"Identity V" COAⅥ Champion DOU5 Team Exclusiv

Face the heavy rain and strive for the top! NetEase's first 1V4 asymmetrical competitive mobile game "Identity V" COAVI champion DOU5 team exclusive fashion will be launched after the update on April 7. Fighting against the waves to mend the cracks in the sky, carrying trees to fill the sea level, let us witness the glorious style of the championship team together!

The momentum is overwhelming and the victory is achieved

In the Call of the Abyss VI arena, a team that continues to exceed the expectations of the audience has won ten consecutive victories, all the way from the qualifiers to winning the 2023 Call of the Abyss VI global finals championship. They are the DOU5 team!

Although the wind and waves along the way have not stopped, there will eventually be a golden rain to greet them! They have always adhered to the belief of "going through the wind and waves, moving forward indomitably", constantly breaking through themselves, and finally started from scratch in the abyss arena, and successfully reached the top with overwhelming momentum. Once again proved their strength and perseverance.

The design work of the championship team’s exclusive costumes also started quickly after that, and with full communication and communication with the team, the design plan was drawn up, so the [Qiuzhen Fashion] Dream Witch – Butian was cleverly integrated with team elements and fashion design. The antique dealer-Take Hai Ping came into being with [Exotic Fashions]! The two fashions will be available in the mall after the update on April 7, and you can enjoy a 20% discount in the first week.

Use your body to mend the sky and move forward indomitably

This time, the supervisor of the COAVI champion DOU5 team’s exclusive champion costume chose the Dream Witch. As we all know, the Dream Witch is Dong Xuan’s signature character, and has left countless wonderful scenes in the professional arena. In the COAVI finals, he also won many wonderful victories with the Dream Witch! The Dream Witch in his hands has a sense of oppression. Full of possibilities, the possibilities are endless. The audience's title of "Xuan Witch" represents their recognition of his powerful strength!

[Qiuzhen Fashion] Dream Witch – Butiancrack, the Dream Witch and her followers are mainly in the blue color of the DOU5 team. They wear a golden crown to symbolize glory, and their long white hair is scattered like clouds, with cyan lightning patterns. Reflecting her face, the gorgeous underskirt is embroidered with gold threads and auspicious clouds, and is decorated with jade and white beads. The slender hands have traces of being eroded by the Sky-Mending Stone. Even if there are difficulties, they must move forward bravely. The silver scales on the lower body are hidden with cyan electric light. The believer next to him wears flower ornaments on his head, a light fan belt and a light dress. A plump coconut is wrapped around the branch of the waist. The skirt is as blue as the blue sea and is stained by the torrent. The mud that came came could not stop her progress. A hoe that shines brightly due to the mining of strange stones is wrapped with ivy. It is precisely because of careful cultivation that the dead wood can grow into spring.

The cyan color that represents the DOU5 team, the thunder and lightning elements on the team logo battery shape, and the "coconut" nickname of the player Dong Xuan are perfectly combined in the fashion, making [Qiuzhen Fashion] Dream Witch-Butian crack beautiful and elegant in the game. Full of momentum, just like the DOU5 team, they are full of power, brave the wind and waves, and move forward indomitably!

When the wind breaks through the waves, I am waiting with my flute

In this COAIV, the DOU5 survivors performed equally well in the follow-up. They all showed their own style in the finals, especially the antique dealer in their hands, who played a key role in many games, with wonderful combos and ever-changing moves, and tacit cooperation to reverse the situation!

[Exquisite Fashion] Antique Dealer – Cai Haiping carefully crafted for the survivors of the DOU5 team, wearing a blue bird golden hairpin, the high feathers show confidence and pride, the blue bird persists in holding the transparent jade in its mouth, its eyes are like a torch, staring at Looking at the distant shore, determined to fill up the boundless sea. The green-blue skirt is shining, and the electric light beside it turns into soft streamers, cleverly decorating the skirt, adding a bit of lightness and agility. On the shoulder, a lovely bluebird sits quietly, as if listening to the breathing of nature. The branch used for reclamation in her hand transformed into a blue bird, carrying her spirit of not being afraid of difficulties and riding the wind and waves.

On the waist side, a nameplate engraved with the DOU5 team logo hangs top up bigo live diamonds , showing the glory of winning the championship. The overall unique and exquisite design of the fashion means that the survivors of the DOU5 team can always turn danger into safety when facing difficulties, showing their incomparable team strength.

Recarga mico breaks the waves and finally wins the golden rain! NetEase's first 1V4 asymmetric competitive mobile game "Identity V" COAVI champion DOU5 team exclusive costumes will be launched soon! Log in to the official website now to view more game information!

【About the fifth personality】

"Identity V" is NetEase's first asymmetric competitive mobile game. The absurd Gothic style, suspenseful and brain-burning plot, and exciting 1V4 confrontational gameplay will bring players a brand new gaming experience. Players will play the role of reporter Alice Dross. After receiving a mysterious invitation letter, the player enters the Oletis Manor to investigate the secrets behind it. During the evidence investigation process, the player as Alice Delos will use deductive methods to review and deduce the truth. When reviewing the case, players can choose to play the role of a regulator or a survivor and start a fierce confrontation. And in the process of investigation, when they get infinitely close to the facts, they discover increasingly incredible truths.






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