Surprise Rewards For Empowered Players, Czech Heroes Con

As the saying goes: In the world of martial arts, only speed is the best. But in a green arena full of infinite possibilities, speed is not the only weapon. When faced with an opponent's wall-like defense, perhaps confrontational strength and air superiority are the most effective battering rams. This week, "Pro Evolution Soccer" welcomes a well-known "city breaker" – Jan Kohler. This absolute tower from the Czech Republic will join hands with fans and players to embark on a new journey and present everyone with a city breaker. Another way to open up the city!

[The Titans descended suddenly, unstoppable and invincible]

Jan Kohler, who is 202cm tall, has a unique physical condition . When they first meet him, people will associate him with basketball, volleyball, and handball. Almost no one would guess that he is an excellent football player. The Czech international is not only astonishingly tall, but also weighs nearly 100 kilograms, and even has a shoe size of No. 50. This allows him to firmly grasp the air superiority when facing most defenders and use his powerful header to penetrate the opponent's goalkeeper's fingers. Coupled with his indestructible physical confrontation, Jan Kohler is like a roaring chariot, capable of crushing all obstacles on the way forward. His balanced left and right foot skills and accurate and powerful shots allow him to often hit the ball. Use heavy artillery to blast through your opponent's defenses.

Throughout Jan Kohler's career, he has played for many well-known European clubs such as Sparta Prague, Anderlecht, Monaco, and Dortmund. He has won honors such as Belgian Footballer of the Year and Czech Footballer of the Year. Led the Czech national team to the historic European Cup semi-finals in 2004, and has become a national hero and banner figure in this Eastern European country.

[Surprise rewards for empowered players, Czech heroes continue to write legends]

This week, the legendary Czech giant will make a surprise appearance on the live green as a power-increasing epic highlight player. He is already very capable in the real game, and he has impeccable statistics in the game: full In the default point-added state after leveling up, all of Jan Kohler's aerial confrontation attributes have received a 2-point bonus. The highest overall rating has reached 97 points. The maximum overall rating in battle can reach 100 points, and the highest score for shooting is 92 points. , 96 points for headers, making him a fish in water when fighting for air supremacy uplive recharge online , whether it is a kick shot or a header, he is accurate. Supplemented by the highest physical contact of 95, he is not afraid of any form of physical confrontation, enough to dominate the entire penalty area!

With the arrival of the enhanced Jan Kohler, the "Towering Leader Highlight Special Agent" special event is also launched simultaneously. Players can take this opportunity to sign this dominant Titan, who will become a powerful attack force for your team. arms. Enhancing players are just around the corner. Players who want to strengthen their team should not miss this great opportunity to sign!






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