Chinese Sci-fi RPG Battle Mobile Game "Interst

The Chinese sci-fi RPG battle mobile game "Interstellar Area 52" will start the "Supernova" test on January 24.

Compared with the early test version, this product focuses on optimizing scene quality and character performance, and has more strategic gameplay to experience. Take a look now!

core design principles

"Interstellar Area 52" is bigo live top up in terms of gameplay. The design principles are: rich daily life, free choice, and relaxation.

The game abandons the traditional gratifying gameplay and brings a "nearly stress-free" interstellar combat experience to the vast number of interstellar commanders through vivid and humorous main content, a super considerate novice guidance mechanism and freely selected daily tasks. In addition to daily growth dungeons, the game also draws inspiration from various gameplays and awakens players' desire to fight through various gameplays and competition challenges , mico coin , and obtains generous development benefits through happiness and passion.

Featured gameplay preview

1. Forgotten Fortress: Forgotten worlds often hide dangers. There are rustling sounds from the fortress armory, spiders that can be temporarily invincible in the broodmother's nest, and monsters that are born from the fire of steel bars and molten iron in the Luer smelting workshop, all of which hide the "secret weapons" that rule the party. ”. Facing the complex BOSS battle mechanism, it is impossible to predict the final outcome of the battle. Through the ultimate brain-burning duel and using strategies to cleverly defeat them, you can seize various rare equipment and pave the way for defeating more powerful enemies in the future.

2. The Earth's core splits: The power of the Earth's center has weakened, and the split is gradually unfolding. This is a road that the three tribes have never set foot on, a mysterious tunnel leading to the center of the earth, and no one knows how many layers it has. This is the "trial cave" between warriors of various races, and it is also a competition ground to show their true strength. Defeat powerful enemies at all levels, constantly hone your strength, and while finding materials for weapon breakthroughs, continue to strengthen your own warriors!

3. Wasteland: In the crisis-ridden world on the ground, there are also interstellar realms filled with dense fog. Boldly travel to various planets and explore strange surfaces. Every step will be full of opportunities and challenges. Meet more mysterious heroes here, take away rare props from dark corners, and defeat all kinds of strange interstellar enemies. Although most of the planets have been developed long ago, there are still unknown surprises hidden in places that these lights cannot illuminate – even SSR heroes.

4. Planetary Command: Each hero will work hard to improve themselves on the battlefield and find a way to break through their own limits. As an interstellar commander, you will receive a "secret order". By performing relevant tasks and resisting various interstellar crises, you can obtain spiritual cores, allowing the hero to quickly break through and grow, reaching the pinnacle.

5. Starry Sky Arena: Simulation exercises cannot be ignored in a decisive battle with the enemy. Around the battlefield, the Star Commander Alliance has specially opened a PVP arena "Starry Sky Arena" to start simulated games in a more solemn environment. Each commander needs to form two teams, offensive and defensive, to strive for alliance ranking and continuously improve their own strength.

6. Gate of Exile: The Gate of Exile located in the rift will open from time to time. Although the warriors of the three tribes have not yet found the rules for opening, everyone has unanimously decided to send effective commanders to eliminate the danger. The chosen one will go to "Quinta the Destroyer" to stop the bloodthirsty monsters from passing through the gate to slaughter interstellar civilizations.

7. Jump Secret Realm: A mysterious space realm located in the gap between jump nodes. The time and space distortion characteristics of the Jump Secret Realm slow down the passage of time in the world and create a unique realm full of illusory landscapes. In this gap that is different from the world, explorers discovered many broken information fragments, including communication records from the past, inherited information from civilizations, and lost technical documents. These fragments are like interstellar puzzles, forming a puzzle, waiting for Digging and interpreting by brave adventurers. Should you take risks and choose a route where your life is hanging by a thread to gain the maximum benefit? Or should you strategize and choose a safe route to survive step by step? Here, the interstellar commander has the highest level of command authority.

The above is a preview of the special gameplay of "Interstellar Area 52". For relevant information, please pay attention to the game page and the official public platform to get test news as soon as possible.

About "Interstellar Area 52"

"Interstellar Area 52" is a new near-future space war art strategy card mobile game based on the "Red Tide" IP world view. Here, you will play the role of an interstellar commander, get to know heroes of various races with unique skills and attributes, and form various groups. A battle team of a traditional genre, experiencing an epic adventure in the vast galaxy.






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