The Viewing Guide For The First Week Of "The Summit

On April 5, 2024, the "Chinese and Foreign Masters Bounty Challenge" of "The Summit" officially started. Top players from Indonesia, Myanmar, Shu Puzhai, Malaysia, Singapore, the Philippines, Japan, and South Korea and star anchors from the domestic competition area Gather together to start a month-long fierce competition and witness the peak moments of players from all over the world!

This live broadcast will also be broadcast on Huya Live, Douyin Live, Kuaishou Live, Douyu Live and other platforms, bringing players a wonderful experience of confrontation between Chinese and foreign masters. At that time, please lock in the official live broadcast rooms of the major live broadcast platforms of "The Peak of Victory" to watch the game.

Bounty competition + guest competition, the peak showdown between the masters inside and outside the competition

From April 5th to May 5th, the arena of valor global top up will hold a one-month "Chinese and Foreign Masters Bounty Challenge", with daily passionate confrontations to share high prizes!

During the competition, the [Bounty Competition] will be held every Sunday to Thursday at 19:30. Domestic anchors of "The Summit" will sign up to form a team mico recharge coin , and compete with Indonesia, Myanmar, Shupu, Malaysia, Singapore, the Philippines, Top MLBB players from Japan, South Korea and other overseas countries compete in [1V1 SOLO Battle] and [5V5 Team Battle] to share a daily bonus of 5,000 yuan.

Every Friday and Saturday night, there will be a [Guest Competition] with a bounty of up to 20,000 yuan. Well-known anchors and professional players in the MOBA circle at home and abroad are invited to participate in the challenge as important guests!

Let us look forward to what kind of sparks the MOBA masters at home and abroad can create in this challenge!

The guide for watching the first week is here. Watch the live broadcast and participate in the real-time lottery.

This "Final Summit" "Chinese and Foreign Masters Bounty Challenge" will officially start on April 5th!

The special guest of the first round of the Masters Competition broke the news:

TEAM Laoqin VS TEAM (Cambodia)

TEAM Strawberry VS TEAM NAOMI(Myanmar)

From April 5th to May 5th, the official live broadcast rooms of major live broadcast platforms such as Huya Live, Douyin Live, Kuaishou Live, and Douyu Live will simultaneously launch real-time game live broadcasts; players who watch the game can participate in real-time lottery activities and win cash red envelopes. Waiting for surprise gifts, you will have the opportunity to receive a lucky bag for watching the game in the Douyin live broadcast room!

In order to facilitate everyone to better understand the arrangements of this "Chinese and Foreign Masters Bounty Challenge", here is also a wonderful viewing schedule guide for you:

The global e-sports 5V5 fair competition mobile game "The Summit" is now open for all-platform reservations!

Novices don’t have to worry! Classic operations + all-round teaching will protect you, and you will be a master once you get started;

Masters come here! Qualify for the world championship through national e-sports and compete with the world's top teams!






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