The Men's Clothing Is Handsome And The Women&#3

Over the long history, Song Dynasty costumes have become one of the treasures of Chinese culture with their simplicity yet elegance. In terms of clothing styles, men's long shirts in the Song Dynasty were neat and elegant, while women's short shirts and long skirts were more playful, fully displaying minimalist aesthetics. In terms of the selection of colors and patterns, elegant colors such as light blue, off-white, and light green give people a fresh and natural feeling; while Hua Luo is one of the essences of Song Dynasty clothing, with various exquisite dark patterns. It embodies the distinctive characteristics of the times and profound cultural connotation!

The new theme fashion [Snowy Mountain] has been re-designed based on absorbing the essence of Song Dynasty culture. The men's clothing is handsome and elegant, and the women's clothing is graceful and smart, showing the elegance of the Song Dynasty thousands of years ago. Come and enjoy it together!

Snow-capped mountains·female

(The final display is subject to the in-game installation effect)

The girl's short brown shoulder-length hair is smooth and stylish, with lavender bows on her temples and the back of her head. A small black phoenix rests gently on her right shoulder, occasionally blinking her bright eyes and acting coquettishly. She is very cute! The girl's coat is A light gauze robe, the inner layer is embroidered with exquisite floral dark patterns like fast top up , and the sleeves and hem are dotted with many white plush balls, which adds a bit of playfulness! Dressed in aqua blue fishtail length The skirt is elegant and lively, and the pink girdle is decorated with Phalaenopsis-shaped decorations, which cleverly outlines her graceful figure. A piece of transparent tulle is sewn at the slit of the skirt, adding a touch of hazy beauty, which is enchanting!

Snowy Mountain·Male

(The final display is subject to the in-game installation effect)

Once the golden wind and jade dew meet, they will win over countless others in the world. The young hero has half-bundled black hair, and the pom-pom bead chain on the hair crown looks quite elegant. The snow-white fluffy scarf adds warmth, and the sleeves are embroidered with symmetrical gilt prints, and are tied up in the middle with blue satin, showing its elegant taste. He wears pure white pearl chains around his shoulders, neck and waist, and complements them with a transparent jade pendant , making him look like a magnificent immortal! His lower body is a white and blue mandarin robe with a slit design. When walking, The breeze blows gently, revealing a bit of freedom and ease. The vivid cloud pattern on the skirt of the underwear breathes life into this gorgeous outfit!

The new fashion [Capped Mountain Snow] will be launched after the update this Thursday! Get ready to change into the new fashion and come to the wilderness to spend the winter enjoying the snow!

The contract with the divine dragon, the spiritual song Jiuxiao, the 2023 end-of-year expansion pack of "Tianxia" mobile game [Dragon Song of the Mirage] is launched! The ninth sect [Dragon Witch Palace] enters the world gracefully; the large-scale performance-style dungeon [Jiuyi's Abyss] is coming , immersively experience the wonderful plot of the Dragon Witch's reincarnation in the battle; 200 million players return together to start the season, the new server's one million yuan treasure welfare upgrade, and the 2 billion newbie development fund to give back to every one of you who has accompanied you in the wilderness!







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