The Cuckoo Sings In Spring To Greet The New Year, T

The cuckoo sings in spring to welcome the new year, and the auspicious dragon dances in colors to welcome the festival. In order to let friends in the Three Realms feel the strong flavor of the New Year, A Chinese Ghost Story mobile game brings dragon dance to the Three Realms! The first and only zodiac mount in the server with its own dance moves, the Golden Scale Cloth Dragon, will soon make its gorgeous debut, taking you to travel through the Three Realms. !

[The golden dragon soars to celebrate the new year, and the dragon dance brings the spirit of spring in full swing]

As one of the first folk dances selected as intangible cultural heritage in my country, "dragon dance" has been a symbol of dragon culture since ancient times. Among them, Fenghua Bulong is the representative of dragon dance. It is vigorous and powerful, full of the beauty of strength, and complements the New Year and other festive events.

[Golden scale cloth dragon] is created based on Fenghua cloth dragon. It uses bamboo strips as the bones and cloth as the skin, and is woven into the shape of a dragon's head, with an exquisite shape. The carefully drawn longan eyes and dragon scales are bright and vivid, and the combination of gold, red and green shows the ultimate Chinese color aesthetics.

When craftsmen are making it, they will put candles inside the dragon body. When it dances at night, the whole body of the dragon will glow and come alive. The Ghost Story mobile game also retains this feature in the mount and makes it more gorgeous with the help of technology.

The golden light of the dragon's head flashes, the festive atmosphere rushes towards the face, the flames roll at the tail, and the stars are scattered during the flight, which is very gorgeous.

[Silver flowers and fire trees stir up the spring breeze, ride on the dragon and fly into the sky to bring good luck]

[Golden Scale Cloth Dragon] is not only the only mount in this server, but also adds exclusive performance actions for players to participate in for the first time, paired with exclusive performance sound effects, allowing you to immerse yourself in the joy of dragon dancing.

Let's set off fireworks, dance on the dragon's head, and celebrate the New Year with joy! In the past, everyone was a crowd watching the dragon dance, but now, I am the successor of "holding the dragon's head" – the dragon will be round when people are tight, and the dragon will dance when it is flying!

The theme of dragon dance is a tribute, a heritage, and a wish for good things. The golden dragon raises its head, rides on the dragon and flies into the sky . mico live offline recharge , I wish you good luck in the new year!

★ How to obtain:

During the Spring Festival, you have a chance to get Spring Festival gift certificates for free by participating in festival activities. At the same time, from January 25th to February 17th at 10:59, you also have a chance to get Spring Festival gift certificates by opening the Spring Festival Exquisite Treasure Box.

The gift certificate will be drawn at 11:00 on February 17, and each server will draw a Year of the Dragon limited [Golden Scale Cloth Dragon (Permanent)] mount.

[The snowball becomes a spirit and moves out to attack, the soft and cute Q-bomb is available to everyone]

Although the only mount is very rare, the following mount is not only cute and cute, but everyone has a chance to get it!

The new January mount [Snow Pom Pom] with MAX cuteness will also meet with friends during the winter holiday activities. I believe everyone can’t wait to take it home!

[The hidden dragon leaps out and the flying dragon appears, the golden dragon plays with the pearl for good luck]

Of course, there can't be only one dragon in the Year of the Dragon! In addition to the only mount, Chinese Girl Mobile has also prepared many surprises with dragon elements for the friends. Now I will quietly reveal to you: Year of the Dragon back ornament·Golden Dragon Playing with Pearls.

The cute little dragon hugs the golden beads tightly and becomes a pendant on your back, inseparable from you. With it, you will definitely have good luck this year!

[About the mobile game "A Chinese Ghost Story"]

The new generation of national mobile game "A Chinese Ghost Story" is the official mobile game of the "A Chinese Ghost Story" client game. It has a client-level aesthetic style and character design, inherits the classic gameplay and inherits the traditional culture. The three worlds are immortal, and we will never be separated! A beautiful iteration of the wedding system of A Chinese Ghost Story mobile game, and the romance of the new Sansheng Lake is coming!

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