The Ninth Anniversary Of Tiandao IP And The Tianci Festi

The ninth anniversary of Tiandao IP and the Tianci Festival will arrive on May 23! The Baozhu development team will usher in the final challenge, and Daodao planning will debut in the new theme "Top of Antarctica" on May 25! In addition, the new Ascension Server 2.0 will be officially launched on May 24, with comprehensive upgrades to levels/skills/rewards!

After going through professional training from the previous development team members, you should be very familiar with the routines. What kind of problems will the planner give you this time? No matter what, just don't show mercy! Today, I have prepared a babysitter-level ultimate challenge strategy to help you pass it smoothly!

Tianci Festival theme ascension new server 2.0 reward upgrade

Ascension Server 2.0 is fully upgraded with massive rewards! [WeChat 31 District – Jiuzhou Tongyou] [Mobile QQ 25 District – Qi Xiang Bahuang] will be officially launched on May 24th. You can scan the following QR code to go to the official applet or add [Tian Dao Assistant Tang San] to make an appointment for the new server! Each person who enters the new server will receive 6,000 yuan of binding points, and the level and skills will be further improved. A large number of 10,000 yuan props rewards will be given. Returning heroes can enjoy up to 1 million Tianshang points rebates and choose the appearance to inherit to the new server!

▼View Ascension Server Details▼

In addition, the current theme of Tianji Treasure Map "Wind and Cloud Together" is expected to end in mid-June, so please pay more attention to the event time.

Top of Antarctica

The new Heart Sword Peak·Ultimate Challenge "Top of Antarctica" will be officially open for challenge starting from May 25th. Every Saturday and Sunday thereafter, heroes from all servers can team up to participate. The challenge supports cross-server teaming and has no season restrictions.

In this theme, you will beat up the planner in the balanced attribute mode. After clearing the level, you can also get a new exclusive show-off icon, title and new transformation action. Call your cross-server friends to show off your skills together!

Fight the penguins! Extremely exclusive dynamic icons and titles

In this theme, you will beat up the planner in the balanced attribute mode. After clearing the level, you can also get a new exclusive show-off icon, title and new transformation action. Call your cross-server friends to show off your skills together!

Planning Goose's Top Secret Files

Summer is here, and the four knife-cutting planning geese from the Northern Lights who are afraid of heat have arrived in Antarctica to escape the heat. After a long journey, they have each set up their own enclosures here to recuperate. After entering the challenge venue of "Top of Antarctica", you will see the central large platform dominated by combat planning, as well as three small platforms occupied by copywriting planning, numerical planning, and system planning.

Battle Planning


Numerical Planning

System Planning

When you first arrive in Antarctica, the planners set up poison on the water surface between the four platforms to protect their own safety. You can visit other planners' platforms through the teleportation points on each platform. Be careful not to fall into the water~

Approach the teleport point to be teleported to the designated platform

Arriving at Antarctica with bare hands, it is said that each planning goose has its own unique and exclusive ability. When the young man beats it to a certain health value, the planning geese will enter the "bad" mode for 30 seconds to recuperate, and their exclusive abilities will be invalid during the recuperation period. So what are the abilities of each goose? Daomei handed over the microphone with both hands——

The young man needs to master the exclusive abilities of the three planning geese and avoid or use these abilities to successfully complete the challenge.

The four geese travel together, each with their own abilities. As the core creator of the ultimate challenge, the unique ability of the battle planner must be even more extraordinary~

Hiss, we are in a strange place, the battle planner seems to be very irritable, please keep an eye on him~

As the saying goes, everything in the world complements and restrains each other. The four planning geese came to Antarctica together, and they must coordinate their operations. The Qi and blood value of the battle planner is closely related to the other three planning geese. Only when the Qi and blood values ​​of the three planners are reduced to 75%/50%/25% and enter a weak state, the Qi and blood value of the battle planner will be reduced to below the corresponding stage; when all three planners are defeated, the young man can finally defeat the battle planner and complete the ultimate challenge. Therefore, the young man needs to pay attention to balancing and controlling the Qi and blood value status of several geese during the overall challenge.

