Future Starfield·Mini World Light And Shadow Carni

Future Star Territory·Mini World Light and Shadow Carnival dazzles with dazzling development! Start a cosmic adventure!

Instead of telling stories to children, take them into the story!

The Mini World Adventure-themed Parent-Child Interactive Light and Shadow Exhibition is coming to Beijing!

The Future Starfield·Mini World Light and Shadow Carnival will be officially launched on January 12, 2024 in the art factory of Beijing’s 798 Art District! It is the first adventure-themed parent-child interactive exhibition in China, presenting original adventures in the form of naked-eye 3D light and shadow and interactive games. The plot presents a strange, colorful, cute and fun light and shadow universe, allowing the audience to experience the addictive charm of technology and interaction.

The exhibition has 8 major themes, 9 large spaces, and a 90-minute tour experience, including naked-eye 3D light and shadow hall, first-person perspective virtual flight, interactive game area, real-life check-in points, etc., as well as limited peripherals and surprise gifts for free.

Super large naked-eye 3D space, technology creates an immersive experience

The 45-minute naked-eye 3D space is a pleasure to watch at once! On average, there will be a small surprise that meets you every minute. It may be a dinosaur running in the distance, a spaceship passing through the universe, or an amusement park. The magic train! Feel the perfect integration of virtuality and reality.

The Light and Shadow Hall restores the beautiful maps built by many young players, as well as the super-large realistic star field landscape built by professional technical artists. These maps are the reflection of children's imagination, and sandbox construction is conducive to cultivating geometric spatial thinking and creativity.

Virtual flight around the dome, interstellar shuttle from first-person perspective

Virtual flight from the first perspective, with a dome covering the line of sight. The first two rows have already arranged the best viewing spots. Sit down and follow the protagonist as he travels through the universe, quickly flies and swoops, and jumps through super-light wormholes. You are immersed in the scene, as if you are experiencing it personally. A series of thrilling adventures are coming. It’s overwhelming.

Parent-child interaction in street games, unlocking rich peripheral surprises

The nine major spaces in the exhibition restore the original adventure plot of the mini world. The audience follows Misra to save the world, cultivating children's courage and sense of responsibility. Not only does it have a large number of real-life spaces, parents and children can check in and take photos together, as well as participate in a variety of street games, parent-child alliances, and participate in interactive level-breaking challenges!

Each level of the interactive game has small rewards. Participate in the interactive game and you will have the chance to get small gifts! There are also exhibition limited skins – Year of the Dragon little dinosaur set, limited little dinosaur badges, limited mini league milk tea shakers, and more exquisite and lovely cultural and creative peripherals, waiting for you to unlock !

Exhibition information:

Exhibition name: Future Starfield·Mini World Light and Shadow Carnival

Exhibition time: 2024.01.12-3.15

Opening hours: Monday to Sunday 10:00-19:00 (ticket sales/admission stop at 18:30)

Exhibition location: 798 Art Factory, Ceramics Third Street, 798 Art District, No. 4 Jiuxianqiao Road, Xuri District, Beijing

for gamma planet

Gamma Planet focuses on IP derivatives and exhibition projects in the fields of games and animation. The central R&D team has in-depth research and exploration on visual scene development, light and shadow special effects, immersive experience, and the application of Al technology in the exhibition field.

The company aims to combine outstanding national original IP and use light and shadow interaction and virtual reality technology to provide players with high-quality offline content experience and IP derivative services.

for mini world

Mini World is a highly free casual 3D sandbox game with a very convenient and fast multiplayer online mode. There are no restrictions on levels and rules, and no prescribed gameplay. There are only arbitrary destruction and unconstrained inventions!

Players can become the best construction masters and build houses, castles, and cities! They can also live a happy pastoral life, plant flowers, crops, and raise a group of lovely animals! They can also enjoy the glory of the warrior mico recarga and lead their friends to challenge the center of the earth. The dark lord of the world! You can also be the creator of the mini world, creating volcanoes, floods, and technology to transform the world!

Finally, you can share your world with other friends for them to worship and have fun together!

For 798&

"798&" is a brand-new contemporary commercial art platform under Beijing 798 Culture Technology Co., Ltd. that explores the possibility of diverse artistic collaboration.

Based on the four major application scenarios of 2B, 2C, 2G, and 2E, "798&" takes art IP as the underlying logic and 798 Art District as the industrial support. Through cooperation with professional art resources in various fields, it links the honor of kings topup to upgrade consumption. Scenario-based innovation is required to provide the public with high-quality IP art special exhibitions: contemporary art and trendy art content: providing customized art services and integrated solutions for brands, commercial real estate and cultural tourism parks.

"798&" strives to provide more possibilities for promoting contemporary art in different spaces, cities and national levels, extending the social boundaries of art, and creating more innovative solutions that effectively connect contemporary culture and art with the public.







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