"Resonas" Is A Businessman Who Buys Low And Se

The recently launched train management adventure RPG mobile game "Resonas" has aroused heated discussions among netizens for its running gameplay. Cyber ​​fraud? Buy low, sell high? It’s hard to imagine that a mobile game can have such rich gameplay elements.

Are you still worried about not buying books? Are you running out of money after upgrading all kinds of equipment? It doesn’t matter! Join the handmade manufacturing industry of bigo live diamonds in "Resonas" and give full play to human beings. Industrial wisdom, low-cost and high-return advanced gameplay are waiting for you to learn! It has been observed that the bad guys spend a lot of purchasing books when purchasing goods in the early stage, and then there will be a situation of weak purchasing, then when the number of purchasing books is insufficient , it is recommended that everyone expand their business territory to the manufacturing and processing industry.

First, go to the Gold Rush Park to find Joshua and exchange it for a guide on how to make pure gold thread materials. Next, go to the exchange to buy alluvial gold, process it into gold foil at the on-board processing lathe, and then roll the gold foil into pure gold wire material (the overload core and furnace core levels need to be above level 15). After this series of production is completed, the profit of alluvial gold has been successfully doubled. You can check the real-time price list to find cities with high prices for selling.

As an alternative, manufacturing has obvious advantages and disadvantages: the advantage is that the manufacturing cost is low, the profit of the finished product is as high as ten times, and you only need to buy gold sand along the way, and does not rely too much on purchasing books; the disadvantage is that the fatigue value required for manufacturing is Too high. Generally speaking, it is suitable for players who need to quickly accumulate business capital in the early stage.

It is not difficult to find that some players are also discussing how to do daily tasks in "Resonas". Here we present the latest version of the daily task process to improve the efficiency of running business for friends!

First come to the Chamber of Commerce in any city. You don’t need to be picky and consider passenger or transportation orders live top up . Infinite Number can meet all orders at one time. Next, click on the exchange in your city to purchase suitable special products. After repeating the above operations and traveling to four cities, completing all transportation orders, you can sell all special products and earn about 200,000 Iron Alliance coins.

If the city you want to reach is far away, the number of passenger compartments is sufficient, and the train conductor level meets certain requirements, you can recruit passengers through flyers and magazine advertisements. It should be noted that there is no limit to the number of times the flyers can solicit passengers, and the magazine advertisement is once a day. Completing a series of processes can help everyone use up their physical strength as quickly as possible, solve everyone's distressed problem of excess fatigue points, and also earn a considerable amount of Iron Alliance coins.

Finally, I wish everyone three gold medals in a row and great sales of specialty products!






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