Visit The Lucky Market And Win Prizes

Grain fullness has arrived, good luck is full! The lucky season of the mobile game "NetEase Chess and Cards" is in full swing, and a large wave of rewards such as thousand-yuan home appliances and rich props are ready. Without further ado, top up koin tantan , come and play cards to win gifts!

Good luck points competition, win prizes on the list

From May 19th to May 21st, the second phase of the [Lucky Points Tournament] is in full swing! Players can earn points by signing up for the competition. The competition adopts the classic Landlord gameplay, and it starts as soon as the number of players is full, no need to wait! The higher the ranking, the more rewards there are. The masters of the card field will gather together. Who can win the air fryer, cervical massager and other gifts first?

Good luck brings surprises, props come to help

How to top up your luck at the Grain Full Moon? Come to the NetEase Chess and Cards mobile game to get the [Luck Bonus Gift]! From May 16th to May 30th, card players can get different extra rewards by purchasing props such as the Time Turning Avatar Frame once or ten times. Winning Streak Cards, Room Cards and other props will drop by surprise to help you win all the way!

Visit the Lucky Market and win prizes

From May 21st to May 30th, the [Lucky Market] event will be open soon! Players can complete tasks and get lucky coupons to exchange for easy cards, room cards, card counters and other gifts! There are also lucky draws waiting for everyone, and prizes such as headphones and handheld irons are waiting for you to win!

The fortune wheel comes, the cards turn out

From May 23rd to May 28th, the [Lucky Season] event is coming! Players can earn points by completing designated card-playing tasks every day. Consuming points can get a chance to top up uc pubg global in a lucky draw, and have a chance to win rapeseed oil, skin-friendly facial tissues and other gifts, to help you have a fun trip to the card field!

Sign up for free to get gifts and surprises

From May 16 to May 30, [Sign in to get gifts] is now open! Players can get a lot of gifts by logging in and signing in every day, and all rewards can be obtained by signing in for 7 days. Surprise props are constantly given away, and you can win the game in May!

The above is all about the "NetEase Chess" mobile game's lucky season event. Come to the "NetEase Chess" mobile game and play together! Don't forget to follow the official WeChat public account [NetEase Chess Mobile Game] and Weibo @NetEase Chess to receive random drop benefits from both microblogs, get the first-hand information of exciting interactions, and win big prizes one step ahead!

It is the right time to play Mahjong, and game agents are also recruiting! "NetEase Chess and Cards" is backed by a large game platform, with complete qualifications, stable compliance, and more than 200 local characteristic chess and card games across the country, with great market potential. Interested card players can go to the official account [NetEase Chess and Cards Mobile Game], reply "Game Cooperation", and add customer service for details!






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