"Diablo: Immortal" Tops The Second Phase

The money-making never stops, and Diablo Immortal! With the opening of the third phase of the "Diablo: Immortal" money-making plan, as of today, countless creators have achieved a double harvest of bonuses and traffic in the event! Creations with a monthly income of over 10,000 There are also many people, and as a gold-medal author, a senior immortal player, and the "Dark Veteran" who has reached the top of the Asian server, US server and national server in the season, he is the best among them. Not only has he achieved "weekly income of over 10,000" His achievements have even topped the bonus list for the second phase of the Money-Breaking Plan! In this exclusive interview with Gold-Breaking Money, we are honored to invite the gold-medal Gold-Breaking Author "Dark Old Cannon" to bring you the money-making money of "Big Brother" The secret!

[The dark veteran who tops the hot gold rankings is worthy of his name]

Start with Diablo and start the journey again! As a veteran player of the Diablo series, "Diablo", "Diablo Ⅱ", "Diablo Ⅲ" and other classic Diablo old guns are all familiar with each other. "Diablo: "Immortal" attracted him precisely because of the excellent sense of attack and exquisite graphics that are consistent with the Diablo series. In addition to being a veteran Diablo Immortal player, he is also the creator of the Gold-Breaking Project and a Diablo Immortal game anchor. He is a veritable Diablo veteran!

Question: Are you a veteran player of the Diablo series? Have you ever been exposed to previous Diablo series?

Diablo veteran: Yes, I remember the first time I came into contact with the Diablo game was "Diablo II" played in an Internet cafe when I was in school more than 20 years ago.after

I have played both "Diablo III" and "Diablo II" remastered versions released in 2012, and later "Diablo Immortal".

Question: As a Diablo Immortal player, how long have you been exposed to the Diablo Immortal game?

Dark veteran: I have been playing since the official launch of the server in June 2023, starting in the Asian server, the American server, and now the Chinese server, basically playing every day 365 days a year.

Q: What made you start playing the game Diablo Immortal? I would like you to share what gaming achievements you are proud of since playing Diablo Immortal.

Diablo veteran: Before playing Diablo Immortal, I hadn’t played a game for 2 or 3 years. I really couldn’t find a game I liked. When I was reading game news, I saw that Diablo was released as a mobile game, and I immediately became interested. The impact and exquisiteness of the graphics are really the ceiling of mobile games. Subsequently, I led my partners to win the first server immortality in the Asian server and the US server. During the live broadcast, I was very honored to be officially invited to participate in the competition.

Question: Why did you think of becoming a dark video author + anchor? What kind of content do you usually like to make videos or broadcast?

Dark veteran: It started as a personal hobby. He recorded his daily games through live broadcast, met new friends, and shared his happiness.

My live broadcast content is mainly PVP Relic War Song. Because I have won the first place in the Asian server, American server, and Chinese server, I can bring a better experience to the audience. If the version updates gem content, we will also communicate and discuss with everyone through live broadcast.

A corner of Dark Old Cannon’s game room:

Question: As a veteran Diablo Immortal player, you should have many special memories while playing the game. Can you share with us a memory or interesting story that impressed you the most? For example, when you met a good brother in the union, Memories of fighting alongside brothers?

Dark Old Cannon: Every part of this part is a good memory. In the Chinese union in the Asian server and the American server, everyone is very united and works together to fight against powerful enemies, and finally successfully wins Immortality. Returning to the national server to participate in two officially organized competitions, everyone communicated and discussed tactics every day in advance, which are all good memories.

[The experience imparted by the top brother on the list is now close to your eyes]

With a weekly income of over 10,000, the secret to getting rich is revealed! As the permanent "big brother" on the bonus list of the Diablo Immortal Gold Plan, Diablo Lao Pao also has unique insights into the "traffic password". He said that it is not surprising to encounter bottlenecks in creation. The most important thing is to maintain a peaceful mind. Only if you love games and darkness can you continue to create and bring more excellent works to everyone.

