The National Original Amusement Park Game "Egg Part

Go on an outing to find friends and travel cutely! On April 19th, the national original amusement park game "Egg Boy Party" x Little Parrot BEBE game will be linked up for fun. The cheerful little parrot is looking for partners for spring outings. The secret of healing is hidden among the flowers and green grass. Just in time for spring to bloom, join hands with new friends to travel to thousands of paradises, and a joyful party carnival journey is about to begin!

Spring outing appointment, happy fun

What preparations should be made for a trip to Danzi Island in spring? The iconic trendy baseball cap looks better when worn diagonally, the small rocker grip is full of affinity, the goose yellow and green feathers are taken care of in advance, the cute and energetic shape is not only convenient for outings, meme live login , It can also leave a good first impression on new friends! For "Little Parrot BEBE", the happiest thing is to make friends. The happiness and expectation turned into an excited blush on the cheeks, "How about you play with me for a while?" Okay~"

The comic-style black frame and thick eyebrows highlight wisdom and maturity. Wearing "thick eyebrow glasses", even if you are as cute as a little parrot BEBE, your eyes can become sharp!

The mysterious little ghost once again possessed the fan and accompanied the little parrot BEBE on a spring outing to Danzi Island. A gentle fan could bring a pleasant cool breeze to the warm spring day.

Hearing that the little parrot BEBE was going out for an outing, the little monster MOCA prepared a special backpack for him. The furry image is full of intimacy and full of the sincere friendship between the two friends!

Meet in spring, exclusive thoughts

The warm breeze is blowing the spring scenery, and the little parrot BEBE has packed his bags and prepared a meeting gift for the spring outing! On April 19th , top up honor of kings global , participate in the "Come and play with the little parrot" activity, complete the task and get it for free The linked expressions "Bebe Bebe" and "Drive BEBE Car" are combined with rich game prop rewards. Let’s open this heartfelt gift from a new friend together and enjoy the wonderful mood of a spring outing!

Prepare your spring travel bag and embrace the good mood. On April 19th, the national original amusement park game "Eggboy Party" Thousands of joys will bloom in the new journey, and the bright spring date is waiting for you to go together!

【About "Eggman Party"】

Kaka~ Welcome to Egg Boy Island! (*╹▽╹*) "Egg Boy Party" is a national original paradise game with 500 million players. Here, you will transform into the cute Danzi and embark on a wonderful journey in the mysterious world behind the blind box machine – Danzi Island. The game contains hundreds of map levels with different styles and dozens of leisure and entertainment methods. It is not afraid of handicap and has endless fun. There are a large number of cute blind box appearances to meet your favorite ones! The park editor with a high degree of freedom, Help you create a unique park map! There is also Danzai Paradise, full of imagination and imagination, which has gathered hundreds of millions of player-created park maps, waiting for you to play and check in with Danzai!






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