(News On Year-end Military Exercises And Competitio

Across tens of thousands of miles, the light of a sword fills the wilderness! Since the beginning of the military exercises at the end of this year, many heroes have met their opponents in the arena and showed off their tricks, bringing us a thrilling visual feast one after another!

[News on year-end military exercises and competitions]

After many days of fierce competition, the finals came to an end the night before yesterday. [Unification of the World] The Jiangshan Ranmeng forces and the Endless Road forces in the region brought us a wonderful force confrontation. In the end, Jiangshan Ranmeng's forces were even better and ascended to the championship of the [World Unification] Shenqi Division!

In the finals of the [Rebirth Wilderness] region, the Sanxian forces and the Thirteen Yao forces met again! This year, the Sanxian forces successfully defeated their opponents and won the Shenqi Division Championship of this region!

Although the [Tianxia II] region has not been open for a long time, the duel between the various forces is equally exciting! With their outstanding performance, the forces fighting for the world defeated the forces of Destiny in the finals and became the champion force of the Shenqi Division!

At the same time, other level divisions also brought us exciting battles, and the champions of each division have been announced!

Glory crowns the champion and welcomes the birth of a new king! We have also prepared many rewards symbolizing glory and status for the champion forces in each division. Active members of the above forces will receive mounts, trophy statues, limited-time titles and other gifts!

The champions of the Shenqi Division in each major region will also receive an official customized bamboo slip certificate and an exclusive customized dynamic title for the champion, as well as a supreme gift and a heavy physical reward – "World丨IKS Iron Kite Studio" co-branded Yujizi 1/4 Statue nimotv recharge , cheers for the supreme glory!

Let us once again congratulate all the champion forces! In addition, the young heroes can also go to the game to view the top four forces in each division and give them thumbs up! Although the competition is over, the blood is not yet cold, let us look forward to the next exciting showdown!

The Biography of Bai Luhan

In addition to participating in exciting competitions, you may also discover some unknown stories when traveling around the wilderness in your free time. When you visit Jiangnan Wansong Academy, you may hear that a smart girl visited the academy many years ago. She was once a young lady from a high-ranking family, famous for her precocious wisdom and agility, but later she had a rough life, and fate played tricks on people. And the past events she experienced actually contained the secrets of Taixu Guan? Today we will tell this legendary story and learn about it together. A girl’s past!

It was a beautiful spring day in the south of the Yangtze River. When eight-year-old Zhou Qingwan and her maid passed by Wansong Academy, they were attracted by the sound of Master's lecture and couldn't help but stop and listen. Dongfang Qing, the master of the academy, discovered that although this girl was young, she was intelligent, precocious and had unique insights. The two talked for a long time and hit it off immediately, so Zhou's father invited Dongfang Qing to his house to teach his daughter Zhou Qingwan.

Time flies in the blink of an eye. Under the guidance of her husband, Zhou Qingwan has read a lot of books. Although she is only twelve years old, she is already full of poetry and calligraphy. Dongfang Qing's erudition and humility also won the appreciation of Zhou Taishi. As Zhou Taishi's sixtieth birthday banquet was approaching, the father and daughter invited Dongfang Qing to attend the celebration.

On the day of the birthday banquet, everyone in the Zhou family was very happy, and guests came and went like clouds. However, under the lively appearance, there was an undercurrent. It turns out that there is a fierce political struggle between the Zhumo and Blind Xia factions in the DPRK. Zhou Taishi holds a high position and acts upright, so he is considered to belong to the blind Xia faction. The guests have followed the trend in the name of proposing marriage. Just as they are drinking and drinking at the table, there is a sudden call outside the door. Come on!

