Delta Action Review: Survival Evacuation Mode "Full

Since its exposure at the Cologne Expo last year, Delta Operation has quickly attracted the attention of a large number of players and media with its unique gameplay and innovative design concepts. After the first limited-number deletion test "Code: Zero" last month, the game's features and innovative gameplay have been widely recognized and praised. Especially at the "Nuclear Fusion Game Carnival" from May 18 to 19, 2024, Delta Operation once again became the focus, and through rich interactive activities and high -level displays, players have a deeper understanding of the game. This article will analyze the two core gameplays of Delta Operation: the survival evacuation mode "Dangerous Action" and the multi-dimensional battlefield mode "Total Battlefield".

Survival Evacuation Mode "Dangerous Action"

The survival evacuation mode is a highlight of Delta Operation, named "Dangerous Operation". This mode combines the exciting survival challenge with the strategic evacuation mission, providing players with a rich gaming experience.

1. High-risk, high-reward gameplay mechanism

The high-risk, high-reward mechanism greatly enhances the tension and excitement of the game.

2. Diverse Tactical Options

The game provides a wealth of weapons, equipment and tactical props, and players can flexibly adjust their strategies according to their own style and changes in the battle situation.

3. Dynamic Environment and Random Events

These random events and environments not only increase the challenge of the game, but also provide players with more tactical choices and space for strategic thinking.

4. Strengthen teamwork

This design that emphasizes teamwork makes the game not only have the charm of individual heroism, but also emphasizes the importance of collective wisdom and collaboration.

Multi-dimensional battlefield mode "Total Battlefield"

In addition to the exciting survival evacuation mode, Delta Operation also launched a multi-dimensional battlefield mode "Total Battlefield". This mode combines sea, land and air amphibious combat, providing players with a full range of multi-level combat experience.

1. Panoramic battlefield design

The diverse terrain design not only increases the complexity and strategy of the battle, but also enriches the playability and explorability of the game.

2. Amphibious warfare by sea, land and air

Players need to flexibly adjust tactics according to battlefield conditions and make full use of the advantages of various arms to fight.

3. Tactical command and coordinated operations

This design that emphasizes command and coordination makes "Total Battlefield" not only test the player's operating skills, but also the team's communication and cooperation capabilities.

4. Dynamic battlefield and real-time changes

This dynamic battlefield design enhances the realism and sense of immersion in the game.

5. Customized equipment and skill tree system

In the "Total Battlefield" mode, players can base their battles on their own tactical needs and gaming styles, so that each player can find the combat style and strategy that best suits them.

In addition to introducing the two major modes "Dangerous Operations" and "Total Battlefield", this "Delta Operation" carnival naturally has many highlights.

High popularity and player interaction

At the "Nuclear Fusion Game Carnival" from May 18 to 19, 2024, the "Delta Operation" exhibition area was extremely popular. Twenty high-performance consoles were set up in the exhibition area, and players flocked in to try out the game, creating a lively atmosphere.

Producer appeared to interact

One of the highlights of this carnival was the presence of the producer of Delta Operation, who communicated with players face to face, shared the game concept, and patiently answered players' questions.

New tests coming soon

Players who participated in the offline experience have obtained the qualification to participate in the dual-end test "Codename: Gemini" which will be launched in June. This test will be open to the mobile game for the first time, and it is believed that it will bring excellent experience to more players.


Delta Operation successfully provides players with a rich, diverse, and exciting gaming experience through the survival evacuation mode "Dangerous Operation" and the multi-dimensional battlefield mode "Total Battlefield". Whether it is a high-risk and high-reward survival challenge or a full-scale and multi-level tactical operation, it shows the innovation and depth of the game's gameplay design.

In the future, as the game is continuously optimized and improved, I believe that "Delta Operation" will continue to bring more surprises and touches to players. Whether you are a lone wolf who likes to fight alone, or a commander who likes teamwork, "Delta Operation" can meet all your expectations for combat games. Let us look forward to the official launch of this game and feel the passion and glory of the battle together.







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