"Planet: Reboot" And "Digimon" Linka

The survivors of the alien invasion regained hope and repaired the devastation after the war. And behind this invisible, a stream of data from the Sea of ​​Darkness is quietly connected, the infinitely strange King of Darkness arrives, and the crisis once again sweeps across the continent of Gaia!

"Planet: Reboot" , accompany all survivors to start a new journey! Let us fight side by side with our childhood memories and set off again!

["Planet: Reboot" × "Digimon" linkage PV is shockingly online]

Bursts of eerie laughter came from the mysterious dark sea. Defeated by Holy Angelmon, it grabbed a piece of ordered data. The proliferating data flow washed away the link between the digital world and the real world. The nightmare set foot on the planet Gaia. land.

The survivor who was exploring in the wild only felt that the data in front of him was confusing, and when he came back to his senses, he was actually faced with a clown mask! Facing the powerful Clown King, he seemed to have returned to the powerless moment of the Winter War. However, in order to protect mankind In the light of civilization, the survivors choose to take up arms and work together to save Gaia and the digital world!

[New linkage is coming, surprises will be delivered layer by layer]

Partners from the Digital World come to reinforce and continue the duel with the Clown King! The linked pets [Agumon] and [Dilmon] will be available in the pet store soon. In the new future world, they partner with survivors to fight, use unique nirvana to eliminate alien species, and rebuild our home together!

Hold on to the evolution badge and absorb the power of courage and innocence! The same linked fashions of the chosen children [Taiyi] and [Meimei] will be launched soon. Wear them and dream back to your childhood. In order to save the world, move forward firmly in adventure!

Driving a unique digital-style vehicle into the future, a new series of linked vehicles will be launched soon. The evolution of trust is proof of the bond of friendship! The linked motorcycle vehicle [Moonlight Bond] adopts the color scheme of Gabumon, which perfectly matches the unicorn design. The smooth lines contain a fearless sense of power.

The body of the linked off-road vehicle [Fire Tyrannosaurus] is covered with a hard shell, and its huge horns are full of wildness. It roars on the battlefield, like a ferocious Tyrannosaurus charging at the enemy!

Digimon are combined with future technological weapons, and new linked weapon skins will be launched soon. The appearance of G2-Red Horned Owl weapon skin [Corona Horn Thorn] retains the characteristics of Greymon, live top up , and the ultra-high-heat flame grenade devours everything! The Solar Wind weapon skin [Bright Moon Silver Wolf] uses the color scheme of Garurumon , Mithril flight feathers are elegant and powerful.

The light of faith will never go out. The Sagittarius weapon skin [Covenant Judgment] is covered with glorious angel wings and fires out sacred arrows to judge the enemy's sins!

A series of linked furniture themed around Digimon will also be launched soon, bringing the elegant and beautiful Celestial Beast, the swift and powerful SteelGarurumon, the domineering and powerful BattleGreymon, etc. back to the manor in the future world!

In addition, there are rich co-branded contents such as Agumon-themed social avatar frames, bubble frames, eight Digimon badges, fun pendants, etc. coming soon!

[New linkage trials and interesting challenges, uncovering dark plots]

The Clown King who breaks through the dark area and escapes from the gate of heaven will pose a huge threat to the human world. The selected children entrust the survivors to assemble the power of the eight badges and collect the evolution badges through trials and competitions!

The culprit of everything, the Clown Emperor, who created the disordered connection between the digital world and the real world, disappears. Everything is surrounded by mystery. The survivors will embark on a journey to find the Clown Emperor's shocking conspiracy!

We are gradually getting closer to the answer. At this time, the Clown King leisurely appeared on the stage, opened the magic box, and prepared to perform a thrilling clown trick! All survivors will jointly face the Dark King of another world and defend our world!

At the same time, a digital paradise with endless fun appears on the planet Gaia. The survivors who enter will transform into Digimon and play hide and seek, reminiscing about the fun of childhood! There are more interesting ways to play, waiting for the survivors to go explore!

Why did the Clown King come to the planet? On March 7, "Planet: Restart" and the world of "Digimon" were officially linked. The mystery is about to be revealed, and the challenge of the Dark King is about to begin. Come to "Planet: Restart" to experience the future and digital Let's collide!

About Planet: Reboot

"Planet: Restart" is an alien invasion science fiction survival game recommended by Liu Cixin, the author of "Three Body". The game uses Unity 3D engine to create recharge yalla ludo , and uses futuristic realistic art style rendering to create a realistic science fiction open world. As survivors after an alien invasion, players will face a series of survival challenges, work together to restart planetary civilization, and experience a high degree of freedom in survival and exploration gameplay, richly customized construction, and a future weapon combat system.






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