A group of uninvited guests holding long swords and wearing Taoist uniforms appeared. The leader called himself Taixu Li Fengwu. Like a god, he bluntly said that Taishi Zhou was colluding with the rebels and wanted to take the lives of the entire Zhou family! In the blink of an eye, the bustling Zhou Mansion had turned into a living hell. , the whole family and the guests at the banquet were all tragically killed by the sword. Only the young Zhou Wanqing saved his life. Witnessing the tragedy, she was filled with horror and grief, but was unable to resist and was taken away by the group…

Zhou Qingwan woke up in a strange courtyard, and the shocking changes in Zhou's mansion were vivid in his mind like a nightmare. Li Fengwu, the enemy who killed his father, made no secret of what he had done, so he changed his name to "Bai Luhan" and became a disciple of Taixu.

Although Bai Luhan was filled with pain and anger, her fight with Yu Hengzi made her see her own weakness clearly. Li Fengwu practiced the secret art of evil shadow, and he only spared her life to help him practice. Bai Luhan has been familiar with the art of war since she was a child. She understands that only by practicing forbearance and absorbing strength can she hope for revenge…

Time flies by, and the immature girl in the past has grown into a graceful girl. Bai Luhan suppressed her pain and struggled to practice the secret technique of evil shadow under the shadow of Li Fengwu. Her power grew day by day and she summoned evil shadow more and more frequently. Fellow senior fellow student Lu Zhishang also noticed her strength. Bai Luhan calmly analyzed the situation in Taixu Guan to him: In the name of helping Yujizi, Dazai Zhumo intended to support Song Yufeng, the leader of Yunhua Palace, to ascend to power. Taixu Temple is about to face earth-shaking turmoil, and the time to avenge his father is not far away!

Bai Luhan has devoted herself to practice for many years, and her strength is no longer what it used to be. At the same time, the evil shadow transformed from her inner desires repeatedly tempted her to get rid of Li Fengwu and then quickly. Although she tried her best to abandon the interference of desires, the seeds of revenge had already grown in her heart, and the battle for the head of Taixu Temple was about to break out. She no longer suppressed her strength and was determined to stand out. This is not only to seize life in the whirlpool of party strife, but also to use the hands of Song Yufeng to avenge the blood sea!

Bai Luhan came to Song Yufeng, the master of Yunhua Palace, with firm eyes and sincere words. She told Li Fengwu about adopting an orphan girl to practice the secret art of evil shadow, and gave Song Yufeng a way to win people's hearts with this matter. Song Yufeng really rescued her from Li Fengwu's faction and promised to severely punish Li Fengwu in the future. Bai Luhan only had one request, and that was to insist on executing the person himself.

Bai Luhan lived up to her reputation as a talented woman, and the situation developed just as she expected. Song Yufeng had already won the battle for the leadership. She had endured for many years and planned for a long time, and finally waited for the day when she took the life of her enemy with her own hands! However, after killing Li Fengwu, she only felt empty and confused.

After being immersed in hatred for many years, the desire in her heart turned into an evil shadow. After getting revenge, she tried to seize Bai Luhan's body and turn her into a slave of hatred! Bai Luhan tried her best to maintain her will, and finally defeated the evil shadow and cracked the Many years of inner demons!

A few days after Li Fengwu's death, Song Yufeng inherited the position of head of Taixu Guan and cut off his robes with tears, leading Taixu Guan to withdraw from the court disputes. As a key figure in promoting the situation, Bai Luhan looked down on the world of mortals after the dust settled, and flew away indifferently on the crane. Regarding her troubled life experience, tenacity and wisdom, there are only a few rumors among the world…

From Zhou Qingwan, the daughter of a high family, to Bai Luhan, who saw through the changing situation and harnessed the evil shadow of her heart to avenge her, have you been touched by her legendary story? The young heroes completed all of "Bai Luhan's Biography" If you follow the story, you can receive the costume [He Guang Tong Chen] for free!

In addition, there are many anecdotes about strange people circulating in the wilderness. Young heroes are welcome to share your most touching stories. At the same time, we will continue to collect rumors about the wilderness to share with you!

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