The Public Beta PV Of The New Chinese-style Antiquities

The spring is getting deeper, and the rain produces hundreds of grains. On April 19th, Guyu day, developed by Cipai Studio and co-published by the game, the new Chinese-style antiquities collecting mobile game "Wuhua Mixin" officially launched its public beta mico live diamond price , and the public beta PV of "Wuhua Mixin" was also released on the same day. When China's five thousand years of history is integrated into modern society with vivid images, let "The New Things" lead you to appreciate the splendid beauty of this five thousand years of China!

Walk with history and appreciate the legendary style of cultural relics and treasures

An object, some people, an era, the picture of the past is slowly unfolding: cars and horses moving in the tide, music swirling, poems, calligraphy and paintings… these are history from ancient times. When the long river of historical civilization continues, when the imprint of civilization becomes deeper and deeper, the soul of ancient objects – the implementers begin to appear, this is the world of "The Beauty of Things". A collector helps the "instrumenter", the embodiment of the soul of ancient artifacts, to adapt to modern life, and at the same time fights side by side with the "distorted" world of monsters that invade the human world.

Over thousands of years, human civilization has left countless cultural treasures to the world in the process of development. "Wu Hua Mi Xin" adopts the setting of the implementer to give the ancient relics a fresh soul, allowing them to function in modern society. In this way, you can continue the cultural pulse of history and experience brand-new science and technology. In the game, players can experience the fun of collecting antique characters that are very fresh, and travel with antiquities characters such as "Bat Peach Vase", "Salt Brick", and "Bullshit Monument" to start a journey of exploring the great rivers and mountains of the motherland and the splendid historical civilization. An immersive cultural experience trip.

New style depicts ancient meaning, new sound plays ancient rhyme

It is not easy to give these cultural treasures a modern soul, and "Wu Hua Mi Xin" has made many careful attempts to this end. Rigorously study the original charm of the antiquities, and conduct secondary creations based on the characteristics of the antiquities and the historical and cultural background. In terms of character image design, traditional Chinese painting techniques and modern Chinese aesthetics are cleverly combined to create a new visual image of ancient objects in the new era, providing players with an excellent visual experience. In the character settings, the implementers have naturally become the inheritors, speakers or narrators of a certain traditional culture, showing players rich content such as ancient Chinese painting, calligraphy, poetry, porcelain, weaving and embroidery, etc. The beauty of colorful traditional civilization.

In terms of music, "Wuhua Mixin" has created a unique music label based on the game's world view: Sanle Culture, creating nearly a hundred beautiful new Chinese-style original music for players. Outside the game, there are not only regional impression songs created based on the characteristics of regional folk music, such as: North China impression song "Shadow Wall Streamer", Northwest impression song "Ten Thousand Mountains of Stars", South China impression song "Eternal Summer Clear Sea", etc., there are also many in-game songs that use suona. It is a new national style attempt to arrange and produce traditional musical instruments such as , pipa, guzheng and dulcimer combined with modern popular elements. It is distinctive and pleasant to the ear.

In addition, in terms of character voice design, the creation of lines is based on the profound historical and cultural background of antiquities. The speech is often related to its historical stories or local customs. There are also a variety of distinctive dialects and accents to show the style of the ancients, bringing you an all-round immersion. Feel the emotions and emotions of the character.

Unique national trend style, card development and many ways to explore the home.

"Wu Hua Mi Xin" builds a new battle stage where strategy and fun coexist. Players, as collectors, fight side by side with artifact owners to repel "misinterpretations"; secondly, the game also provides players with the collection and development of unique antiquities characters. , there are male and female players of all ages in the game. Players can deeply cultivate the player's favor, light up the special skill attributes, match exclusive weapons and personalized further training routes, making each user unique; and in the Boxing Dispatch Company, Players can build a home together with their teammates, drink tea and chat together, and build a deep bond.

