The Mobile Game "Tianxia" Will Be Launched Thi

Previously, the cat planning captain's emoticon package was well received by everyone as soon as it was released! Looking at those cute emoticons , do you also want to become a cute kitten and live a free life like the captain? Let the cute pets heal the difficulties of life!

The mobile game Tianxia will launch new wish costumes [Meow and Woof Handsome Cub] and [Meow and Woof Party] this week, bringing everyone to experience the leisurely life of a captain! After putting on the new costumes, everyone will be transformed into furry little animals, traveling through the wilderness in another cute and interesting way. Let's take a look together!

Cat and Woof Party

(The final display is subject to the actual installation effect in the game)

The girl wears a contrasting bow hair accessory, and her fluffy curly hair is tied into two ponytails. The pink and green gradient color scheme brings a fresh look to the look! The girl wears an orange and yellow puffy skirt, and a kitten lies obediently on her shoulder. The cat ears on the bodice of the skirt are ingenious, and a blue bow is tied around the waist as a belt. She wears lace pumpkin pants, white stockings dotted with cat claw patterns, and yellow and blue plush cat claw gloves on her hands. The slender cat tail is slightly bent and raised behind her, echoing the pure white cat claw shoes on her feet, and the image of the cute cat instantly stands out.

After putting on the cat headgear, it is particularly cute and lovely. The two plush cat ears are decorated with dried fish. The furry texture makes people want to rub it!

Cat and Woof Party Male

(The final display is subject to the actual installation effect in the game)

Different from the dreamy women's clothing, the men's style is more handsome! The long black hair is raised behind him, and the top is slightly open, revealing his strong muscles. The red coat is worn on one side, and the other side is naturally draped around the waist, which matches the irregular hem, showing wild charm! The arms are transformed into black claws, full of domineering! The leather belt is connected with various gems, and there are gilded fish inlaid in it, showing extraordinary nobility. The black cat holding a golden bell is hung on one side of the belt, looking forward with innocent eyes, which is a kind of contrast.

After the young man put on the beast mask, the murderous aura in his orange-green eyes could not be concealed, and his arrogant and unruly temperament was fully revealed!

The new costumes [Meow and Woof Pretty Cub] and [Meow and Woof Party] will be launched after the update this Wednesday. The grand scene of "furry" everywhere will soon appear in the Great Wilderness! In addition, the captain also called on his friends to "strongly join" this new series of wings! Cats of different colors are matched with light wings, turning into cute "little bees" to give the Great Wilderness a little cat-repairing shock~ I heard that this time the wings also have a special switching function, with cute kitten style and colorful gorgeous style for you to choose, and you can have two experiences at once, so stay tuned!

The will to fight returns to the roots, and old friends walk with you. The rebirth server of the mobile game "Tianxia" is launched with passion. The appearance and values ​​can be inherited, and the manual for upgrading can be developed quickly to create the best time for you to return! The new server peak competition is passionately launched to see who will be the first to reach the top of the world! The new Wushuang City "Faction Hunting" gameplay is open to all servers, and the heroes are fighting for the throne and rekindling their blood to show who is better! Xuanshui spirit beast, wisdom and kindness to all living beings, the ancient mythical beast water unicorn theme appearance is smart and enters the world, accompanying you to travel around the world!






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