How To Download Korean Melon On IOS?Apple Mobile Phone M

Melon music software is the largest audio website in South Korea. Many popular music songs can be listened to for free on it. It is a must-have tool for chasing stars. So how can we download the melon software on Apple phones? How to download Korean melon on iOS?

Tutorial on downloading melon for iPhone 1. Prepare a Korean Apple ID account

Melon is a Korean software. Recharge mico live is not available in our domestic Apple store. Therefore, if we want to download melon, we must enter the Korean Apple store to download it. It is very difficult to register a Korean ID by yourself. If you do not have a Korean phone number and credit card, you cannot register at all. In fact, there is an easy way to obtain a Korean Apple ID account, which is to obtain a shared Korean account on this website or register by yourself. Or buy one to download and use.

Buy ID account

2. Log in to the Apple Store with your Korean Apple ID account

We only need to log in to the app store directly without logging in. After the Korean Apple ID account successfully logs in to the store, the interface language will change from Chinese to Korean.

3. Enter "melon" in the search box to download

If you can’t read Korean, just click the button on the right hand side to download. In fact, the operation is the same as our Chinese operation.

4. Use scientific Internet tools to assist in using melon software

Almost all software in foreign areas must be assisted by scientific Internet tools in order to be used normally. After downloading, you can open the melon software and enter it. There are many good songs in it that are not available in domestic music software. mico coins recharge online . Love it. You guys will love it!

After downloading, we can also log out of the Korean Apple ID account, and then switch to log in back to our own ID account~






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