Who Is The Real Fighting Overlord In "Saint Se

In the mythical constellation battlefield of "Saint Seiya", each set of holy clothes is not only a representative of beauty, but also a symbol of combat effectiveness. Now let the editor lead everyone to travel among these dazzling constellation suits to find out bigo diamond buy and see who is the real battle overlord!

First of all, there is no doubt that Pegasus Seiya’s suit should be mentioned. I remember that during the battle with Phoenix, Seiya put on this blue and white suit and looked like a vigorous war horse , full of infinite vitality and courage. This suit not only gives Seiya the same speed as Kaze, but also enhances his boxing attack power. Every time Seiya moves his fist, he can feel the power of the Pegasus suit shining through.

Next, I have to talk about Hyoga’s Shiratori suit. In the decisive battle with Poseidon, the king of the sea, Binghe looked really handsome wearing this snow-white suit. The Shiratori suit not only provides Binghe with a strong defense, but also gives his Ice Fist the ability to freeze everything. Every time Binghe punches, the enemy seems to be frozen into an ice sculpture.

Of course, the editor also likes Leo Aiolia’s golden suit very much. During the battle in the sanctuary, Aiolia wore a golden battle suit and looked like the god of war descending. This suit not only demonstrates Leo's majesty, but also enhances Aiolia's destructive power. Every attack he makes carries the power to shake the heaven and the earth.

Finally, there is Scorpio Milo's suit, which is really the embodiment of combat power! In the duel with Cancer, Milo's unique holy suit not only enhanced his movement speed, but also made his Scorpio Fatal Needle more deadly. . Every blow seems to be carrying the breath of death, making the enemy frightened.

The editor feels that these holy clothes are not only gorgeous in appearance, but also a reflection of combat power. Every appearance adds countless exciting moments to the story of "Saint Seiya". So, in your mind, which suit is the real "most handsome suit"? Come and reserve "Saint Seiya: Rebirth 2", put on your favorite holy suit, and become the protagonist of this constellation battlefield. !







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