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Dear adventurers, do you still remember the map of the City in the Sky that you accidentally entered after entering the Pearl Harbor by mistake? Do you still remember the thrill of being in a fairy tale world when you first saw the map of the underwater world? January 24 , "MapleStory: Will of the Alliance", which is officially authorized by NEXON and self-developed by Xinghui Games and can be played with one hand, has officially launched a full platform open beta!

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A new adventure in vertical version, fun and classic! Do you still remember the passionate PVP times in those years? On the evening of January 23, the well-known "MapleStory" national server star player stabbed C, and the Korean player took the lead in staged a peak showdown, starting a passionate million-dollar bounty match for all adventurers! On the evening of January 24th, professional adventure group anchors such as Buqiuren and CSGO Eggplant will also gather with everyone in the Shooter Village in the live broadcast room to start a new journey to the MapleStory world!

Star players from China and South Korea take the lead in starting the war!The official live broadcast room keeps giving out generous gifts

Since the release of "MapleStory: Will of the Alliance", it has been highly anticipated by veteran players of the "MapleStory OL" client game, including the top players in the Chinese server (commonly known as "Stab C" by veteran MapleStory players) and Koreans. The player with the best combat power (old MapleStory players are often called "Adele, the best in Korean server"), they all gave high praise after participating in the test experience of the game.

The two of them were also invited to conduct a live broadcast on the evening of January 23. In the "Masked Party" battlefield, they staged a passionate showdown.

Those who are good at using Fei Xia's poke C and prefer warriors said in the live broadcast that "MapleStory: Will of the Alliance", as a MapleStory game that can be played with one hand, has restored the classics and can be played "lightly"! In the "Masked Party" battlefield where no equipment is required and everything depends on operation, the two sides staged dazzling collisions again and again through the combination of professional characteristics and mask stunts. In the BO5 competition system, poke C wins 1 game first, and then loses 2 games in a row. If poke C loses 1 game again, the game will end directly. Fortunately, poke C withstood the pressure lol wild rift top up , reversed the trend and won 2 games in a row, and finally won. The whole game was full of ups and downs, and it was so enjoyable! Netizens in the live broadcast room couldn't help but exclaimed that this was a CP about falling in love and killing each other.

Golden Mushroom Cup Million Bounty Competition, everyone can participate in the 3 major tracks to win cash

It is worth mentioning that the "Masked Party" gameplay where C and both parties engage in PK is exactly a part of the Golden Mushroom Cup Million Bounty Tournament. The Million Bounty Tournament includes 1V1 "Duel Arena", 3V3 "Masked Party", and 30V30 "Treasure Island Contest". Players can start PVP competition and enjoy the thrill of game duel, and Generous cash returns!

In the "Duel Arena", each server champion on the launch day will receive a bonus of 10,000 yuan and a limited title. In the "Masked Party", the top 10 individuals or teams with final points will receive bonuses ranging from 1,000 to 10,000 yuan and limited titles in order. In the "Treasure Island Hegemony", a multi-player cross-server guild battle, the champion adventure groups in different divisions will receive a bonus of 30,000 yuan (10,000 yuan for the leader + 20,000 yuan shared among the members based on their contributions), as well as a limited title.

With a real million-dollar cash pool and zero-threshold participation conditions, the million-dollar bounty competition officially begins with the launch of today’s game. Dear adventurers, top up momo , why don’t you come and fight to the end with your unyielding will?

Easily and effortlessly team up for adventure, and defeat the crowd with one-handed operation

The open beta of "MapleStory: Will of the Alliance" is not only full of sincerity, but the quality of the game is also remarkable. In addition to continuing and inheriting MapleStory's classic map and career system, the gameplay and mechanics have also been innovated into vertical screen operation, allowing you to easily complete various interactions with a single touch. The new idle placement gameplay can help adventurers obtain 100% access to various rich resources even when offline.

On the basis of the rich PVE content built into the game, various systems are continuously simplified to meet the needs of adventurers for personalized equipment matching. There are also a variety of casual gameplay, fashion items, etc., making it easy to achieve a cool and ever-changing style. Small goals.

If you like the enthusiasm of PVP battles, you can also compete in a variety of PVP gameplay such as 1V1, 3V3, 30V30, etc. While feeling the charm of fist-fighting competition, you can also get closer to each other with more friends.

Five well-known anchors formed a team to unveil the prelude to a passionate adventure

"MapleStory: Will of the Alliance" has also been praised by a large number of well-known anchors for its excellent game quality. Among them are the popular Douyin Buddhist pretty girl anchor Feng Timo, the skilled fish fryer Don’t Ask for Others, the gold medal lecturer Da Sima, the free-for-all Csgo eggplant and the one-handed Tiegu Zeng Zeng. Each of them transformed into a classic profession in MapleStory, and formed a team to lead the adventurers on a unique journey into the MapleStory world.

On the evening of January 24th, Csgo Eggplant, Buqiu Ren, Tiegu Zengzeng and others will also come to the game world with adventurers in the live broadcast room. Come and watch their unique games in "MapleStory: Will of the Alliance" ID it!

Now, "a new adventure in the vertical version, fun and classic", the new adventure has officially begun, and the million-dollar bounty competition with full benefits is also in full swing. Click to download the game>>>> Bring your friends Let’s take away the high bounty in "MapleStory: Will of the Alliance" together!






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