"Interstellar Area 52" Android Omni-chann

The Chinese sci-fi RPG battle mobile game "Interstellar Area 52" developed by Hero Games has launched the Android omni-channel billing and file deletion test – "Supernova Test" today. The exquisite work returns home with glory, and the super high rebate is not to be missed!

"Interstellar Area 52" is a new near-future space war art strategy card mobile game based on the "Red Tide" IP world view. Here, you will play the role of an interstellar commander, get to know heroes of various races with unique skills and attributes, and form various groups. A battle team of a traditional genre, experiencing an epic adventure in the vast galaxy.

Overseas boutiques return home with honor today

In 2022 douyin recharge , "Star Area 52" was the first to be launched in overseas markets. The total number of downloads exceeded 3 million, and the average rating of more than 70,000 people was 4.4. It has successfully competed with IPs such as "Ghost in the Shell:" and "EVA" Expand linkage.

On the occasion of the glorious return of this masterpiece to China, "Interstellar Area 52" has added many new contents to this test version, leading players to experience the crisis-ridden near-future world of Chinese science fiction up close.

Art upgrade crisis is imminent

"Interstellar Area 52" has greatly optimized the art style and material accuracy based on past feedback and operating experience. Compared with previous versions, the character movements and skill special effects are smoother, the interstellar scenes are more realistic and gorgeous, and the gameplay guidance is more intuitive.

Even the new major who boarded the spaceship for the first time can quickly get started with different gameplays and make friends with many interstellar partners to jointly defeat powerful enemies.

Dispatch three tribes and hundreds of generals to conquer the universe

"Interstellar Area 52" is based on the Crimson Tide IP worldview and follows the settings of the three races of "humans, gods, and demons" in the series. Over a hundred heroes will go on interstellar adventures with majors.

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In addition to the existing characters, the current version of "Star Zone 52" will also be equipped with classic national server-exclusive heroes such as "Qinglong Martial Saint Guan Yu" and "Sen Luo Walker Shenwei". Quickly lead "Cyber ​​Guan Yu" and "Martial Arts Panda" "Slay the demons and cleanse the world!"

It is worth mentioning that the game will greatly reduce the cost of development through settings such as level inheritance, lossless reset and material return, allowing the major to truly enjoy interstellar adventure without spending a lot of game time on repeated training gameplay.

Strategy and planning to recreate the future of Xinghai

"Interstellar Area 52" focuses on creating innovative strategic gameplay and greatly eliminates repetitive and boring modes to ensure that the major can get a different experience every minute.

In terms of rules, the playing styles of each challenge are different from each other. Sometimes it takes a little thinking to figure out the best battle plan. If you boldly try to form a team, you can get unexpected rewards.

For example, by pushing pictures and completing levels in "Wasteland", you can accumulate exclusive currency and redeem SSR heroes for free. "European and African Halo" will no longer be the focus of community discussion, because each major can get his or her favorite powerful hero through strategic gameplay.

A lifetime card with lots of rebates is waiting for you

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The recharge generated by the Major during the test period will be refunded according to the actual recharge amount in RMB after the official launch, with the ratio of Star Source + Diamond in different levels. The detailed levels and ratios are as follows:

Recharge amount 1-30 topup nimo tv , return 200% star source + 100% diamonds

Recharge amount 31-200, return 200% Star Source + 80% Diamonds

Recharge amount 201-500, return 200% Star Source + 60% Diamonds

Recharge amount 501-1000, return 200% Star Source + 40% Diamonds

Recharge amount 1001-2000, return 200% Xingyuan + 25% diamonds

If the recharge amount exceeds 2,000, 150% of Xingyuan will be returned

B. Major used the same registered account to recharge in multiple district servers during the deletion test period. After the public test, the recharge amount will be accumulated and returned according to Rule A.

C. IOS and official Android channel account data are interoperable. During the test, the major used the official account (hero account) to log in to the game and perform recharge. After the official launch, he can also use the IOS device to log in to the account to receive rebates (both ends can only be claimed once, Not available for repeated collection)

D. For the monthly cards and combat readiness plan and other privilege cards purchased by the major during the deletion test period, after the official launch, the player can obtain the same rebate content as Rule A according to the actual amount of the props, and additional monthly cards and combat readiness plan and other privilege cards will be activated according to the following rules. Props:

Up to three [monthly cards] activate props

The highest [Border Guide] activation item

<img src='https://img.wajuejin.com/images/games/saierhaochaojiyingxiong/202192114943.jpg' alt='New Star Game Experience Center_New Star Platform App Download_


The highest one [Combat Readiness Plan] activation item

The highest [Lifetime Card] activation item

Examples are as follows:

A. Major A accumulated a stored value of 648 yuan during the test, and the rebates after the official launch are as follows:

Return to Star Source: 648*2*200%=2,592

Return diamonds:


B. The major accumulated a stored value of 648 yuan during the test, including monthly card*2, border guide*2, and combat readiness plan*1. The rebates after the official launch are as follows:

Return to Star Source: 648*2*200%=2,592

Return Diamonds:


Return props: Monthly Card Activation Voucher*2+Border Guide Activation Voucher*1+Combat Readiness Plan Activation Voucher*1

The supernova test of "Interstellar Area 52" is now open. Majors are welcome to go or download it from major Android app stores to experience it.

Join the Interstellar Area 52 Project and go on an adventure with the entire universe as the imaginary enemy!






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