2023 Qihang Year-end Review: Everything That Happen

In 2023, players have gone through a long wait for version 3.0 to be launched, and have also put forward countless precious and effective suggestions to help Qihang grow and improve; and Qihang’s staff have worked hard to create the new version now presented to you. set sail. Let us stop and look back at everything that happened to Qihang and our partners this year!

2023 Sailing Year-end Review

No.1: Kizaru Chaojue

In 2023, Qihang introduced a new upgrade system "Transcendence" to partners. By consuming a certain amount of character fragments, SP, SS+partners can make breakthroughs, and Transcendence becomes SSS. In addition to the increase in basic attributes of measurements, they will also have a new status. Drawing an image can unlock a new ability system "Potential Power".

No.2: Valentine's Day·Perona opens the power of transcendence and potential

It not only strengthens the pure dark element, but also solves the core Barrett's old problem – how to complete the big opening. At the same time, a variety of practical and current settings have been added, such as reducing dodge, reducing treatment, extending fear duration, etc. Moreover, through the power of potential, Blackbeard was successfully linked, further strengthening Blackbeard's output capability and skill release frequency.

No.3: Sangoro’s exclusive jewelry enters the market strongly

Sangoro, who has exclusive jewelry, has become the core support of the new generation of fire: 1. The auxiliary effect of [Soba Noodle State] is transferred from a single target to the whole body, clearing the freezing effect for teammates, and adding an absolute damage reduction of 10 seconds; 2. [Refraction] Effect] Each time it is triggered, it can clear the stun, silence, and taunt effects of all allies, and add an absolute damage reduction of 7 seconds; 3. The ultimate move [Stealth Fighter] increases the traction effect of ignoring the hegemony, and increases according to the number of people nearby. Multiple segments of pure damage; 4. Sangoro increases the immune deenergization and freezing effects, allowing Sangoro to release his skills more freely, accumulating energy and paving the way for the explosion of Fire Fist Ace.

No.4: SP Lie Eight is online

In June, Liehaha, the fifth member of the Wano Straw Hats, officially launched on bigo live diamond , set to be a fire and poison dual system. In terms of overall settings, it has unselectable, high dodge, percentage damage reduction, etc.

No.5: Fire Fist·Ace’s exclusive jewelry is online

After possessing the exclusive jewelry, Ace has many ways to obtain the [Will of Fire] state. In the [Will of Fire] state, Ace can gain hegemony and be immune to effects such as fear, freezing, and reduced attack power. Ace's penetration bonus is increased by an additional 50%, and he can also release [Cross Fire] 3 times in a row, making the second skill a high-explosion skill that ignores body control and quickly accumulates energy; it also strengthens Ace's massive power. Move, the large fire pillar can split into 6 small fire tornadoes, giving each enemy unit 6 more chances to be critically hit!

No.6: Malgao's transcendent awareness & potential power is opened

The power of potential has strengthened Margao's auxiliary ability in the fire system: by strengthening the three skills [Flame Phoenix Spreads Wings] and the thin burial skill, the recovery ability of the pure fire system has been greatly improved, making its survivability more tenacious; increasing the number of groups The effect of being immune to partial control and the attack speed bonus make the explosive power of the pure fire element even faster.

No.7: The bond of Sangoro

The effect of this bond is very simple: green bond – when it is at full level, it will increase the physical penetration value of Sangoro by 8.4%; blue bond – when the protection effect is triggered in the invisible black state, it will provide a 3-second hegemonic effect to all non-phantom allies. At full level, Sangoro's physical attack power will be increased by 2400 points.

No.8: UR Yonko Kaido

Kaido is not just a violent output character, his abilities are all-round and three-dimensional: through absolute damage reduction, acceleration, shields, various group immunity and other effects, he can provide more powerful auxiliary abilities for the fire system; through Coercion, fear, silence, suppression, etc. ignore the extremely perfect connection timing of hegemony and strong control, which can provide more powerful control capabilities for the fire system; through the shield mechanism to deepen damage, immunity to coma, fear, and frost, etc., settings such as The fire system provides more powerful targeting capabilities; and through the strongest killing move [heat breath] and the [splash] effect of the talent skill, combined with Sangoro's [traction] effect, the fire system can provide a more concentrated explosive ability.

No.9: SP Chopper is online

As a pure water type, Chopper directly broke the siege of pure water type by using fear from the underlying mechanism. Secondly, in terms of injury reduction and recovery, it is as important as Perospero, or even more important. At the level of pure water-type civil war, the advantage of the side with Chopper is undoubtedly the crushing yalla recharge . [Diagnosis] is absolutely fatal to characters who have the upper limit of health set!


Through this article, I briefly reviewed all the new characters and enhancements launched in 2023. The main tone of this year can be said to be quite conservative.

We can find that Qihang’s current version strategy is gradually beginning to explore the potential of old characters, and there are also many changes in the alternate strengthening of the system. It can be said that this kind of strengthening is something that players like to see, and it makes people look forward to 2024. We are looking forward to how the journey will proceed!






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