Question: As a resident "big brother" in gold-selling activities, do you have any traffic password creation directions that you can share with your fellow creators? Where does the inspiration for your daily creations usually come from?

Dark Old Cannon: Share some of your creative ideas here

1. Make sure to update the video every day and publish top up koin tantan , so that the platform can remember my tags and make the push more accurate;

2. Turn on recording during the live broadcast, and edit out fun and interesting things after the broadcast;

3. The cover, music, and content of the work should be as consistent as possible, and try to only post Dark Immortal content to ensure that the account is vertical;

4. Establish a fan base and share interesting content with everyone in a timely manner;

5. There are many things that can be done in Diablo, such as clothing, scenes, maps, equipment content, strategies, etc. You can do a lot of content without being limited to painting pictures.

There is no need to be too complicated or impatient. When recording your daily game play, do it calmly and your traffic will slowly increase.

Question: What editing app do you usually use to create videos?

Dark veteran: Cut.

Q: How often do you publish creative videos? What keeps you passionate about creating?

Dark veteran: I post basically 2-3 times a week. Now I participate in official activities, create every day, and share game consultation and my Dark daily life. Only if you love games and like the game Diablo can you continue to create. I also want to thank the official money-making plan, which is very powerful and allows you to make money while playing games.

Q: Have you encountered any difficulties or experienced any creative bottlenecks since joining the Gold Rush Project? If so, how did you solve them?

Dark veteran: When the version is updated and there is new content, there will be more things to create and traffic will be better. There will always be bottlenecks. As long as you maintain your passion, even the smallest things can become creative points.

[The third issue is hot and explosive, and the original intention of creation will not change]

Creation does not stop, enthusiasm does not stop! The third phase of the Gold Explosion Plan has started trial operation on January 12. Creators can put forward their own suggestions and opinions to build a better creative ecology together. Facing the third phase of the huge gold plan that came from the reform, Dark Old Pao maintained a peaceful attitude as always. For him, insisting on creating and sharing is more about bringing happiness to players and fans, and working hard to be yourself is the most important thing.

Question: Do you have any new understanding of the new rules of the third phase of the Dark Immortal Gold Explosion Plan?

Dark veteran: As the threshold increases and more people join mico coins seller , it will definitely get better and better. Work hard to be yourself, and as for which gear you can reach, just "do your best and let fate", because we can't control the traffic (laughs).

Question: Do you have any goals for the third period?

Dark Lao Pao: The most important thing is to live happily every day and share content with fans. During the Chinese New Year, you can earn big red envelopes from Dark Immortal through your creations, and spend the New Year happily~

Explode money and get red envelopes, and enjoy a happy New Year easily! The third phase of the Diablo Immortal Explosive Gold Plan is in full swing, and after reading the sharing of the "Secrets of Earning 10,000 Explosive Gold in a Week" by the Dark Master, every creator must have something to share What you have gained, you will create high-quality works and win the first pot of gold in the new year!

About Diablo Immortal

Home, the eternal place of refuge! The heart-warming New Year version of "Diablo: Immortal" in the Year of the Dragon is launched on January 31st! Lost in the moonlit night, battle of wits and courage, the new werewolf killing gameplay starts in a heartbeat; fierce battle with the Nian beast to protect the place of refuge, The craze for grabbing red envelopes has started for the whole people; the clouds are rising, the sky and the earth are shining, and the legendary national style fashion [Tiangong Picture] limited to the Year of the Dragon is stunning; the Year of the Dragon welcomes the New Year, new clothes are launched in the New Year, and the new year-themed commemorative new clothes [Dragon·2024] Blessings at the same time; this New Year, darkness will accompany you!

As a new mobile game in the Diablo series, "Diablo Immortal" restores the essence of the IP to the extreme, inherits the classic Diablo painting style and magnificent world view, and reproduces the smooth combat experience and immersive exploration fun. On the road of adventure, you and other adventurers are both enemies and friends, or you may gather to challenge dangerous dungeons, or you may compete for the supreme honor of "Immortal". When the World Stone falls apart and Westmarch becomes dim, you are the last hope!







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