The Official Vow Event Of "Werewolf" Ended Per

Getting to know each other starts with a round of Werewolf Killing! The official Werewolf Killing Pact event has officially come to an end. Players participated enthusiastically in this event. In a sweet and romantic atmosphere, many Wolf teammates boarded this love-seeking train and found their own intimate vows. Let us review them together.

[Data review, hundreds of players started exciting matching]

Nearly a thousand players participated in this Oath of Promise event, and most of them participated in the #Oath of Promise topic site’s posting interaction. The party room has accumulated hundreds of players looking for vows online, providing single players with an opportunity to get to know each other.

A total of 398 players have signed up to participate in the Heartbeat Matching Tournament. In a Werewolf game, everyone is more likely to be attracted by the opponent's logic and acting skills, so many Wolf teammates have been matched with their favorite goals in the league match.

[Heart-beating rankings are released, and the best vows are born]

In the end, more than 50 players found their true love in this event, and a total of 131 pairs of wolf teammates applied to become the best pledge. The heartbeat ranking list has been officially released for topup higgs domino , and half of them, Susu & Haoran, have become the best pledges of this event with their intimacy!

In addition to the original party room and social games, the official also convened a number of Wolf teammates yalla ludo live pay who had made vows in this event on February 28th, and held a vow wedding room event, allowing everyone to stay in the room Confess affectionately, express your feelings to the person you are vowing to, and even have friends come to send blessings.

The Werewolf Vow event has come to a perfect conclusion. I look forward to everyone meeting a romantic vow in the Werewolf game. For more exciting activities, please stay tuned!

About the official version of "Werewolf"——

The official version of "Werewolf" has always been committed to the creation of gameplay, striving to bring players the most satisfactory and high-quality gameplay experience and game environment, and actively develop new gameplay, including witches, guards, dream catchers, magicians, and demon hunters. All the other boards are available.

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