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It has to be said that the classical culture of Fairy Sword has never gone out of style. For example, the recently popular "Meet Xiaoyao Again", the ancient scenes in the play are elegantly arranged, and the reproduction of several ancient golden songs of Fairy Sword has also aroused the collective resonance of netizens. Now, another more reductive Fairy Sword IP game has announced that it will start testing in May. It is the first open world RPG of Fairy Sword IP, "World of Fairy Sword". I’m very curious about what Li Xiaoyao will look like in the game? Is it what you remember from the film and television series "Xian 1"? If everyone followed the classic Hu Ge look and pinched out Li Xiaoyao's face, would there be a large-scale face collision? I'm really looking forward to it.

As a familiar national IP, "Fairy Sword" has built a complete world view system after 29 years of historical accumulation and 8 stand-alone main works. The "World of Fairy Sword" created based on the Fairy Sword IP announced that it will rely on the characteristic world view of "Sword and Fairy" to create "a romantic fantasy world belonging to the East." Can this game reflect the uniqueness of the "Sword and Fairy" worldview as it claims? No need to wait until May, let’s find out now.

To talk about the huge world view of the Fairy Sword IP, you must first know what the classic "Three Emperors and Five Spirits" are all about. The background setting of the Fairy Sword IP has very, very strong elements of national culture. After Pangu opened the world, his spirit and spirit transformed into three great gods: Fuxi, Nuwa, and Shennong, and they were called the "Three Emperors". The other parts of the spirit were broken down into the "five spirits" of wind, thunder, water, fire, and earth, which were scattered between heaven and earth. After the Three Emperors were born, they felt that the world was too empty, so they each used their own way to create creatures, including humans, beasts, gods, etc.

Hu Ge Xiaoyao_Hu Ge Theme song from The Legend of Sword and Fairy, Xiaoyaotan_

As a heavyweight new game of the Fairy Sword IP, "World of Fairy Sword" has made great efforts in integrating elements of the IP worldview. Based on the setting of "Three Emperors and Five Spirits", the game creates a rich, diverse and vast world. There are many regional scenes in the game based on the "Three Emperors" of Fuxi, Nuwa, and Shennong, such as Suzhou City surrounded by Nuwa's sky lantern, Guiyun Village full of Shennong's original wild style, etc. Each scene looks like They are all beautiful, with different styles, different gameplay, and high levels of playability and exploration.

Not only the scenes and background settings, the unique elements of "Three Emperors" are also cleverly integrated into daily gameplay. For example, the core of Nuwa is blood jade, willow leaves and inner elixir, so the human race created by Nuwa in the game will unconsciously use blood jade and willow leaves in clothing, accessories, etc., which is beautiful and fits the background. It also highlights the strong elements of Chinese classical culture.

After talking about the "Three Emperors" and then the "Five Spirits", it is even more playable. The five magic spells we commonly use – wind, thunder, water, fire, and earth – all come from the power of the "Five Spirits". In the game "World of Sword and Fairy", players can not only freely combine the five spirits' immortal arts, but also make full use of the "spirit-breaking" mechanism of the five spirits to interact with each other to conduct strategic real-time battles.

Of course, as for the iconic divine summoning skills, combination skills and character signature skills of the Fairy Sword IP, they will be reproduced one by one in the Fairy Sword world! As the saying goes, many skills do not overwhelm you. When you can possess so many types of skills and restraint strategies at the same time, and are proficient in various practices, then you can naturally bring the strongest sense of oppression to your opponents. There are only a few ways for Zhou Chu to deal with the Venerable's gang, but in "World of Fairy Sword", you can use +10086 ways to send these "fake guys" to the "ghost world" to do hard labor.

_Hu Ge Theme song from The Legend of Sword and Fairy, Xiaoyaotan_Hu Ge Xiaoyao

Of course, Jianghu is not only about fighting and killing, but also about the true feelings of the world. Living in such a vivid world with a grand and diverse world view, the NPCs in "World of Sword and Fairy" are also very different from traditional MMO RPGs. I learned that in the game, not only all creatures encountered by the player can interact, Moreover, each NPC also has behavioral logic and independent thinking consistent with its identity, and can make different real responses to different interactions of players. It sounds very similar to the very popular AI artificial intelligence recharge mico coins , but the difference is that in addition to the NPCs in the streets and alleys, the AI ​​characters in "World of Sword" also include new characters in the original plot, including familiar characters such as Li Xiaoyao, Lin Yueru, and Wang Xiaohu. The classic character of Fairy Sword.

I think back then, in order to recreate the different identities of Jingtian in "Sword and Sword III", Hu Ge played seven roles with one person. The richness and vividness of the role have left countless indies still fresh in their memories. Now with the help of AI, these classic characters and NPCs can interact with us in a richer and more vivid way. Think about it, in the AI ​​of "World of Sword and Fairy", you can be "brothers who drink and eat meat at any time" with the young Li Xiaoyao, and share your sorrows with the young Li Xiaoyao who lost his wife. When Li Xiaoyao enters middle age, you can You will be in danger again and be entrusted by Li Xiaoyao to entrust the world. In your later years, maybe free recharge bigo live , and only you can hear Yipou's inner thoughts…

Ahem, after these characters are empowered by AI, there will naturally be more oriental romantic stories with a pure fairy sword flavor to be staged. In addition, the setting of "animism" is also based on the world view of "Three Emperors and Five Spirits". The creatures created by the Three Emperors are all spiritual. We can also conquer various spirits through the unique "Spirit Control" gameplay. , freely explore and interact with everything in this world. When you can conquer and tame thousands of spirits in the world, I am afraid that the Demon Lord Tower will give you a lot of face.

_Hu Ge Xiaoyao_Hu Ge Theme song from The Legend of Sword and Fairy, Xiaoyaotan

"World of Sword and Fairy" contains far more content and gameplay than that. If you want to know more about the "Three Emperors and Five Spirits" world view and more gameplay information of this game, you can follow the game project team's R&D breaking news VLOG. You can also find a lot of interesting content in the video, such as the Sword God, Dionysus and other skills used by previous players, and the game also revealed how to obtain them. The planning provides an interesting and reasonable explanation for these powerful skills according to the stage of the practitioner's growth from inner alchemy to the final "unity of man and nature". The designs of the monsters in the game are also unique. For example, the designer designed a cute little fat horse using the word "thunder horse" which is a homophone for "are you tired"? It really made me laugh. When you ride a tired horse, it is the horse that is tired, not the person! Hey, don't be angry, in the open world, finding the best food and grass for you is not just a matter of minutes of freedom and pleasure!

It can be seen that the "World of Sword" project team is really attentive to polishing the work. In addition to further enriching and improving the original "Three Emperors and Five Spirits" world view, it also embodies the full characteristics of "Fairy Sword" in all other aspects, including the "Spirit Controlling" and "Spirit Attaching" gameplay, and unlimited sword control. Flying and more. It seems that the game official is not just talking about creating "a romantic fantasy world belonging to the East", but has been working hard for this. This May, the game will be launched in the third beta version. By then we will have a closer look at this open world masterpiece!

If you are also interested in this open world game, then hurry up and reserve the game and pay attention to the official first-hand information.






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