(Golden Dawn Night) Lottery Information For October

☆Version plot animation: Opening Ceremony☆

During the midnight voyage, the lights suddenly fell along with the gold coins, and the ace manager of the "Golden Claw" made a gorgeous appearance in the golden rain.

The golden moon appears, and a mysterious visitor also appears at this night flight event – "Please enjoy the "Golden Dawn Night". "

☆Dynamic drama: When the heavy rain pours silently☆

In order to confirm the important message from the Kamo family, Seimei went to the legendary giant ship alone to find out.

On the pretext of participating in the crew selection, under the disguise of a golden mask, Qingming, who had boarded the "Golden Claw" for the first time, faced the first assessment…

The sails of the ship are raised high in the wind, and the fearless brave men will bathe in the light of dawn and ride the waves.

☆Dynamic Drama: Requiem for a Panic on a Ship☆

Strange whispers linger in the ears, the hourglass of the soul flows slowly, and the second assessment for the crew selection of the "Golden Claw" has quietly begun.

Qingming followed the sound and went to explore the mystery of the assessment, and also revealed the past of the crew——

☆Dynamic Drama: Granted the Anchor of the Soul☆

After several days of getting along, Qingming, who passed the first two rounds of assessments, seems to be integrating into this place naturally. Perhaps this is also the unique wisdom of the ace manager.

And when the assessment came to the most critical stage, the soul anchors of the crew of the "Golden Claw" were successfully gathered in Qingming's hands because of their trust.

The moment the "Heart of Golden Claws" burst out with dazzling light, the target of this trip also appeared together with the person in the mirror…

☆Dynamic drama: The final dawn event☆

At dawn, the sea breeze blew and bathed in the golden light of dawn, the "Golden Claw" sailed smoothly.

The night sailing event has come to an end, Qingming took off his disguise in front of the crew – and recharged mico amidst the exclamations of everyone, the "Golden Claw" now has a reliable ally.

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