May Day Labor Is The Most Glorious Activity: Cutting Woo

The May Day holiday is approaching, and there are many new ways to play in the Three Realms. Participating in the event not only has the chance to obtain the warrior skill – Qinglong·Destruction, but also has the chance to obtain an interesting limited-time action·rotation.

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[May Day labor is the most glorious, chopping wood, catching insects and solving difficult problems]

Although the ancients did not celebrate Labor Day on May 1st, this time of year was always very busy. As the saying goes, "The Tian family has a few free months, but everyone is twice as busy in May." Even Pu Songling couldn't take any time off, and was urged by the village chief not to stay in the house reading all the time, but to go and help the villagers.

But farm work seems not as simple as Song Ling imagined. First, Huacheng from the tailor shop asked Songling to help her draw a line on the cloth with drawing powder.

Later, Pu Du, the boatman at the ferry, asked Song Ling to help get some wood so that he could rot the boat. But can the weak scholar really complete this step successfully?

After saying goodbye to Pu Du, Wang Er was troubled by the sparrows stealing the fruit. At this time, Song Ling was given a problem: how to successfully drive away the sparrows while keeping the fruit intact?

Now is the busy farming season, and Tianzhong is busy with affairs. Songling finally met the village chief Pu who was catching insects in the field, so he prepared to take over his grandfather's work and finish the rest.

In the end, Pu Songling realized the truth from his grandfather's sincere teachings and lived up to his mission. After all, there is no high or low in anything, and labor is the most glorious!

[The fun of helping the kitchen is coming. Complete tasks to get limited time rewards]

After trying various farm jobs, Song Ling felt that her "best" skill was cooking, but the village chief urgently called for her friends to help cook in Pujia Village.

The kitchen-helping activity starts from 13:00-14:00 and 19:00-20:00 every day from April 30th to May 5th. You can participate when you reach level 50.

During the activation period, Pu Songling will make soup many times. Each soup-making activity lasts for 8 minutes. In the first 6 minutes, the friends can obtain various cooking tasks, and in the last 2 minutes, they need to kill the invading gluttons within the time, and the cycle repeats.

Each time you complete a [Chef Helping Task], you will receive experience rewards and increase the quality of the soup. After the soup is cooked, you can taste it and gain different levels of offensive and defensive gains based on the quality.

If you complete this gameplay for the first time, you will get a [Fragrant Food Box]. After using it, you will get a limited-time action and rotation! And when you complete this gameplay once a day, you will get a [Fragrant Food Box]. After use, there will be more High chance of getting a chef hat costume!

[Qingqiu herb picking turmoil breaks out. Fight the enemy with all your strength and get rewards]

Pu Songling is trapped and needs his friends to rescue him quickly!

It turned out that it was because he stole medicine in Qingqiu and alerted many spiritual root elixirs. As a result, the spiritual root elixir tied him up and sent him to the nine-tailed fox. So the clan leader said that if he could defeat one and a half uplive recharge moves from his three old friends in Qingqiu, he would relax and go back.

The warrior will attack the current hatred target, and the charmer and doctor will randomly attack any player on the field. Three visitors will go berserk four minutes into combat and need to be dealt with as quickly as possible.

Every once in a while, the soldier, charmer, and doctor will release fatal stunts respectively. During this period, another enemy will release a shield and hide in the shield to avoid high damage. After defeating the three Qingqiu visitors, follow Pu Songling and protect him from leaving Qingqiu.

And the way back may not be smooth sailing. Pu Songling will be controlled by the nightmare. Defeat the nightmare and rescue Pu Songling. Pu Songling's Nightmare will release traps at random targets at intervals to cause high damage, so you need to pay attention to dodge quickly.

This copy is divided into two modes: normal and heroic. After completing each mode, you will be given first pass and daily gifts. In addition, you will get an exclusive limited-time title when you clear the heroic difficulty for the first time.

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