The First Battle Of The Four Major Battle Zones In The N

Recently, the elimination round of the Stone Age: Awakening National Competition has come to an end, and the top teams in the four major battle zones will be decided and go to Guangzhou to participate in the offline finals of Stone Age: Awakening. As the first national competition of Stone Age: Awakening, many teams have blossomed in the two-month competition, bringing exciting and fierce competitions to players, and also received support and encouragement from the Guangzhou Haizhu District Culture, Radio, Television, Tourism and Sports Bureau, Guangdong Electronic Sports Association and other units. In addition, Stone Age: Awakening has also joined hands with ASUS, Andest, Luk Fook Jewelry and other event partners to ensure the quality of each module of the event.

Join hands with Guangzhou Culture and Tourism to promote the development of e-sports!

With the development of the times, e-sports events have become an indispensable part of the gaming industry. As a pioneer of e-sports cities across the country, Guangzhou has a large group of e-sports players and a good competitive environment. Under the guidance of the Culture, Radio, Television, Tourism and Sports Bureau of Haizhu District, Guangzhou, the Guangdong Electronic Sports Association, and the support of the Haizhu District Cultural Industry Development Promotion Association, the offline competition of the "Stone Age: Awakening" National Competition will kick off in Guangzhou on June 1. This event will also fully launch the Stone Age IP National Competition Series mico recharg , helping "Stone Age: Awakening" to deepen its e-sports field and strive to create a long-term operating Stone Age IP turn-based game. I believe that in the near future, "Stone Age: Awakening" will launch more exciting e-sports events and contribute to the development of China's e-sports industry.

Well-known brands help to create top stone games!

As the first large-scale event of Stone Age: Awakening, the national competition attracted many partners and provided equipment and reward support for the offline competition of Stone Age: Awakening in Guangzhou. The offline finals of Stone Age: Awakening on June 1 will be provided by ASUS with professional competition equipment and Andest with gaming chairs. The professional and smooth competition equipment, coupled with the ergonomic gaming chairs that are not tiring to sit for a long time, will definitely bring the best competition experience to the contestants. The championship rings prepared by Stone Age: Awakening for players are customized by the well-known jewelry brand Luk Fook Jewelry, which highlights the glory of the champion and has more collection value. In addition, more event brand cooperation is in preparation and waiting to be exposed.

Guangzhou offline finals, who will win the 300,000 yuan grand prize?

The offline finals of the "Stone Age: Awakening" National Competition will be held in Guangzhou on June 1 and June 2. At that time, the first-place teams in the four major battle zones of the knockout stage will go to Guangzhou to participate in the offline finals of the S1 National Competition to compete for the final championship. In order to expand the development of the e-sports industry and promote the long-term good operation of "Stone Age: Awakening", the project team has prepared 300,000 cash for the prize pool of this event, as well as exclusive customized rewards for the champion, runner-up, third place, and fourth place, including but not limited to customized rings, pets, props, etc. So who will become the champion of the first "Stone Age: Awakening" National Competition on June 2 and share the cash prize pool? The "Stone Age: Awakening" National Competition will be broadcast live throughout the entire process. Players who want to know the answer can pay attention to the official live broadcast room of "Stone Age: Awakening". We will see you there!

Help the development of e-sports and adhere to the long-term operation strategy. With the coming of the offline finals of "Stone Age: Awakening" in Guangzhou, I believe that more players will pay attention to Stone Age and come to Nice Continent. I believe that in the future, "Stone Age: Awakening" can embrace more players, launch new events, and bring high-quality gaming experience to Stone Age fans. So now, let us look forward to the arrival of the "Stone Age: Awakening" national event!







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