The Second Summoned Beast Battle Competition Of "We

The final battle is about to begin! From March 8th to March 10th, the second summoned beast battle championship of the "Westward Journey" mobile game begins!

From now until March 10th, every night from 20:00 to 21:30, the live broadcast commentary on Douyin and CC Live dual platforms will be simultaneously launched on top up uc pubg global , providing you with a wonderful showdown of masters. Go to the live broadcast room to watch the game and you will have the opportunity to get rich peripherals! Participate in the in-game guessing activity and you can share 26 billion silver gifts!

Fight or make peace? 460,000 cash to be divided among the winners

From 20:00 on March 8th to 21:30 on March 10th, the top 100 players in each group will draw lots to enter a total of 128 match positions for the [Hegemony Tournament] (there are byes), and a BO1 knockout will be conducted based on the matchups.

l At 20:00 on Friday, March 8, the top 128 and top 64 matches of each group will be held;

l At 20:00 on Saturday, March 9, the top 32 and top 16 matches of each group will be held;

l At 20:00 on Sunday, March 10, the final top 8, top 4 and finals of each group will be held.

Starting from the top 8, if the top 8, top 4, and top 2 agree to share the prize pool equally before the game, the competition in this group will end and the players will engage in exciting prize-sharing gameplay; if they disagree, the game will continue until the final winner is determined. The winner will monopolize all the rewards in this group! Currently, the cash prize pool has accumulated 460,000 yuan in cash, waiting to be divided among the winners of each group!

Platform anchors simultaneously explain and offer strategies for winning in battles

During the competition, there will be anchors on Dahua mobile game in-game live broadcasts, CC live broadcasts, and Douyin platforms to simultaneously track and explain the events of each group. The detailed live broadcast arrangements are as follows:

l Props and costumes

l time server

In addition to watching the exciting summoned beast competition and witnessing the birth of the champions of each category, the knights who go to the CC official live broadcast room to watch the live broadcast will also have the opportunity to obtain rich gifts surrounding Dahua!

In-game betting starts simultaneously to win tens of billions of silver coins

While players in each group compete for a prize of 460,000 yuan, a prize pool of 26 billion silver taels is also waiting for everyone to share! Participate in the in-game guessing of bigo top up diamond and you can share it together.

Starting from 20:00 on March 8, the live broadcast rooms in the game and on the platform will start on time. Who can win the huge cash prize? Let us witness it together!

In addition, knights can also go to the Summoned Beast Fight Contest special page to view more contest information. Remember to make an appointment in advance to watch the live broadcast and feel the exciting moment of the battle between animals!






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