According to the unique abilities and mechanism settings of the four goose cubs, I strongly recommend that the configuration of this issue's top team is as follows↓↓↓


In the challenge, form two teams, A and B

By having two teams alternate their output between different platforms, we can avoid having our output weakened by the battle planner or the challenge failing due to the battle planner losing his companionship.

The exclusive ability of the planner goose is just an appetizer. There are many skill mechanisms waiting for everyone in the real challenge~

Basic operations of planning goose

If you don't know how to use skills, you won't be able to survive in Antarctica. During the challenge, in addition to normal attacks, the planners will also have some ordinary AOE skills. You can dodge them by rolling, or the healing members can replenish the team status in time.

Ordinary AOE, this question will definitely work

Copywriting planning, system planning and numerical planning each have their own different mechanisms. Let's take a look at their little tests for you~

Copywriting Planning-Typical Error Finding Challenge

It's time to test your reaction! The copywriter will launch a challenge to find the wrong words. You need to find the wrong words in the poem proposed by the planner. The wrong words will be the direction of the next skill release. Then you can go to the opposite area to avoid it. The considerate copywriter will also prompt the correct answer before the skill is released. Concentrate and avoid it!

System Planning-No Grouping

The system planner is a friendly goose who loves peace and doesn't like to "beat people". When a young man comes to his platform, a circular halo will appear around him. If no one else stands in his circle, the young man on the platform will suffer high damage, and the treatment effect will be continuously weakened.

Therefore, after entering this platform, the young heroes need to coordinate their positions and stand within each other's light circles.

Become his light! Pay attention to your position

Numerical Planning-Kuniu's Master

The numerical planner who carries out formula design to the end directly gives the young hero a difficult math problem! After entering this mechanism, three circles connected by straight lines will appear on the field. The number displayed on the straight line is the sum of the number of people standing in the two circles connected on the left and right. The young hero needs to react quickly and stand in position to successfully complete this math problem of combining two by two.

For example, how many people are standing at points A, B, and C in the above picture?

After seeing the mechanism of the three planning geese, I can only say that everyone has a very clear division of labor, and they all play a role in their own areas of expertise. Next, the camera comes to the battle planning platform, and the key brain-burning part is here!

Battle Goose's brain-burning mechanism

When the battle planner releases the following skill mechanism, the two specific planner geese need to [not be] in a resting state. Therefore, when a team of heroes is sparring with the battle planner, the other team needs to challenge one of the planner geese on the other three platforms.

Battle Planning-Hongchen Yixin

A thousand miles of love is tied by a thread, and the world of red dust is a match. Even the ice and snow can't stop the battle planner's enthusiasm to become a matchmaker! In the [Red Dust One Heart] mechanism, the battle planner will deprive the hero of the ability to release skills, and the skill roulette will be invalid.

At the same time, the planner will name 4 people on the platform after repelling and disbanding the team. The named heroes need to stick together in pairs according to the text that appears above their heads. If the combination is wrong or not matched, they will suffer high damage.

The battle goose continues to charge, and needs to be interrupted by [Break].

Therefore, if the copywriting planner "gives up" at this time, the pairing instruction copywriting will all show [Copywriting not packaged], resulting in the inability to pair correctly.

If the system plans to "play badly" at this time, the young man will not be able to see his teammates, resulting in the inability to complete pairing with his teammates.

Focus! The stage of being single-minded in the world

Two planning geese are needed to be present▼

Battle Planning-Yanwu Treatment

In the [Yanwu Treatment] mechanism stage, the battle planner at the top of the South Pole raises his hand to show off, spins and jumps to release a continuous large-scale skill, and the sub-zero cold air value causes everyone to lose blood continuously. At this time, every young man on the platform will become a Tianxiang sect and receive a Spring Breeze Umbrella skill experience voucher.

Spring Breeze Umbrella Skills

During this stage, the young hero can cast the Spring Breeze Umbrella skills in sequence to restore the overall status until the end of the stage.

Transformed into Tianxiang! The whole team relays treatment

Therefore, if the numerical planner "plays rotten" and takes a break, the treatment value will be greatly reduced; if the system planner "plays rotten", the young hero will lose the team status and will be unable to see and treat teammates.

