The Battle For The Roots Of The First Season Of &qu

"Seven Days World" has recently been updated and maintained, with many adjustments and optimizations coming! The first season's script-root battle is officially open! Different scripts hide different maps, different equipment BDs, different monster lineups and differentiated stories and Special gameplay! Please accept this update announcement guide. I hope it can help the Beyonders better understand this new season update and experience the most authentic seven-day journey more immersively!

Registration for season-based gameplay opens

In "Seven Days in the World", every script choice is a unique adventure. The Pioneer server, Dayton Mountains, Blackfield Lake, Dirty River, Broken Shore, and Rust Forest servers that are about to end the season will be the first to open season registration. Players can quickly help get through the novice stage in the new season, and can register through the [Season Registration Interface]. "War groups confront each other and compete for border areas." In addition to the aberrations affected by "Stardust", the Transcendents must form war groups to compete regionally and build a team-like place of resistance. The returning butterfly, disco ball, glass jellyfish, "Big Mouth Jump", electric eel, "Hello Partner", living gel, prosperity and decay seeds, dream catcher, shadow surface, are all in this issue of "Battle of Roots" 》Abnormal containment objects help transcendents find the rules of survival.

The season update retains some resources, allowing players to strategically choose to carry some resources with them to start a new journey together. The new season brings more gameplay and thinking, and there will be more interesting new content scripts to meet with you in the future.

Adjustment and optimization of Star Color

After listening to the feedback from many surpassers, we have focused on adjusting the channels for obtaining Star Colors and increasing the number of Star Colors obtained through PVE. At the same time, the purification mechanism of the echo stone has also been adjusted, increasing the amount of star color produced after purification of ectopic gray matter and echo stone. The number of echoing stones in the drops released by the Ancient One is fixed at two. We have also added ways to deliver ectopic gray matter, and increased the probability and quantity of delivery in elite monsters and public events. In addition, memes can also unlock lv2 and lv3 ectopic gray matter.Starting from the update on January 18, Transcendents will more easily obtain the Star Color, and golden legendary equipment is no longer a distant dream.

Visual and combat operation experience optimization

In addition to optimizing the ways to obtain Star Colors, we have also improved the visual interaction experience of the game. The performance of light and shadow at night has been improved, and the animation prompts on the plane anchor prop submission interface have also been increased. At the same time, the lighting effects in rain, fog, cloudy and other weather environments are optimized.

The combat experience has also been improved, with cradle effects and affixes adjusted to enhance the distinction between different genres. The damage and health composition of tactical props such as grenades and incendiary bombs have also been adjusted cheapest bigo live diamonds , and the damage has increased even more! The effects of four sets such as the Falcon suit have also been optimized imo diamond seller registration link , providing abnormal genres bonus effects, etc.







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