Diablo: Immortal's 2nd Anniversary Celebration, Inta

Anniversary "golden" joy, live gold! The two-year anniversary celebration of "Diablo: Immortal" is in full swing. This grand ceremony unique to Sanctuary is exciting and exciting. In the game, countless players are crazy about the generous benefits and activities; outside the game, endless linkages and cooperation continue to set off waves of new hot discussions. On June 10, "Diablo: Immortal" joined hands with Mr. Ma Wenxuan, the inheritor of the intangible cultural heritage of goldsmithing skills, to bring players a live broadcast with both skills and taste – using the goldsmithing skills that have been passed down for thousands of years to perfectly reproduce the same treasure chest of the "treasure goblin" Greedy. Tens of thousands of players and fans witnessed how the golden treasure chest was made on that day!

[Intangible Cultural Heritage Linked Live Broadcasting Perfectly Restores the Gold Treasure Box]

Forged with real gold, the treasure chest is revealed! At 12:30 on June 10, in the Douyin [Master Ma’s Gold Farming] live broadcast room, the treasure chest of the “treasure goblin” Greedy from Diablo: Immortal, made of real gold, finally revealed its true appearance. With exquisite appearance and 1:1 restoration of details, the treasure chest of Diablo: Immortal, made by Mr. Ma with all his efforts, is amazing for its exquisite craftsmanship, fine technique, and perfect finished product!

During the live broadcast, Mr. Ma Wenxuan, the inheritor of goldsmithing skills, introduced the whole process of making the gold treasure chest. After a series of complicated processes such as 3D modeling, mold pouring, engraving, polishing, etc., combined with traditional skills and modern technology, this gold treasure chest was finally born. Mr. Ma said frankly that the most difficult part of forging the treasure chest is high-temperature lost wax casting. As a traditional craft that can be traced back to the pre-Qin period, the lost wax method not only requires the master to have many years of casting experience, but also requires fine polishing to present the most perfect effect.

[Join hands to create masterpieces of ingenuity and pass on cultural heritage to immortalize the spirit]

Crafted with ingenuity, the spirit is immortal! As a mobile game masterpiece of the Diablo series, Diablo: Immortal perfectly restores the essence of the IP, inherits the classic style and world view, and develops from inheritance, creating an authentic and thriving sanctuary for countless players and fans. Teacher Ma Wenxuan, who also inherits and develops traditional metalworking skills with ingenuity, is also constantly exploring the combination of traditional techniques and new technologies, giving traditional skills new vitality.

This time, Diablo: Immortal joins hands with the inheritors of intangible cultural heritage, which is not only a new attempt, but also expresses the attitude of both parties to "learn from the past without being stuck in the past, and break the law without violating the law". Innovation needs to draw nutrients from the soil of the past. In the future, Diablo: Immortal will also use innovation as a driving force to bring players more new gameplay and content, making the adventure journey more challenging!

[The new version is coming and the two-year anniversary celebration continues]

Stare into the abyss and meet the challenge! The atmosphere of the anniversary carnival in Sanctuary has not yet subsided, but the shadow of the Lord of Terror has already swept in. As the adventure process accelerates, the conspiracy in the darkness gradually emerges, and Diablo's creation, the Demon Prison, suddenly descends. A new challenge is waiting for the warriors! Go deep into the new gameplay [The Demon Prison] and [The Demon Fortress] to explore the unknown and face the deepest fear; the powerful demon extends its evil claws and attempts to touch the adventurer's home. It's time to take up arms and resist. However, opportunities and dangers coexist. The rune system is turned on, and the legendary gem [Storm Dome] appears. New power emerges, and the battle has begun. The brave are fearless and write miracles with their own hands!

The gold-winning live broadcast allowed countless players to witness the wonderful collision of intangible cultural heritage and Diablo: Immortal, adding a special meaning to the two-year anniversary celebration. The exquisite gold craftsmanship also allowed players to see the charm of intangible cultural heritage. In the future, Diablo: Immortal will continue to try more possibilities, both in and out of the game, and strive to bring better content to players, and give back to every player's support with actions!

About Diablo Immortal

Adventurers, happy 2nd anniversary, may the Holy Light always be with you! Diablo Immortal's 2nd anniversary 3.0 version [Devour of the Abyss] will be officially released on June 13! The evil space created by the Lord of Terror Diablo himself – [Demonic Prison] invades Sanctuary, [Demonic Prison] and [Demonic Prison] gameplay are online, four new demons come together, the wind blows across the world with a warning message, every living being understands – evil invades, a great enemy is at hand! The forces of justice are ready to give it a go, the new rune system is turned on, race against time, hurry up to prepare for battle; the new Inarius legendary costume [Eternal Judgment] witnesses the fall of the archangel; the new legendary gem [Storm Dome] appears, destroying the world in a single thought. Can adventurers reproduce miracles and turn the tables?

As a new mobile game in the Diablo series, Diablo: Immortal perfectly restores the essence of the IP, inherits the classic Diablo style and grand world view, and reproduces the smooth combat experience and immersive exploration fun. On the road of adventure, you are both enemies and friends with other adventurers, or gather to challenge dangerous dungeons, or compete for the supreme honor of "Immortal". When the World Stone falls apart and Westmarch becomes dim, you are the last hope!



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