Focus! Yanwu treatment stage

Two planning geese are needed to be present▼

Battle Planning – Meteor War

As we all know, planners have created many gameplays, such as Paper Talk, Demonic Trace, Flower Treasure… planners also have their own preferences here! After entering the [Meteor War] mechanism, many gameplay black holes with text packaging will appear on the platform.

How to play: The black hole will continue to approach the battle goose

Young man needs to prioritize focusing fire to prevent the [Meteor War] black hole, which the battle planner particularly dislikes, from getting close to him, otherwise he will really get angry and cause everyone to be exhausted.

Find [Meteor War]! Destroy him

Therefore, if the copywriting planner "gives up", all the black hole text will become unpackaged copywriting, resulting in the young hero being unable to find the black hole of the Meteor War gameplay.

If the numerical planning is "bad", the attack power of the young hero will be reduced, resulting in insufficient damage and unable to eliminate the black hole of the Meteor War gameplay.

Focus! Meteor War Stage

Two planning geese are needed to be present▼

The three mechanisms of the battle planner will be cycled twice in the order introduced by the sword sister. In each round, a single mechanism will be released twice in a short period of time. Young heroes must pay attention to the status of the two specific planning geese and arrange the time and rhythm reasonably.

Seeing the old colleagues who have worked together for many years cooperate so well, the dazzling skills are overwhelming. But Daomei suddenly realized that the planner didn't seem to have used the ultimate move yet…

Planning Goose's Ultimate Move

After completing two rounds of brain-burning mechanisms for battle planning, the ultimate mechanism challenge in the ice and snow will be launched on all platforms! The special mechanisms of the following three big moves require a specific planning goose to be in a "bad" state…Irelia is also sweating profusely.


The battle planner will call out all the heroes and cast a damage skill with a 3-second delay and only a text warning circle. At this time, if the copywriter is present, he will diligently package the warning circle, and excessive packaging will greatly increase the difficulty of understanding.

How to solve the problem of excessive packaging of copywriting?

But if the copywriter enters the "bad" state, the text prompts will become easily distinguishable such as "circular AOE", "ring AOE", etc., and the young man can predict the skill release position and avoid AOE damage.

The copywriting is waiting to be packaged, avoiding attacks is so easy!

Focus! Overpackaging stage

Need a planner who can [play badly]


Snowball Fight

Of course, you have to have snowball fights and build snowmen when you come to the land of ice and snow. The battle planner calls on all the heroes to turn everyone into snowmen, and the heroes lose their skills again! But they will get 10 snowballs that can only be released to teammates, and they can only turn back to their original form after throwing their own 10 snowballs.


However, snowballs thrown at teammates can also cause damage. If a person suffers too many injuries, he or she may fall to the ground and become unable to get up. Therefore, the team needs to arrange the order reasonably and avoid casualties during the snowball fight.

Team snowball war begins

Therefore, if the numerical planner is in a "bad" state at this stage, the damage of the snowball will be reduced.

But at the same time, a system planner needs to be present, otherwise you will not be able to throw snowballs because you cannot see your teammates, resulting in a "semi-permanent" snowman state.

Focus! Snowball fight stage

Need a planner who can [play badly]▼

Numerical Planning

Focus! Snowball fight stage

Need to be present planning goose ▼

System Planning

Martial Arts Brawl

The battle planner has an inexplicable obsession with martial arts. Wooden stakes are the traditional tools of all martial artists. When entering the [Martial Arts Brawl] mechanism stage, many wooden stakes will appear around the battle planner, and all heroes will continuously and randomly cast various shapes of AOE skills bigo live diamonds . The heroes can use these martial arts to destroy the wooden stakes. But it should be noted that the AOE skill range is so large that it is easy to overlap and accidentally injure teammates.

Destroy wooden stakes using martial arts skills

Therefore, the system planner needs to be in a "bad" state. If the team is lost and there are no teammates, the skills will not hit the teammates, and the young man can destroy the wooden stakes with peace of mind.

Focus! Martial Arts Brawl Stage

Need a planner who can [play badly]▼

System Planning

The above ultimate move will appear in two rounds. In each round, two of the three mechanisms will be randomly selected for release. As long as you remember which planning goose needs to take a break for each mechanism, you can easily pass the level~







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