The civilization of the earth has been passed down to this day, and the history and culture are so splendid. "Wuhua Mi Xin" will regularly bring players limited-time gameplay with special themes such as different dynasties, traditional festivals, tourist attractions, etc., such as the Flower Festival, Chang'an, etc. that appeared in the test Related themed activities include interesting mini-games, event-specific plots, limited characters, cultural science popularization, customized benefits, etc., making players' gaming experience richer and more exciting.

Open beta starts today, massive benefits will be given away

While the game is fun, of course don’t forget to get the benefits! The official website of “Wuhua Mixin” has successfully reached the 3 million player reservation event. Rich reservation rewards such as ten consecutive recruitment coupons, limited furniture for the opening of the server, skins, etc. are available to everyone, and 3 million more are available. Those who make reservations will be given extra bonuses [pink and white amphora] and pink and white amphora solar terms clothing [Gu Yu].

In addition to official website reservation rewards, in order to celebrate the official public beta of "Wuhua Mi Xin", the game public beta event has been launched simultaneously with the game, offering the most generous event discounts and rewards to new collectors with the greatest sincerity!

·Departure celebration

When you log in to the game bigo diamond for the first time, you can receive the departure celebration reward Linlang Coupon*1, which can be used for a ten-consecutive recruitment.

·Foundation entry supplies

After the collector logs into the game, he can receive 1 foundation entry supply voucher*1 in the mail, which can be used for a ten-consecutive recruitment.

To sum up, after logging into the game and turning on the mailbox function, you can perform three ten-consecutive recruitments.

The public beta starts today, and there will be a big release of gameplay activities

Starting from April 19, version 1.0 has also prepared a variety of colorful activities and gameplay to satisfy collectors’ immersive experience in combat, plot, characters, leisure and other aspects.

·Onboarding new employees

The Winter Valley Foundation has prepared "Practical Training", "Collector's Memories" and other gameplay methods for all new collectors. After completion, you can obtain Linlang Coupon, Request Coupon, Bat Peach Vase Badge, Civet Cat Plate Congratulations Avatar Frame, and Utensil Owner Growth materials, etc.

Among them, the rewards for sign-in are particularly generous. Those who log in for 7 days in total can receive rewards such as the outstanding weapon [Wu Wang Fuchai Spear], Wu Wang Fuchai Spear leisure series clothing [Manhua Xixiang], please transfer coupons, Linlang coupons and other rewards.

·Breeze and moonlight

From the time the account is created, which lasts for 365 days, collectors will participate in the special recruitment event "Golden Orchid". After ten consecutive rounds, a person with special tools will be designated; at the same time, the cultivators who have completed the intensive research assessment can obtain exchangers in the "Transformation" event. [Clothing Coupons] for clothing.

·Winter Valley Competition

After completing the main storyline [2-12 Stab the Heart], a new way of fighting will be opened – the Winter Valley Competition. Collectors who participate in the competition can obtain [Winter Mushroom Medal], which can be used to exchange for rich prizes including the special weapon [Golden Cicada and Jade Leaf]. Reward~

·Recruitment activities

The Winter Valley Foundation provides new recruitment benefits for all new collectors. Collectors must contact the outstanding weapon within 30 recruitments; at the same time, the limited-time recruitment of "Jinbi Liucai" and the limited-time recruitment of "Feasting Joy" It will be online after the server opens on April 19 and will last until 09:59 on May 1. Players can recruit special weapons [Jin'ou Yonggu Cup] and special weapons [Civet Pan].


During the event, collectors complete tasks to increase their travel level and unlock rewards. Unlocking [Ruisu Di] can also obtain salt brick lucky food series clothing [Hot Pot Secret Skills], special-shaped amber, please transfer coupons and other rewards! Unlocking [Rentu Rui Di] can directly increase the travel level to 10 levels, and you can also get additional limited editions Exclusive Q-version avatars, top-secret manufacturing applications and other rewards!

Walking with history and heading into the future together, the encounter between collectors and artifact owners is destined to open a new story. All artifact owners are looking forward to a new era where everyone can see them. Today, the Winter Valley Foundation sincerely invites all collectors to welcome you to the magnificent and fantastic new world of "New Things".







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