"Fantasy Westward Journey 3D Edition" Spring E

After this update, the spring activities and new spring appearance of "Fantasy Westward Journey 3D Edition" are now online! The summoned beast inner elixir rating function is online, the advanced search function for stalls has been added, and the pendant has added customization functions! The home system has been updated. The competition channel is open! Without further ado, enter the Three Realms to experience the new content!

The 2024 spring event is surprisingly online, and the new spring Zhenyao brocade clothing is available.

Spring is coming, and the immortals are back! The 2024 spring event [Seven Immortals Gathering] will start testing in the iOS region today and will be released to all servers on March 8. Young heroes can obtain [Seven Color Flowers] by participating in various activities. In the mall activities, some brocade mounts will return for a limited time, as well as new spring brocade costumes [Chaoyan Piaoyi], pendants [Flower and Butterfly Headband], and weapon special effects [Flowers and Butterflies Dance Together] 】Waiting for you to get it~

This spring event is divided into two phases. The first phase is from March 8th to March 27th. During the event, young heroes can get corresponding rewards by logging in to the game and signing in for a certain number of days. They can also obtain precious props such as [Flower in the Mirror·Gold], [Red Gold Key], and [Neon Stone Map]. Through the early spring scenery gameplay, the young hero can accept tasks every day and assist the seven fairies to collect seven-color flowers. After completing the tasks, you can obtain rewards such as [Seven-color Flowers], [Level 1 Gems], and [Moon Flower Dew]. In order to protect the flower spirit, the young hero can form a team and go to Liu Mengmei in Chang'an every day to participate in the challenge. Just defeat the monsters guarding each level to get generous clearance rewards. At the same time, you can get the progress of clearing the maximum level of the week every week. award. The Shaoxia invites the person he likes to participate in the romantic kite play at the marked place in the Three Realms, and he can get the [Remnant Wing] reward, which can be exchanged for various limited-time appearances in the [Seven Immortals Tips Mall]. From 20:00 to 21:00 every night, young heroes can go to Crescent Village alone or in a team to accept the task of guarding Crescent Moon. Work together with other young heroes to complete the mission. Young Heroes can receive different rewards at each stage, and you can also receive additional reward emails for participating in killing the final monster.

In addition, the annual spring treasure hunt in the garden is now open again! The young hero consumes [Zhuyan Lotus] and throws dice to advance the corresponding points in the grid and obtain the rewards in the corresponding grid. There will be a treasure cave mico clin on some grids. When you advance to the corresponding grid, you will be teleported to the treasure cave, which contains precious props such as [Appearance Fragments], [Advanced Beast Secrets], and [God Doudou]. When you reach the end, you will receive a [treasure box of your choice] containing appearance and rare props. After reaching the end, a new round of treasure hunting will begin. The appearance of this treasure hunt in the park includes the new spring pendant [Butterfly Headband], as well as the returning brocade garment [Crying under the Moon], the mount [Scooter], the pendant [Butterfly Wings Liuying] and other rare appearances, as well as [Shen Doudou] , [Gem Hammer], [Advanced World of Warcraft Tips] and other precious props! The Seven Immortals Tips Mall is open for a limited time. A large number of products and gift packs will be sold at a preferential price. Honor of kings recharge , the young hero can purchase and redeem your favorite items in the corresponding categories. The props for sale for a limited time are [Spring Lucky Blind Box], which includes the new spring footprint special effect [Flowers Every Step], the return mount [Thousand Wishes], the brocade clothes [Tea Time], the pendant [Narcissus Fairy], etc. Come quickly Try your luck!

Green vines and vines surround the bamboo poles, and bright purple jaspers compete with each other. The brand-new Spring Zhenyao Jinyi [Chaoyan Yanyi] is now available in the spring event [Spring Lianzhu]! During the event, the young hero can consume fairy jade to exchange [Spring Star] to unlock the astrolabe and obtain corresponding rewards. When a grid on the astrolabe is drawn, the grid on the astrolabe will light up and the corresponding number will be obtained. Get connection rewards based on the illuminated astrolabe grids, and get digital rewards based on the sum of the numbers in the lit grids. When all the digital rewards are completed, the astrolabe will all light up and the young hero can obtain all the rewards. Young heroes who participate in the Spring Lianzhu event can not only obtain spring's brand-new precious brocade clothes [Chaoyan Yanyi], weapon special effects [Flowers and Butterflies Dance], mounts [Rainbow Pegasus], pendants [Spring Day Yanyu], and even [God Doudou] ], [Gem Hammer], [Advanced Warcraft Tips], [Transformation Secret Technique] and other props.

The summoned beast inner elixir rating function is online, and the appearance pendant has new customization functions.

The summoned beast inner alchemy rating function is officially launched. Young heroes can check the rating of the inner alchemy near the inner alchemy icon or name, and quickly judge the quality of the inner alchemy through the inner alchemy rating. The inner elixir is rated as ancient > peerless > extraordinary > rare > precious > precious > excellent > ordinary. The inner elixir rating is for reference only and cannot fully reflect the ranking of the inner elixir. When matching the inner elixir, Shaoxia also needs to consider factors such as the type of summoned beast and carrying skills.

In order to meet the needs of the knights of the Three Realms to show their individuality, the appearance pendant has a new customization function! This function currently only supports the adjustment of pendants in 5 parts: the top of the head, the face, the waist, the back and the cloak. The young hero can click [Pendant-Edit] to modify the parameters. , the custom adjustment expands the original scaling ratio, and on this basis, two types of parameters, displacement and rotation, are added. There is no limit to the scope of the adjustment, and 180 flower beans/5 colored fruits/10 colored fruits will be consumed according to the type of modification compared to the initial parameters. The custom parameters of the pendant with part 2 are not interoperable with the parameters of part 1, and only the scaling can be adjusted, but the displacement and rotation parameters cannot be changed.

The 2024 spring event [Seven Immortals Gathering] is online with surprise, and the new spring Zhenyao Jinyi [Chaoyan Zhenyi] is here to welcome the spring! All young heroes, please invite your friends to wear new clothes and go to the Three Realms to feel the breath of spring!






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