In The Post-apocalyptic Survival Mobile Game "

Recently, an SLG apocalyptic survival mobile game "Wild City" published by Caohua Interactive has opened a public beta appointment. The game depicts a post-apocalyptic world where social order has completely collapsed and is surrounded by crises under the influence of environmental crises. The dangers players will face in the game not only come from the zombie army wandering everywhere, but also from many separatist forces with evil intentions under crisis, among which the five major forces in the game are the most powerful.

[Excessive development of human beings has caused a backlash on the earth]

In the setting of the game story, the "nucleus" is the culprit causing the apocalypse – it exudes pollutants in underground fissures, and the pollutants eat up living creatures, forming sub-bodies called "rogues", and these rogue armies spread all over the world. Wilderness, endless destruction, is one of the main enemies of mankind in the last days.

However, some people believe that the birth of the "nucleus" is based on the earth's self-cleaning mechanism. It only has a chaotic and unclear consciousness topup mico , but it regards human beings as the cancer of the earth, and creates the sub-body "Wanderer" to restore the balance of the earth's environment through the extreme form of extermination of human beings.

In this context, after reaching the source of the crisis, "Hope Town," players not only face the dilemma of lack of resources and technological regression, but also face repeated attacks from wanderers and even human enemies. In addition, the power of "nuclear" is also growing stronger, and as pollution gradually intensifies, more areas are being eroded, and how to survive has become the biggest problem.

[Five major forces are entrenched, and order exists in name only]

Although mankind faces such a huge threat together, humans are also not monolithic. In Hope Town, the five major human forces are entrenched. On the surface, they fight against the rogues together, but in reality they have their own agendas. It is said that the end of the world is chaotic and human nature is dark. After all, the so-called order has become in name only when the disaster strikes.

These five forces are:

After the town was attacked by wanderers, the "Socks and Dom" gang of "robbers" emerged and took advantage of the chaos to rob and collect protection fees;

The [Pioneers] mercenary group headed by "Quinn" was attacked by the "Investigation Team" pretending to be the protagonist and kept in the dark;

"Desmond", the former prisoner leader who used the prison as a camp, killed prison guards and robbed civilians;

The first [migrant] tribes to be harmed by pollution and forced to wander after the crisis broke out;

Finally, there is the extreme environmental terrorist organization born in the apocalypse: [Natural Judgment]. Unlike the other four forces, the participants of this organization are basically scientific madmen and fanatics in the environmental, chemical, and biological worlds. They regard "nuclear" as the earth. The will itself, and even deliberately introduced pollutants into the Hope Town area, accelerating the outbreak of the wanderer crisis.

[Rebuild the Town of Hope and find the real culprit behind the scenes]

As the commander of the investigation team, the player will lead the members of the Eighth Investigation Team to "Hope Town", the source of the crisis, to conduct investigations in order to find lost partners and explore the truth of various terrorist incidents.

The five forces mentioned above are entrenched around Hope Town and will cause a lot of trouble. Players need to collect various resources, find a chance of survival under the siege of "wanderers", and at the same time beware of the five major forces. Whether they will become enemies like tarsal maggots or whether they will eventually be recruited by the investigation team depends on how capable each player is.

[The public beta is about to start, make an appointment to enjoy the generous gifts]

For more game-related specific content top up diamon bigo , players will need to experience it personally in the game.

At present, the public beta reservation activity of "Maze in the Wild" is in full swing. By participating in the reservation, you can get generous rewards after the game is launched, and be one step ahead before setting off. Make an appointment with your friends now, fight side by side in "The Lost City", and explore the truth of the end of the world together!






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