Chenlong’s Lunar New Year Version Takes A Sneak Pe

Chenlong celebrates the New Year and welcomes blessings. The first major version of 2024 is updated today. The new New Year expansion pack "Chenlong New Year" and the Spring Festival holiday will both come. Massive updates and benefits and a series of New Year activities will be in the laughter of the young heroes. The curtain opens!

In order to let the young hero fully understand the gameplay benefits of this version, Brother Long and Sister Long are open for business again! At 19:00 on the evening of January 17, these two old friends who are familiar to everyone will bring an in-depth interpretation of the content of the Chenlong Lunar New Year version, and more Long Mei live PKs three anchors bigo live diamond recharge , the martial arts career is up to you!

Not only that, you will have the opportunity to get multiple rewards by participating in the PK winning and losing bet on the spot, and finally have the chance to take home the PS5 game console! Live broadcast benefits are coming one after another, young heroes, get ready to take the challenge!

So, in addition to the previously exposed battles between the whole server and the snow monsters and the fair competition, what other surprises are there that friends don’t know about? Let’s take a sneak peek at the New Year version!

Preview of Chenlong’s Lunar New Year version

Let the battle begin! Fair competition among fellow students

The fair martial arts competition is coming soon! Competing with the same sect makes it even more fun. It is a competition of absolute strength and a contest of personal skills. On a battlefield without sect restraint, attribute restrictions, and development system bonuses, who will be better? It doesn’t matter. Go to Long Batian to find the answer!

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Snow monster! All server young heroes fight BOSS

The book continues from last week's preview. It's winter, and the terrifying snow monster is causing trouble. The court recruits warriors to fight against the snow monster! During the event, the young hero can go to Lin Chong in Luoyang, talk to him, and enter the ice cave to fight against the snow monster. The ice cave is narrow and cold. Only one person can enter the ice cave, and each entry is limited to 5 minutes.

In the ice cave, the young hero needs to cause as much damage to the snow monster as possible. When the damage caused by the young hero reaches 30% or 70% of the snow monster's maximum health and the snow monster is defeated, the corresponding crusade goal can be achieved. , and obtain corresponding crusade rewards. Young Heroes can enter the Ice Cave dungeon multiple times, but each crusade reward can only be obtained once per week~

Every time the young hero achieves a crusade goal, in addition to receiving rewards for developing props, he can also receive a certificate of courage. The Certificate of Courage can be used to participate in subsequent crusade draws. The Certificate of Courage must be used before March 7, 2024, and will be invalid after expiration. Young heroes, don’t forget to participate in the lucky draw!

The crusade lottery will be opened every Thursday night during the event from 21:00 to 23:30. The young hero can participate in the crusade lottery with a certificate of courage at Linchong, Luoyang. 1 Certificate of Courage can be used to participate in 1 lottery draw.

When the cumulative damage caused by knights in all servers to snow monsters reaches a certain amount, higher value rewards will be unlocked in the prize pool, and there will also be a chance to draw rare rewards such as gem upgrade talismans and purple marrow jade tokens.

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Event! The Heroes Competition begins with passion

After the Chinese New Year comes the annual Valentine's Day. Are you still worried about how to create a sense of ritual during the festival? You don't have to worry about this in Jianghu~ The gods and their spouses are fighting swords in the Jianghu, registration for the 12th Dragon Heroes Competition is about to open !

This competition will still draw on the experience of previous years, optimize the schedule and competition system, and present more game methods to help young heroes have fun competing and spend the festival happily! Young heroes who are interested in participating should seize the opportunity, and young heroes who have not yet found a good match should go quickly If you are looking for a beautiful woman, make preparations early!

Artifact! The ever-changing treasure fan can be customized at will

The ever-changing Ruyi Fan brings many wishes to those who see it, and the magic weapon-the Ever-Changing Ruyi Fan is here! Luoyang Renshaofeng Chu has prepared an exquisite New Year gift for the young hero. When the time comes, the young hero can go to collect it and get the magic weapon-the Ever-Changing Ruyi Fan ( 30 days) and 3 pictures!

During the event period, Shaoxia can choose his favorite fan bones and fan surfaces for the ever-changing Ruyi Fan, and can also add patterns on the fan, and move, scale, and flip the patterns to create an ever-changing appearance exclusive to Shaoxia! The fan is elegant The beauty conveys Chinese romance. Young heroes can use their imagination to create your own fan!

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Adventure! An unexpected encounter in the world of rivers and lakes

The rivers and lakes are vast and adventures are endless. In this martial arts world full of new and interesting things, there are still many surprise little easter eggs waiting for young heroes to discover. Maybe it's the rumors of hauntings in Dali City, or maybe it's the monsters circling in Luoyang City. What's the story behind all the changes in the world? After this version update, the plot of strange encounters will be further expanded. Maybe with just a passing glance, the young hero can Gain your own destiny~

Year of the Dragon! Tianlong Spring Festival Gala is a special kind of fun

How to celebrate the Spring Festival in the Year of the Dragon? Of course, come to Tianlong and watch it! The Jianghu people’s own Spring Festival Gala, complete with singing and dancing sketches, in a different dimension, will subvert your imagination of the Spring Festival Gala!

The whole Jianghu participated in the planning, and classic characters competed to perform on stage! Not short of money, give away abductions… The collision of classic programs and the game world created wonderful sparks! The Chinese New Year is not boring, from February 9th to February 15th, it belongs to Jianghu people The Spring Festival Gala will accompany you~

Shout out! Gang war posts ignite morale

The New Year is coming, let’s celebrate the holidays! When people from all over the world gather together, of course they have to compare notes and compare notes, and this is especially true between gangs. There is no shouting in gang battles, which reduces the momentum by half, in order to give the young heroes a more atmospheric feel. For pre-war experience, the [Gang Battle Post] function will be added to the Guild-Gang Battle interface soon!

The gang leader or deputy gang leader spends a certain amount of bound ingots to top up mico codashop , drafts the content and style of the battle post, and then publishes the battle post to the world or Tianwai channel. The whole world can hear the declaration of the Young Heroes Gang! The gang war will not be over. With Shuai, there is only strength. As long as the momentum and spirit are there, they will be strong everywhere~ The strength of talking and talking is also strength. In order to boost morale, all gang leaders can speak boldly!






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