"Tianxia" Mobile Game Regains Its Old Title An

Young hero, it’s been 8 years!

This year mico coin recharge online is already the eighth year that the "Tianxia" mobile game has accompanied everyone. Many young heroes have been sticking to the wilderness, and have changed from cute newbies to experienced veterans who can stand alone. However, there are also young heroes who have left the game. Never came back…

The Return of the Billions of Heroes

Is it because I no longer feel attached to this wilderness?


In 2023, we organized nearly 20 player exchange meetings. During the exchange process, what was frequently mentioned by the young heroes were the various obstacles they encountered in their return——

【Regain the old account?】

The lack of cultivation over the past few months or even years was an insurmountable gap. When I came back, I rarely got to play with my friends. Whether it was on the battlefield or in a dungeon, I seemed to be a "lag behind".

【Buy a new account in Treasure Pavilion?】

Not to mention the difficulty of choosing a character that completely suits your heart, it is even more difficult to let go of the hard work you have put into the old characters. The characters you create by yourself always have a special bond. The out-of-print appearance that has been deposited on many Shaoxia characters, behind the scenes It may also represent an unforgettable past event.

There are also many old friends who have been away for a long time. After returning, they are faced with a completely changed gameplay and have no way to start…

Clearing the way for young heroes to return

From this, we hope to open up a new path, so that every returning young hero can return to the wilderness with a new look and his past accumulation!

This will be a new life.

When you come back, you will re-understand the world from a new perspective.

This is more of an inheritance.

What you have will be the accumulation of all the past characters on your account, including appearance, equipment, props… You can sort out all the hard work you have put in in the past here one by one, and then start to continue your journey in the world!

Therefore, we call it – [Rebirth].

In order to better accept everyone who comes back, it will be launched in the form of a new server in the [Tianxia Unification] region. This is not only a call for all young heroes in the world in the past eight years, but also a [Tianxia Unification] The rebirth of the region!

What does our [rebirth] mean?

It’s about reopening and throwing away the heavy baggage that is out of date.

You come prepared, and every point you accumulate is a boost today.

It’s rapid growth that gives you the opportunity to compete with the first echelon.

Of course, not only will your historical accumulation be rejuvenated here, but there will also be a series of development acceleration and balancing mechanisms, striving to give you the best experience every time you come! Different servers can also be played across servers, so you can You might as well make an appointment with old friends from the same district to "relive old dreams"!

There will be more revelations in the future, please continue to pay attention, Shaoxia! Do you have any suggestions or ideas about this [Rebirth] themed server? Welcome to leave your opinions on major official social media, maybe it will become a reality. !

In addition, we are also continuing to pay attention to the existing server ecology in the near future. We will conduct certain surveys and data collection, and consider launching server transfers or server mergers for servers with similar ecology. You can look forward to it!

The contract with the divine dragon, the spiritual song Jiuxiao, the 2023 end-of-year expansion pack of "Tianxia" mobile game [Dragon Song of the Mirage] is launched! The ninth sect [Dragon Witch Palace] enters the world gracefully; the large-scale performance-style dungeon [Jiuyi's Abyss] is coming , immersively experience the wonderful plot of the Dragon Witch's reincarnation in the battle; 200 million players return together to start the season, and the new server has a million yuan treasure welfare upgrade and a 2 billion cute new development fund to give back to every one of you who has accompanied you in the wilderness!






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