The New 2V2 Competition System Of The King Of Glory Nati

As one of the most important events in the King of Glory e-sports system, the National Competition has always been committed to providing players with a stage to show themselves and realize their dreams. This year's National Competition has a new competition system! There are no entry barriers. Whether you are a novice or an expert, you can find your place on this stage! If you also want to show your strength in a single duel, don't miss this opportunity. I hope your participation will bring more possibilities to this event.

Come to the national competition 2V2, everyone can shine

Here comes the point! This year's national competition has a new 2V2 competition system! Are you still worried about not being able to find teammates in a five-person team? Are you still worried that your rank is too low? That's because you haven't discovered the 9th King of Glory National Competition! Compared with previous years, the threshold for this national competition is lower, and participating is as easy as breathing~ No matter how high or low your rank is, no matter how deep your hero pool is, there are no restrictions on this stage. The pen and paper are ready, just waiting for you to come on stage and write your own story! Whether you win or lose in the competition, all the exquisite gifts are waiting for you to claim!

Get the team together and start showing off on the field!

The 9th King of Glory National Competition is not only an e-sports competition, but also an adventure full of surprises. In addition to the new competition system and lower threshold, Quanquan has brought you more surprises! As mentioned in this session, the national competition provides a platform for all players who love the king. You can meet more like-minded players on the spot, find a suitable partner for yourself, and fight for the road to the king together. In addition, there are more exciting activities waiting for you to explore. Don't worry, Sheniu Quanquan is in place and will definitely bring you a unique competition experience!

Old friends are having fun, competing in Xingning! The Southern District Competition will officially start on June 22!

Since the event kicked off, tens of millions of players and teams have joined in, weaving their own e-sports dreams and legendary stories with full enthusiasm and firm belief.

After fierce competition, the auditions officially ended on June 2. On June 22, the 9th King of Glory National Competition South Division will kick off. The competition will last for two days and will be divided into two groups: "Professional Group" and "Public Group". In addition to the traditional 5V5 team competition, there is also a newly opened 1V1 track. The winning team will be qualified to advance to the finals! This competition will be broadcast live throughout the whole process. "Old friends" can watch the live broadcast of the competition through the game terminal competition area and major live broadcast platforms.

Gather old friends to fight in Nanning! Gather in Nanning and fight to the top again!

Based on the integration concept of "Guangxi culture + e-sports elements", this event made innovative attempts, further deepened the connotation of the concept of "competition area", and made local characteristics more novel and unique.

The 9th King of Glory National Competition Southern Region will be held in Chaoyang Impression City Plaza, Xingning District, Nanning City. As the center of Nanning's old city, it carries the profound historical and cultural heritage of Guangxi. Among them, the landmark buildings such as the Three Streets and Two Alleys and the Xingning Road Archway are the most prosperous and representative tourist attractions in the area.

This competition will deeply combine Guangxi culture and e-sports elements, fully integrate Guangxi's intangible cultural heritage, food culture, historical culture and other characteristic elements, and create a vibrant and diverse entertainment scene – "e-sports market". This scene will fully demonstrate the unique charm of Guangxi and bring an unprecedented cultural feast to the vast number of e-sports enthusiasts, game players and urban culture enthusiasts. This event aims to further promote the inheritance and development of Guangxi culture through the platform of e-sports and inject new vitality and connotation into urban culture.

In order to deepen the creation of the city's characteristic atmosphere and more effectively build the unique memory of the competition area, the King of Glory National League has specially launched a "war token" with unique urban charm – Guangxi bronze drum (to be determined). This bronze drum not only incorporates the cultural essence of Guangxi, but also highlights the unique charm of the King of Glory National Competition through its unique design, leaving a deep memory for the contestants and spectators.

This move not only enhances the sense of belonging of local players and increases their willingness to participate in the competition, but also enables the regional culture to be widely spread through e-sports, an emerging communication medium, so that players can deeply feel the rich cultural heritage of different cities while participating in the competition.

"Kings" gather to enjoy Guangxi! Three routes to attack!

Guangxi has been an important political, economic and cultural center in southern China since ancient times. Nanning, as the capital of Guangxi, is also an important center with a long history. It has been established since the Eastern Jin Dynasty, with a history of more than 1,700 years. Xingning District is the oldest urban area in Nanning City, the birthplace of "Yong" culture and history, one of the earliest and most prosperous urban business districts in Guangxi, and the hometown of Chinese commercial port folk culture, enjoying the reputation of "a thousand-year-old ancient city and a hundred-year-old commercial port".

As the host of this regional competition, in addition to exciting e-sports events, we have also prepared three themed tour routes for you to choose from. While enjoying the e-sports events, don’t forget the famous mountains and rivers in Guangxi. I hope all “summoners” will not miss it!

Summoners who like to play in the wild can choose route 1: Yuanxiang Settlement Gaofeng → Nanguo Crape Myrtle Garden → 136 Family Farm → Rural World → Sanjie Story Weekend Life Cultural Park

Those who are interested in the long history of Guangxi can visit Route 2: Yongzhou Ancient City·Three Streets and Two Alleys Scenic Area→Nanning People's Park→Nakao River Wetland Park→Kunlun Pass Tourist Scenic Area

For those who like quiet "health and development", you must not miss Route 3: Guangxi Gaofeng Forest Park → Guangxi Medicinal Plant Garden → Jiuquwan Hot Spring Resort → Phoenix Valley

The strong carry their dreams and move forward fearlessly! You and I meet to witness the peak!

Team up and show off on the field! Gathered together because of a common passion, and marching forward with a firm dream. This is not only a passionate dream-chasing journey of King of Glory e-sports, but also a competitive feast to show yourself and prove your strength. The advanced summoners, cut through the thorns and march forward bravely!

On this stage full of passion and dreams, let your brilliance shine and let your burning dreams come true here. The champion of the 8th King of Glory National Competition Southern Region, from June 22nd to 23rd, we are at Chaoyang Impression City Plaza, Xingning District, Nanning City, Guangxi, and look forward to your witnessing.

Event Co-organizer: Guangxi Hengli Real Estate Group "Building the city with perseverance and creating beauty with craftsmanship"

Guangxi Hengli Real Estate Group was founded in 1994. In 2004, when Guangxi was booming, it settled in Nanning. After 20 years of hard work in Guangxi, 33 projects have been developed with the times. Based on the concept of "science, value, and excellence", Guangxi Hengli Real Estate Group has set up a layout in Nanning and won the honor of the top ten local real estate companies in Guangxi from 2016 to 2023. The whole group has the same goal and sticks to its original intention. While continuing to expand the development territory, it improves the service quality and contributes to the leapfrog development of Guangxi's human settlements.






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