Gods Gather Together In "Party Of The Gods&quo

The open beta of "Party of the Gods" produced by Lilith has officially started!

"" has repeatedly achieved great results overseas. It has topped the game download charts in many countries since its launch in 2020, and continues to dominate the Apple and Google free lists. Its diverse aesthetics and cool urban gaming experience have won the praise of overseas players. praised and won Play's Best Multiplayer Battle Game of 2022.

Now, the "Party of the Gods" called "The God Awakened" has returned with great success, and a gorgeous romantic adventure to the Coldplay Party is about to begin.

The gods are all gathered together, and there are adventures in the city

Greek mythology has Prometheus stealing fire from the world, Egyptian mythology has Anubis weighing the heart of the deceased with a scale, Japanese mythology has Izanagi and Izanami creating eight islands, and Chinese mythology has Nezha changing. Three heads and six arms…these fires flowing in the memory of human civilization have always belonged to their own legends. But what I never expected is that in "Party of the Gods", these famous heroes from global mythology have gathered here to jointly interpret an adventure legend in the future city.

The story of "Party of the Gods" takes place in a near-future city: the "miracle" from Pandora's Box arrives, and the incoming monsters turn the city into a hell. However, because of this catastrophe, some humans who have awakened to power have gained… The power of the gods became the agent – but whether it was a gift from the gods or a curse, no one knows yet.

Therefore, surrounding the changes in the world, these powerful spokespersons will gather under your command to challenge the manipulators behind the scenes.

What kind of future will the fate of mankind and your "urban legend" lead to?

Cool music festival, myth punk show

In addition to the wide range of gods, "Party of the Gods" is also eye-catching for its multi-aesthetic mythological punk style. The Nine Heavens Mysterious Lady is beautiful and refined, Jiao Tu is as gentle as jade, Izanami is solemn and solemn, and Yang Jian is passionate and unrestrained – from ancient epics The gods from all over the world are different from what you imagine, but they are unique from their costumes to their appearance. Showing the cool and trendy urban personality, no matter what niche aesthetics you have or your unique taste, you can get it here.

For example, Anubis is the god of death in ancient Egyptian mythology. This jackal-headed god is depicted in black, a color that symbolizes regeneration, life, the soil of the Nile, and the discoloration of corpses after embalming.

Anubis in "Party of the Gods" also appears as an elegant but deadly black god of death. His skill of sneak attack in the dark night can greatly reduce the enemy's defense. After killing the target, the death sentence will also "request" The second goal of "life" can achieve wonderful tactical cooperation with agents like Artemis Mona who are good at group damage – Anubis is only a three-star card, but when used properly, it can also be used as a worthwhile The main force of training.

This "myth punk show" is accompanied by cool and dynamic music. The independent music label XHz invested heavily in creating the immersive trend sound of "Party of the Gods". The game comes with its own independent music label, including jazz, hip-hop and other music styles – the spatial live sense of beautiful ear-catching and mixing special effects, the passionate narration and low-pitched singing in the electronic music style, allowing players to re-live the music with their ears. "Get to know" these charming mythical characters and this futuristic neon city.

It’s easy not to work part-time, and you can maintain your credit card based on your appearance

The vertical screen card battle free fire top up player id free under the blessing of cool trendy music brings a rich and diverse strategic experience and gameplay, as well as the leisure and entertainment enjoyment of easy sweeping without working.

Although the characters in "Party of the Gods" include star distinctions, the S-class main force cannot shine without the careful cooperation of auxiliary cards, so this game can also raise three stars, and the basic cards are valuable, resulting in rich and diverse combat combinations. What is tested is the player's team formation strategy in the CTB (time) turn-based battle mode of a five-person team.

In addition, the game also provides multi-line narrative dungeons, PVP arenas, sonic gap material dungeons, Rubik's Cube miracle meat pigeon mini-games, space tower climbing mini-games, and many other gameplay modes. Yalla ludo top up online . Material dungeons can be placed. Mini-games can be challenged manually and can even be played concurrently. There is no task that is busier than going to work. Whether players want to play deeply for a long time or relax for five minutes every day, they can be satisfied.

The urban adventure accompanied by cool trendy music is about to begin, and the decisive battle between gods and gods under global mythology continues at your fingertips.

On January 18, the open beta of "Party of the Gods", which combines classic turn-based gameplay with many new experiences, is ready to go. An adventure journey with diverse aesthetics and breaking the monotony is coming, are you ready~






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