Blazing Lamb Of Innocence Will Open After 09:30 On

The shadows of the cage wait for the opportunity, and the beasts covet in the dark.

Locking the throat, swallowing the words, the truth is thick with fog,

The greed hidden under the cloak cannot fill the black hole of appetite.

"Innocent Sin·The Blazing Lamb" will be opened after 09:30 on January 20.

[Rorschach SSR·Blazing Lamb]

"I admit that while you were punishing me, I was eating."

From 09:30 on January 20th to 05:00 on January 25th, the "Innocent Sin·Blazing Lamb" event and gallery will open uplive diamonds recharge for a limited time, and you can get the Rorschach interactive painting spirit [Blazing Lamb].

Rorschach SSR [Blazing Lamb] is a single-sided widescreen interactive painting spirit with a new touch mode interactive mode. Drag props to perform [Healing] or [Interrogation] interaction on the painting spirit to trigger interactive voice. Painting Spirit has a [Stay Photo] mode plot, which can be opened after obtaining it. After reading, you can get [Diamond]*50.

"Miss Interrogator, have you ever imagined that… maybe while talking to you, I can also complete a 'eating'."

"You only want to get information from me, but you make yourself more and more sweet."

"That's not because of any deal, it's just that I want to do it."

When Rorschach SSR [Blazing Lamb] reaches level 50, you can get an exclusive [Signature]; when you reach level 70, you can get an exclusive [Alarm Clock] skin, which can be changed on the [Alarm Clock] interface to replace a modern alarm clock. By consuming props up to 51 times, you will definitely get the painting spirit.

From 09:30 on January 20th to 05:00 on January 25th, enter the activity through [Monitoring] at the bottom of the main interface and observe the status of "". [Examine], [Interrogate] to observe the subject and obtain voice information; [Appease] the subject to observe and lower the alert level. The alert level is automatically lowered at 05:00 every day.

After unlocking all voice information and obtaining relevant records of the observed objects, you can get [Old Dutch Paint] as a reward. After completing the mission, you can get rewards such as Rorschach's dynamic avatar [Break Off the Chain], [Diamonds], [Gold Coins], and training materials. [Purchasing] Other gift packages will be available in the mall at the same time, welcome to buy!

[About "The Painted Traveler in Time and Space"]

"Painted Traveler in Time and Space" is a multi-time and space love adventure mobile game. Luxurious dubbing and full plot dubbing create an immersive experience. Exquisite CG presents the level of artistic ingenuity.

The new event "Painted Traveler in Time and Space" "The Sin of Innocence·The Blazing Lamb" will start on January 20th!






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