The Third Blockbuster Collaboration Of "Nioh 2

In the unpredictable and chaotic world, monsters are rampant and the dark invasion is repelled by swords, blood and shadows! NetEase's ultra-real team hunting mobile game "Hunting Awakening" will be launched on February 8 with Koei Tecmo's dark warring states action RPG game The third blockbuster collaboration of "Nioh 2"! Popular characters from the Sengoku Warring States Period are incarnated as hunting souls, and a new collaboration BOSS invades the continent of Ailant! There are also stunning costumes and colorful activities unveiled! Resist the vicious monsters and experience exciting battles, Let you play "Nioh 2 at your fingertips" again!

[Resist demons and face new challenges]

The warring states were full of mysteries and dangers, and darkness filled the air with strange phenomena, causing ferocious demons to wreak havoc on the continent of Ailante. At the same time, with the help of humans and monsters, we could stop the invasion of demons in the light of swords, blood, and shadows. In the previous collaboration between "Hunter's Awakening" and "Nioh 2", the continent of Ailant has faithfully reproduced many elements of the Dark Warring States period, giving the rangers an immersive experience of slaying demons and conquering ghosts . honor of kings brazil top up , highly restored the 3A masterpiece "Sengoku Death Game" "Nioh 2"! And now the third blockbuster linkage is coming! More "Nioh 2" dark Sengoku linkage content is on the way! Rangers, draw your swords again Resist the demon bigo topup and repel the boundless darkness that wants to invade!

In the dark and chaotic world, it seems that all evil has lost its restraint, and the demonic energy that was once repulsed is sweeping in again, and even the evil ghosts in hell have been released. Amidst the dangers, disaster is approaching. It's time for the Rangers to step forward and let the world return to peace and freedom! The third linkage is about to start shockingly. The top hunter and the Rangers fight hand in hand, and the evil ghosts in hell are trying to How to defeat the tyrannical beast? There are also classic gameplay waiting for everyone to experience! In the ever-turbulent continent of Ailant, have a hearty dark Warring States battle and rewrite the legendary story!

If you want to know more exclusive game information and linkage activity information, you can follow the official WeChat public account (WeChat search "Hunting Soul Awakening" or ")", NetEase Master (NetEase Soul Hunting Awakening), official Weibo, official post bar, and participate In various official activities, you will have the opportunity to receive gift bags and peripherals. Players are welcome to join the ranks of the Rangers of "Hunter Awakening". Players can search for "Hunter Awakening" in the App Store and App Store to download the game, or they can go to the official website to download the game.






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