Hello Everyone, Major Shareholders Of Tianxia! The

Hello, distinguished shareholders of the world!

Recently, many heroes have told us that the New Year is approaching, and many units have prepared Spring Festival gifts for their employees. As a major shareholder of the world, you can't be too shabby, right?

That is inevitable! In the Chinese New Year version on February 1st, we have not only prepared super-yuan NetEase stocks to be distributed to everyone, but also a large number of free appearances, various exciting gameplay and rewards to accompany you with long-lasting luck!

Today we bring you the first news about the benefits of the New Year version. The content is too exciting. Shareholders who are still standing, please quickly find a small bench and sit down and hold on! Without further ado, let’s get started!

Spring Festival Dividend Plan for Tianxia Shareholders

In other games, you may only be a "shareholder" in name, but in Tianxia, ​​you can hold "equity" and become a veritable NetEase shareholder!

The Spring Festival dividend plan for shareholders of the world has been launched! It is not a false promise, but real money! Stocks with a total value of more than 100,000 yuan will be generously distributed. Through the newly developed [indirect shareholding] functional structure, the dividends brought by the company's development will be more realistic , give back to the young hero more truly!

In the domestic game industry, this may be the first large-scale welfare of this kind. Behind such an "alternative show of love", there is actually a story that must be told.

In the past fifteen years, Shaoxia and Tianxia IP have grown together. Looking back on the open beta of "Tianxia 2" back then, the servers were all popular, and the hot public beta attracted great attention from Wall Street; then "Tianxia 3" was launched, and we used the myth of mountains and seas as our model. Based on the original story, I have experienced many thrilling stories with young heroes; in 2016, "Tianxia" was launched on the mobile terminal, and the "Tianxia" mobile game was born. More and more heroes have joined the Tianxia family and jointly run a vibrant wilderness. world.

After fifteen years of progress and retreat together, with the company of the young heroes, "Tianxia" has been seen by more people. We have attracted 200 million players, achieved various achievements, and won many monuments… As a heavyweight under NetEase The continued good development of IP and "Tianxia" has also brought considerable profits to the company, driving many investors to increase their holdings and NetEase's stock price to rise.

In general, it is the support of Shaoxia that makes "Tianxia" mico payment what it is today, and we will always strive to give back to every Shaoxia, so this dividend reward is both practical and emotional. They are definitely our choices. In the coming days, we hope this gift will bring us closer together and start a new journey with higher confidence!

More content will be explained in detail in subsequent revelations. Interested young heroes should not miss it~

The most powerful welfare files are coming to help you play well and get more!

With the arrival of the New Year version, we have also prepared unprecedented exciting activities for everyone, striving to give back to all major shareholders for their long-term support and companionship!

To this end, we have set up many New Year limited activities, and have included a large number of rare props such as golden soul crystals, golden alien beast inner elixirs, thunder sound diamonds, and heroic soul jade. There are also a large number of physical rewards waiting for you, including: cash red envelopes, God of Wealth ornaments, New Year gift boxes, shopping cards, God of Wealth gift boxes…

Young heroes who participate in the New Year series of events will have the opportunity to obtain the above rewards! Don’t forget to lock in with us!

The [Dream Realization Project] we mentioned last year promised to give away over a thousand free appearances to young heroes, and you can also find that this year has been gradually arranged.

It is said that new clothes are worn in the New Year. In order to allow every shareholder to welcome the New Year with a brand-new look, free looks with large quantities and high quality will be available to everyone during the Spring Festival! From waist accessories, back accessories, headwear to fashion. It has everything you need, including limited toys and interactive actions to help you celebrate the New Year in a different way!

These free gifts will also be split and invested in various Spring Festival games. As long as you actively participate in the activities, you can get them!

No need to worry, no krypton threshold, everyone can get good gifts

Seeing this, many heroes may have questions.

Another 100,000 yuan in NetEase stock, game props and physical rewards, and so many free appearances. Will I have to break my bank to get them?

Of course not! Since it is dividends, shareholders naturally only need to "sit back and enjoy the gains". Our goal is to make big money while doing nothing!

As long as the young heroes participate in the New Year gameplay, or play in the battlefield, and download the dungeon, they will have the opportunity to receive fortune from heaven and obtain stock props. In other words, every moment and every inadvertent operation of the young heroes is possible to obtain stocks and embark on the road to wealth~

For various New Year tasks, we have also launched the God of Wealth Lying Down Guide, which contains a large number of gameplay and overflow experiences, basically covering all aspects of life in the wilderness, and can meet the needs of different young heroes ~ In the activities, young heroes do not need to participate in all To play, just pick the content you are interested in and participate repeatedly to gain a lot of experience!

Whether you are a dungeon party keen on challenging major bosses, a PVP master addicted to the battlefield, or you just want to enjoy a slow life, play mahjong, and fight landlords, you can find something more suitable for you here A unique way of entertainment, no need to worry about it, zero threshold, take all the rewards home~

N new ways to play, happy new year

The task burden has been greatly reduced. Will you have nothing to do in the New Year? Don’t worry, young hero, we have also prepared a large number of interesting new ways to play to help you have fun in the New Year!

◆ A new combat mount is coming. In addition to being used as a daily transportation tool, the young hero can also use combat skills while riding the combat mount to help you take your combat power to the next level~

◆ Worship the Electronic God of Wealth and make digital wishes imo top up . The AI ​​God of Wealth is about to join us and open up a new world of metaphysics for you!

◆ The second floor of Jiuyi Abyss is about to be opened, waiting for knights from all walks of life to challenge! I heard that there is also a ferocious Nian beast heading towards Wushuang City. Don’t forget to stop it from causing trouble~

After reading today’s revelations, are you young heroes eager to have a time machine and travel to the New Year version to take away all the prizes? I heard that some benefits and activities will be launched first next week. At the same time, more detailed revelations will be posted below Presented by Zhou Weixiao, everyone, please look forward to it!

The contract with the divine dragon, the spiritual song Jiuxiao, the 2023 end-of-year expansion pack of "Tianxia" mobile game [Dragon Song of the Mirage] is launched! The ninth sect [Dragon Witch Palace] enters the world gracefully; the large-scale performance-style dungeon [Jiuyi's Abyss] is coming , immersively experience the wonderful plot of the Dragon Witch's reincarnation in the battle; 200 million players return together to start the season, the new server's one million yuan treasure welfare upgrade, and the 2 billion newbie development fund to give back to every one of you who has accompanied you in the wilderness!






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