Wizards Of The Coast's New Game "Magic: The Gat

Wizards of the Coast brings card game fans a new game, Magic: The-Arena.

In a sense, this game feels like the series' answer to Hearthstone. This game will be launched on the PC platform as a free game. At the same time, due to the use of the Unity engine, it will be more convenient to be launched on mobile platforms in the future.

"Magic: Arena" will provide players with 279 new Ixalan cards and a Constructed mode when it is launched, and will add more cards and game modes (such as drafting and spectator matches) through subsequent updates. model). Interested players can already log in to the official website to apply for closed beta qualifications.

This work is the first work developed by Games, a studio of Wizards of the Coast, and it can be regarded as a new milestone for Wizards of the Coast. Of course, this is not the first digital version of the series – "Magic: The Gathering" was launched as early as 2002, but it failed to ignite the player base like "Hearthstone".

Chase, president of global brand strategy for "Magic: The Gathering," said that the new game will have a more beautiful interface and a faster game style to meet the gaming habits of current players.

“One of the many charms of the Magic series is that there are hundreds of ways to play, each with their own unique gameplay and rules,” Chase said. “In Magic: Competitive "Our first goal with Magic is to focus on Standard play. However, it's too early to talk about the differences between the new game and Magic: The Gathering."

Chase said that the card update frequency of "Magic: Arena" will be synchronized with the desktop version, allowing players to easily switch between the two versions. At the same time, the new game will also add draft and open gameplay.

While a wide range of content brings greater entertainment to players, it is not an easy task for developers to present it to players in an intuitive and easy-to-understand form. "We have to cram so much information into a limited space. While ensuring that players can have an unobstructed view of the situation in front of them, we also have to allow both the game and the audience to enjoy the process. In this regard, we now have A lot to do," Chase said.

In her opinion, the game process of "Magic: Arena" is undoubtedly more free than the desktop version, and these cards also have effects that cannot be achieved in reality. When players play a large dinosaur card accompanied by a shocking roar, or watch their own creatures spit fire towards the opposite side, this experience will undoubtedly make people's blood rush.

When talking about why "Magic: Arena" chose to launch in 2017, Chase said that digital card games have been a popular category in the past two years, and they have been waiting and watching. Now, they want to present this game to new card players buy mico coins , so that they can feel the charm of "Magic: The Gathering" as the king of card games.

As the name of the game says, "competition" will be the core part of this game. “When the word arena is mentioned, the picture that comes to your mind should be a place filled with spectators. This is where you compete, watch, and cheer for your idols,” Chase emphasized. “Now , the live broadcasts of "Magic: The Gathering" are all focused on the desktop version. However, if you want more players to participate, the desktop version is obviously beyond its capabilities, unless you install a camera on the table. Inconvenience is on the one hand bigo diamond top up , the process of live broadcasting the game is not exciting, because the audience cannot see what these cards are doing. Therefore, as far as "Magic: Arena" is concerned, it is more in line with the needs of live broadcast and viewing."

Speaking of the reason why "Hearthstone" is so popular, online live broadcasts play a very important role in it, and many of these broadcasters are also "Magic: The Gathering" players. Obviously, Wizards of the Coast very much hopes to use the power of online live broadcasts to attract more players to participate in "Magic: Arena".

"Magic: The Gathering," released in 2002, could not be considered a success – it was not until the release of "Hearthstone" in 2014 that digital card games set off a new wave. According to data agency estimates, the game genre will generate $1.4 billion in revenue in 2017.

"Online broadcasting is very important to us. Since its launch in 1993, Magic: The Gathering has grown with the Internet. The online community is like a firm cornerstone for this game series, supporting it," Chase said, "If you ask me, this is the best strategy card game in history."






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