blazing flames and deadly poisonous mist. Even the name of a Buddhist girl cannot hide her fierce output. She serves as a powerful mage with surges of magic power in the adventure group.

The gold medal lecturer Da Sima, known as the Golden Wheel of Muscles, uses his strong physique and extraordinary courage to isolate his teammates from danger. In front of Teacher Ma's broad chest and thousands of layers of understanding, no enemy can stand up! He serves as a warrior with both wisdom and strength in the adventure group.

The fish bomber doesn't ask for help, his skills and appearance are the ceiling , every battle is like a gorgeous personal show, and every shot is walking on the tip of a knife. The flowing techniques are dazzling, and the moving movements are amazing! In the adventure group, he serves as the bigo live top up diamond who comes and goes without a trace, killing the invisible flying knight.

Big Eggplant, the King of Freebies, is the funny guy in the adventure group, but he can be the most stable output player when his teammates need him. He serves as a free-spirited gunner with full firepower in the adventure group. He can hit the soul with breathless concentration. A real sniper never needs a second bullet! !

The strange girl Tiegu Zeng had a formidable power behind her cute and smart face. She was a small dish with a one-hand cart, but modesty by being able to carry a cauldron. Her small body burst out with great energy, which could protect her teammates and crush the darkness. She serves as an archer with both faith and courage in the adventure group. Arrows made with passion can create miracles without much effort!

In the official promotional video, five adventurers accepted the Queen's commission and entered the chaotic MapleStory. After acquiring the two unique secret skills of "turning your hands and ignoring them, upgrading like lightning" and "bringing seven pets with you, the combat power is beyond the sky", each of them carries a cute and powerful pet. Work together to defeat the terrifying Boss Zakun. The anchors in the trailer have superb acting skills and the plot is lively and interesting. Interested adventurers can look forward to it!

On the day of the open beta of the game, Big Eggplant, Buqiu and Tiegu Zeng will also play the game with their fans on their live broadcast accounts. There will surely be many interesting episodes. Adventurers who want to go to the island with them must enter on time. Studio!

[The vertical version is fun and classic, don’t miss it if you pre-download it]

"MapleStory: Will of the Alliance" has updated the classic elements of MapleStory, restored classic maps, classic professions and classic music, helping adventurers relive their passionate memories and experience new fun. The five professions of archer, warrior, flying knight, mage, and gunner have their own characteristics, satisfying players' preferences for different output methods and different role positioning.

In terms of gameplay, "MapleStory: Will of the Alliance" reasonably simplifies the character skill system. Skills are automatically released, and the joystick controls movement, making the operation easier while retaining the fun of operation, achieving the goal of playing with one hand. Adventurers can click on the game to take risks, and they can make organic use of fragmented game time to reap the fun of the game more directly. They have enough resources to increase their combat power without spending too much money.

In order to ensure that adventurers do not fall behind in strength and can play MapleStory with one hand, the game has an idle idle mode: the character will continue to fight to gain experience and materials without downloading a copy, and will remain idle when offline, which is free. Get offline resources. You can truly become stronger anytime and anywhere.

The pre-download of the game is officially launched today. Adventurers can click on the link below or search and download the game installation package in the all-platform app store. When the public beta is officially launched, they can immediately enter the game world to adventure and relive their nostalgic youth.

Be the first to land on the island >>

[China and South Korea PK is ready to go, live broadcast benefits are not to be missed]

While pre-downloading "MapleStory: Will of the Alliance", don't miss the official live broadcast room at 19 o'clock tonight! Two top masters of the MapleStory terminal game – the strongest phantom poke C in the Chinese server and a 20-year-old islander in the Korean server – shared with adventurers the memories MapleStory brought them, the interesting stories they experienced on the island, and gave away various gifts. The game gift packs and peripherals will also bring a PVP peak showdown friendly match.

Interested adventurers should not forget to enter the live broadcast room on time to cheer for their favorite players. During the live broadcast, peripherals and multiple benefits will continue to be given away to everyone.

[Enjoy non-stop welfare activities, millions of cash are waiting for you]

After the public beta officially starts on January 24, the [Golden Mushroom Cup Million Bounty Tournament] will be launched simultaneously, whether you choose the 1V1 "Duel Arena" gameplay, the 3V3 "Masked Party" gameplay, or the 30V30 "Treasure Island" In the "Struggle for Hegemony" gameplay, you can participate with zero threshold to share millions of cash rewards! Warm reminder: 1V1 and 3V3 players need to enter the server opened on the day of the public beta to be eligible to participate in the Golden Mushroom Cup, don’t miss it!

[Pre-founded group activities] also provide a large number of benefits for adventurers. After the open beta starts, the second phase of the pre-founded group activities will also be officially launched. Complete the mission with team members and share up to 5,000 yuan in growth funds! A large number of Star-Moon Divine Stones and limited fashions are beckoning to all adventurers!

At present, the game has reached 10 million people who have made reservations. Adventurers who have made reservations can receive massive red diamonds, top pet fragments, limited edition avatar frames, cool Zakun limited fashion and handsome wings after entering the game. This wave of money-making rewards Got it!

[The official public beta test is tomorrow, experience the new IP game quickly]

Just tomorrow! "MapleStory: Will of the Alliance" will be officially released for open beta testing on all platforms on January 24th! At that time, familiar scenes such as Archer Village and Sky City will reappear, and powerful bosses such as Bat Demon, Zakun, and Beren will be waiting for adventurers to challenge again! Of course, there are also generous benefits and rich activities in the game!

Adventurers only need to log in to the game every day to receive free sign-in rewards that last for 7 days. Rare props such as the Star-Moon Divine Stone, Tailor's Magic Wand, and SSR pet Rachi are waiting for you, from character armament to pet development and combat power. Easily improve and enjoy a silky, light and "cool" development experience! You can also get additional rewards such as blood bottles, random SR/SSR pet fragments, red diamonds, etc. online every day. Enjoy the game and get high rewards at the same time!

In order to celebrate the opening of the public beta server, a carnival will also be held in the game! Different festival tasks will be unlocked every day in the game. If you complete them, you can get rewards such as energy stones, candies, star power, red diamonds, star-moon stones, and tailor's wands. In the end, you can also win the ultimate grand prize of the festival – UR pets. "Blue Bubble Sunfish" adds another big boost to adventurers' battles!

While adventurers are exploring the world of MapleStory, there are always benefits in the game! Complete the corresponding adventure chapter to get a lot of red diamonds, star and moon stones, skill manuals for each level, random SSR pet fragments, body ANE and other rewards! In addition, adventurers who have completed various development achievements can also receive the cool classic costume that everyone remembers in the "Drifting Experience" activity – "The Brave Hero"!

Are you old MapleStory players nostalgic for the scene of the adventure group cooperating to fight the boss? Do you want to experience the feeling of matching equipment and becoming stronger again? Just choose "MapleStory: Will of the Alliance", click to download now Game>>>, see you soon after the game is launched!






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