"Peak Speed" 24S2 Season Begins With The Wind

The 24S2 season of "Peak Speed" [Spring Chasing the Wind] is now open! The peak expedition, embark on the wind! Set off together to explore the unknown journey and wonderful encounters, and unlock a hundred ways to become an expedition car god! There are also legendary new cars and season fashions , generous rewards, and new kits to help the expedition set sail! Receive expedition supplies immediately and set off with full fuel!

The 24S2 season begins in the wind, and the expedition relay race opens a new era of racing!

In the new limited-time gameplay [Expedition Relay], the riders will open "Peak Speed" in a plot-based way, starting a fun, unknown, "human on the road" where adventure and opportunity coexist! The southeast of each fork in the road It’s up to you to choose the northwest! Start with three cars and keep entering random dungeons. You never know what challenges you will face at the next moment. From level 1 to level 10, you will constantly break through yourself and challenge your limits! Rely on strength and luck to upgrade and Fill your own garage and always surpass yourself at the last moment!

Should you drive towards the scenery and go hiking to see the world? Wait for cargo supplies before setting off with full strength? Or choose to accept unexpected encounters? Every choice will encounter different opportunities, and the riders may have a lot of fun with each other. A beautiful manager may also encounter a "charlatan" who cheats on gas under the guise of car maintenance. Whether he is a European emperor or a non-Emirate, you will know once you go on this expedition!

Expedition supplies are in place to help the car god develop his path

The Car God Development Program is in full swing! The training plan is divided into 4 stages, and the next stage will start at 05:00 every Thursday until all stages are completed. Drivers only need to complete designated tasks to obtain a large number of rare parts and lottery tickets. If you complete a single plan, you can also unlock 5 limited-time lottery tickets for the Peak Auto Show. If you complete all four plans, you can take away 20 draws. In addition, you can directly receive a reward from Xiaoke uplive recharge online on both weekends to help you become a powerful driver!

On the road to the expedition, don’t forget to pick up three or five riders to make progress together! The spring outing group is open. Two or four people who sign up to form a group can share the group rewards. They can also receive training mission rewards by training together on the track on weekdays!

The exclusive expedition vehicle is ready to go, and the new kit helps you move forward smoothly.

A new season, a new journey, and a new car to accompany you on your expedition adventure! A masterpiece born in the 1990s, Lamborghini's ancestral racing car – Lamborghini SV '98, with the powerful power of the 5.7-liter DOHC V12 engine and manual unassisted system The setting of uplive recharge turns it into a "primitive bull" with extremely strong attack power, waiting for your taming!

The Chevrolet Corvette C7, which has the longest production history of a single model in the history of sports cars, still continues the genes of racing. The combination of its light body and powerful acceleration performance makes it the best backup for your "expedition" road. !

The BMW M8 GTE, which is specially built for motorsport, is equipped with a 4.0-liter twin-turbocharged 8-cylinder P63 racing engine that can output 500 horsepower. It has a larger-than-normal front grille and a large rear spoiler. BMW All the designs of the M8 GTE are telling us that it is the king of expedition relay races!

Lamborghini SV '98 (new car at the Peak Auto Show: available for a limited time)

Chevrolet Corvette C7 (new car at Pinnacle Auto Show: available for a limited time)

BMW M8 GTE (Peak Auto Show: Limited Time Probability Increase)

In addition to vehicles with full performance, brand-new kits with full aura can also make everyone's expedition more exciting! Dodge Challenger R/T '70 "Masterpiece" Kit "Shark Squadron Centurion", Dodge Challenger R/T '70 "Custom Level" package "Razor's Edge", Chevrolet C7 '19 "Custom Level" package "Sprint Master Ground Flying", Acura NSX '20 "Custom Level" package "Track Mode Ghost Cut" four A brand new package is now online!

Dodge Challenger R/T '70 "Masterpiece" Kit "Shark Squadron Centurion"

Dodge Challenger R/T '70 "Custom Grade" Package "Razor's Edge"

Chevrolet C7 '19 "Custom Level" Package "Sprint Master Ground Flying"

Acura NSX '20 "Custom Level" Package "Track Mode Ghost Cut"

The 24S2 season contract has started, and expedition supplies will help you travel smoothly!

The new 24S2 season contract is now open. Complete contract tasks to unlock rich rewards. Unlock advanced/special-level contracts to obtain: series of fashion [Flower Period Souvenirs], contract-limited performance group new car Dodge Challenger R/T (1970) '70 and Lots of modified parts and diamond rewards!

The dreamy cherry pink exudes the beauty of spring, and the comfortable short sweatshirt is cut with the concept of freedom to follow the wind. Wear spring on your body and make your expedition full of spring!

【Flower period souvenir】-Female

【Flower period souvenir】-Male

The 24S2 season [Spring Chasing the Wind] sets sail! Log in to the game immediately to start your first step on the Spring Expedition, and hit the top spot in the [Expedition Relay Race]!






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