The World Of Banquets: The Wonderful Combination Of

The world of Yanzheng is a different world full of magic, where there is a blend of elements brought about by a unique magic system, and there are also diverse racial styles such as humans, elves, orcs. Speaking of race, we have to mention the "blood race", one of the most mysterious races on the continent. In the long history of civilization in the world of Yanzheng, the vampires in the past usually existed in some kind of absurd and thrilling country legends or folk stories, and no one could confirm whether they really existed.

With the passage of time topup ragnarok origin global , the "Sesista" family in the vampire family suddenly disclosed its existence to civilized society, and claimed to have successfully developed a drug to defeat "blood hunger", and announced that "all Vampires who want to overcome blood hunger can seek help from their clan." This is the first time that the existence of the Vampires has been publicly proven. But the Sesista family has also become the target of public criticism. However, the protagonist we are going to mention today, Niles Sesista, does not seem to be affected by these. After all, if converted according to human age, now He is still just a minor child.

Character profile丨Basic information

Belongs to: United Kingdom of Ellis and Gentes

Race: Vampire

Age: 40 (vampire age)

Properties: water

Positioning: Output·Remote


Impression: Due to the limitations of age and experience, many things cannot be considered carefully, but he is quite bold and not afraid to bear the consequences of wrong choices.

A wonderful combination of demons and vampires

The "Sesista" family where Niles belongs is an ancient and special vampire family. "Old" is not uncommon for vampires. After all, most vampires have long lifespans; "special" is because a certain In this sense, Sesista has become a "traitor" among the vampires.

Niles likes to study and make various potions, and he is quite talented. However, like all children who have just reached adolescence , Niles always feels that he is an adult and is already tired of the almost unchanged life in his hometown of Heron. He is determined to go to a wider place. have a look.

When Niles was about to leave home, his brother gave him a box in which the demon "Joe" lived. "Qiao" is a very cheerful demon who always speaks his mind. However, sometimes, it is difficult to tell whether it is caring about you or mocking you. In addition, Niles also knew that his brother nominally gave him this box as a self-defense tool, but the actual purpose was more like putting an "eye" around him to monitor him.

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