"Identity V" Manor Twenty-Four Solar Terms Int

The stinging thunder wakes you up, and the gentle rain wakes you up. NetEase's first 1V4 asymmetric competitive mobile game "Identity V" Manor Twenty-Four Solar Terms Interpretation Record Act III·Jingzhe offline event will be held in Dali from March 9th to 10th. Let’s meet in the romantic city and experience the poetry and painting of nature.

Several thunders startled the insects, and the warm spring light returned

Jingzhe, also known as "Qizhe" in ancient times, is the day when heaven wakes hibernating animals with thunder. It is the third solar term among the twenty-four solar terms. The Waking of Insects reflects the state of germination and growth of organisms in nature affected by rhythmic changes. At the Waking of Insects, Yang Qi rises, the temperature warms up, spring thunder strikes, rain increases, and all things are full of vitality.

"Identity V" will set up an offline venue at the 52Art Public Art and Culture Plaza, Yuehua Road, Dali Town, Dali City, Dali Bai Autonomous Prefecture, Yunnan Province. Let’s meet in Dali, Yunnan, see Cangshan Mountain and Erhai Lake, enjoy the wind, flowers, snow and moon, and make new and old friends!

See the spring scenery in the rain, and enjoy the beauty together

By participating in offline activities, visitors will have the opportunity to receive twenty-four solar term avatars – [Jingzhe], offline limited badges [Jingzhe], event-limited postcards, fifth personality peripherals and other surprise gifts!

During the event, there will be four on-site activities for everyone to participate in, including the Manor Poetry Club, Map Trail, Reasoning Path, and Paper Cup Drawing. There are 4 random [2023 Manor Twenty-Four Solar Terms Interpretation Recording Avatar Stamps] in each event. If you successfully collect the stamps, you can go to the reward area to receive peripheral rewards.

①Visitors who participate in on-site activities can receive offline limited postcards (only one per person per event).

② Participate in offline activities to obtain three stamps. Visitors can go to the reward redemption area to receive Identity V peripherals (randomly).

③ Participate in offline activities to get four stamps. Visitors can go to the reward redemption area and show the game interface. If the number of games is 100 or more, they can get the twenty-four solar terms avatar – [Jingzhe] (only for national server accounts)? Redeem card .

Visitors with a game account with more than 300 total games can scan the offline event QR code through WeChat to complete the check-in and receive the [Jingzhe] offline limited metal micro-stamp.

The specific content of the event is as follows. Visitors remember to read the rules clearly and get all the stamps in one fell swoop.

Activity 1: Manor Poetry Session

If the visitor successfully says a poem containing spring or thunder, it will be regarded as a successful challenge and a seal will be obtained.

Activity 2: Password deciphering

Visitors move the coil from one end to the other within 30 seconds. If they touch the track more than three times or fail to reach the other end within the specified time, the challenge will be considered failed. Successful challenge will result in a stamp.

Activity Three: Key Reasoning

The NPC will ask three judgment questions related to the manor. Visitors need to judge whether they are correct or incorrect. If they successfully answer two or more questions correctly, the challenge will be considered successful and they will receive a seal.

Activity 4: Jingzhe Far Pear

Each visitor has two chances to slide the pear on the table into the designated area. If the challenge is successful, he or she will receive a stamp.

Many guests are coming, I hope you will return with a smile

During the event period (March 9th-10th), players can bring up a topic: # Fifth Identity 24 Solar Terms #? Check in and take photos/post videos on Sina Weibo (The Fifth Identity Super Talk)/Little Red Book/Douyin, or on If you participate in the topic on BiliBili #五IG Twenty-Four Solar Terms Interpretation Record #? Check in to take photos/post videos, and @Fifth Personality's official accounts, it will be counted as a valid participation in the event. By participating, you have a chance to get the official flop card, and the player whose card is flopped can get a peripheral gift pack. Quantity is limited, first come first served.

In addition, the Jingzhe solar term online activity time is from 10:30 on March 14 to 23:59 on March 20. Search [NetEase Identity V] official mini program on WeChat to enter the exclusive page for the 24 solar terms event. Bind your game account and complete tasks such as game play and mini-program sign-in to receive the twenty-four solar terms avatar [Jingzhe] (only available for national server accounts). The time for a single event is limited, so visitors who want a Jingzhe avatar should not miss it.

In the picture, the adventurer is carrying a big bag, holding an adventure manual in his right hand, pointing forward with his left hand, his mouth slightly open imo diamond recharge , and looking excited. The sky was filled with dark clouds and lightning pierced the sky, but the coming thunderstorm could not conceal the joy of traveling.

Spring thunder frightens dreams, and everything wakes up. NetEase's first 1V4 asymmetrical competitive mobile game "Identity V", the third act of the manor's twenty-four solar terms interpretation: The Jingzhe offline event is about to start, welcome the mid-spring, watch the spectacular scenery, and steal half a day of leisure during the Jingzhe period!

【About the fifth personality】

"Identity V" is NetEase's first asymmetric competitive mobile game. The absurd Gothic style, suspenseful and brain-burning plot, and exciting 1V4 confrontational gameplay will bring players a brand new gaming experience. Players will play the role of reporter Alice Dross. After receiving a mysterious invitation letter, the player enters the Oletis Manor to investigate the secrets behind it. During the evidence investigation process, the player as Alice Delos will use deductive methods to review and deduce the truth. When reviewing the case, players can choose to play the role of a regulator or a survivor and start a fierce confrontation. And in the process of investigation, when they get infinitely close to the facts, they discover increasingly incredible truths.






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